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November 29, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

One of my favorite local Democrats, Tony, asked me to lend a helping hand and I am indeed honored to do so.

The Waltrip High School Band in Houston – in an area of Houston that votes heavily Democratic – has been invited to march at the inauguration of President Barack Obama.  Nora is one of Tony’s staff at work.  Tony write that Nora’s son is in the Waltrip band, and adds, “Nora is the single mother of three boys, an Air Force veteran, and one of my star employees.”

So, pitch in five or ten bucks to give a kid a memory they will never forget.  Click here, and smile the rest of the day.

Thanks to Tony and Nora for helping kids who need a hand up.

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12 Comments to “Do a Nice Thing”

  1. Marge Wood says:

    I am so proud of that band. I’m not bragging ‘zackly but I did make a donation. Hope y’all do too. Those kids will remember that trip to Washington all their lives and tell their grandchildren about it. Some of them probably have never been outside their city limits. Besides being in band is….what? Oh all right. You could at least be polite to me an old white lady for Obama. Quit yelling! I’m going. Here, it’s all yours.

  2. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Done. They will probably freeze their nubbins and brag about it for a long time. I hope someone tells them to keep those mouthpieces in their pockets — it’s not exactly like getting your tongue stuck on the pump but it’s mighty uncomfortable if you lick your lips and start to play with an ice cold mouthpiece.

  3. Send a little money and then on Jan 21st, you can point at the teevee and say “I helped them go!” when they march by.

    I want ol’ Red Texas to send a very Blue Band to DC.

  4. Dianne Saichek says:

    done. Being a piano teacher, I see this as (at least) a two-fer:
    1. Kids benefit from both travel and having to avoid embarrassment by practicing their music AND 2. Unity of the country—everybody who sees ‘em will be tappin’ their toes to the beat of the drum major. Now that’s FUN! Marching bands are an object lesson in working together for good. Hopefully, Congress will hear this subtext.

  5. Pardon me for being partisan, but let’s help these future Democrats. They’ll remember what they were a part of.

  6. SomedayGirl says:

    Yep, I’m in. $75K is a long way to go – be sure to spread the word.

  7. Thank you to Juanita Jean and all who have made a contribution towards the Waltrip High School band. The 140+ members of the band are hard working and very talented students. Thank you again for helping create a memory that these students will never forget!

  8. Dale Beverly says:

    As a former Texan, former marching band member (Waxahachie Indians) AND die-hard Dem, I am happy to help out in a small way. I know the Waltrip kids will do everyone proud.

  9. I’m having trouble getting to the website – help!

  10. LucyTooners says:

    Used the rest of my prepaid cc for birthday for a really good cause. My money went to President Obama all around. Whoo hoo hope these young people get there and have a really spectacular time.

  11. Oh, how sweet! I was a Jupiter H.S. Marching Warriors (Jupiter, Florida) Band Mom for 4 of the best years of my life. These kids work their patooties off, and I LOVE seeing them go places and get all the recognition they deserve. Thanks for helping, JJ. I donated and copied the website to my email list. Let’s get these kids to DC!

  12. After donating I shared Juanita Jean’s original posting on my FB page and asked my friends to donate. Hopefully some will. If you have not done so please share on your FB page as well.