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November 28, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

You know how the Republicans are opposing Susan Rice because they want to force President Obama into appointing John Kerry so they can elect Scott Brown back to the senate in a special election, giving Republicans an extra new seat in the senate?

Here’s what I think. I think President Obama ought to say, “Fine. I appoint Bill Clinton to be secretary of state.”

Call their bluff, Mr. President. I would pay cash American money to see Bill Clinton wipe the floor with Mitch McConnell. I would.

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26 Comments to “Here’s What I Think”

  1. Bill C. has done so much to redeem himself since he left office (not that his private life should have been anyone’s bidness ‘cept Bill & Hill anyway). The pinheads are worried about A-bama’s 3rd term. Hell, I’d vote Bill back in iff’n I could.

  2. Obama should appoint McConnell. Get him out of the Senate. A week after he is confirmed by the Senate, demand his resignation and send him packing back to Turtle Land!

  3. Please, please, please Mr. President for once in your administration scare the crap out of the Repugs! Let them think you are doing an encore of Clintons by appointing Bill as Secretary of State. Legally there is nothing holding you back.

  4. I nominate Jon Huntsman. Sane, speaks chinese, makes the cabinet bipartisan, and may take the sanest Republican out of the 2016 race.

  5. He is apparently going to go to bat for Rice. Maybe he doesn’t want that awful side show that was Lani(?) Guanier–you know, throwing another completely qualified black woman under the bus.

  6. I’ve had a magnet on my fridge since about 2002 (as soon as I saw it) that says, “Come back, Bill– all is forgiven.”

  7. Just to try an appease the troglodytes. It never works.

  8. TexasEllen says:

    Deb is right, Huntsman would be very clever. I’d pay cash money to see McCain and his hangerons try to derail that one. Huntsman served our country well in China and is not into war starting. Obama keeps a pretty close rein on State, anyway. Too bad for the amateur Machiavellis trying to take over the Mass. Senate seat.

    Meanwhile, Rice is terrific at the UN. Hillary can appoint her SOS in 2017.

  9. Oh, oh Ted’s suggestion. Can we start a petition on We the People. Let’s twist Mitch’s whatevers. I want to see him twitch.

    I really, really like the idea of the Big Dawg as Sec. of State, lordy would that make for some world class twitching.

    Hippie in the (Kentucky) hollar.

  10. It sounds like the Republicans are on to you JJ, they have pulled a Gennifer out of their hat!

  11. Mary in Austin says:

    “I nominate Jon Huntsman. Sane, speaks chinese, makes the cabinet bipartisan, and may take the sanest Republican out of the 2016 race.”

    Deb, you are absolutely right! Huntsman would be great. I don’t think he’d have a chance at the 2016 nomination, though, and more’s the pity for the other sane Republicans in the country, all eight or nine of them.

  12. President Clinton would be an awesome choice should he want it. I can see him either charming McConnell, et al., or skewering him, GOWM McCain & pal Graham. I did hear somewhere that either Bill or Hillary are interested in the next Supreme Court nomination.

  13. Hillary served with such distinction that she’ll be a very hard act to follow. Mr. Bill is obviously having too much fun doing whatever it is that he’s doing now. Huntsman would also light off Repub opposition; he committed heresy with that remark about them being so anti-science. For all his strengths as a Senator, John Kerry just wouldn’t fill Hillary’s shoes. That leaves PBO with one obvious choice for his team of rivals: Richard Lugar. The man has literally decades of experience on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, co-authored the Lugar-Obama bill to prevent the nukes in ex-Soviet states from proliferating elsewhere, and he’s also available. Nominating him would cause the McBlowhard twins to choke, and the senate teabaggers heads would all explode.

  14. daChipster says:

    I say wait for the holiday recess. On Christmas morning announce that you’ve accepted Hillary’s resignation and are recess appointing Susan Rice. No muss, no fuss, no grandstanding old white men trying to filibuster.

    Merry Christmas, obstructionists.

  15. Bill Clinton is doing good work. But making up for 8 years of Dubya is going to take a lifetime.

  16. I like both Ted and DaChip’s suggestions … Either name Prehistoric Turtle McConnell and then demand he resigns; or put Ms. Rice in over the Christmas recess … either way or however they end up doing this, there is going to be a lot of old man spittle being flung all over the place … eyeballs twirling like cheap, made in China, whirlygigs!!

    I love both Bill and Hillary and I think they both need a year or two to just be a family and maybe even welcome a grandbaby into the fold … give them time to rest up and then just see what crops up in 2016!!

  17. Republicans probably won’t take the chance of a recess appointment. There will likely be one lonely Republican walking in with a gavel. I floated the same Susan Rice / John Kerry theory yesterday morning and Rachel Maddow and her research staff did a segment on it last night. You can link to it from my blog or go to Steve Benen or Maddow Blog on the internet to watch the segment.

  18. Why not Al Gore? He’s not a Clinton. He’s not a hawk. And he is aware of Global Warming in a “Corporate profits are NOT more important” sort of way.

  19. xulon = BRILLIANT

  20. Ellen Childress says:

    Susan Rice is doing an awesome job at the U.N., and I have to wonder if she was ever actually in the running for Sect’y of State anyhow. With all the hurrah the republicans have created about her, she should be left right where she is and Jon Huntsman should be appointed. The Clintons need a rest, John Kerry doesn’t appear to be a good choice, and the appointment needs to be made for a quick and smooth transition.

  21. If Jon Huntsman would take the nomination, he would be a good choice.

  22. Kay Carrasco says:

    I’m with the Huntsman folks on this one. Hilary needs a break, Bill seems to be having too much fun to dial it back to the seriousness level he’d need for this. Al Gore would be better utilized elsewhere; I don’t think his skill set fits SoS that well.

    Yee-up. Huntsman. Besides, it’d tie the Rs in the funniest sort of knots! :)

  23. Just to give the R’s heart attacks i think Obama should offer up a 2nd term cabinet made up completely of Women, “minorities” ( must find other term that is more accurtae), and gays. Essentially a ruling class of the “Others”

    Perhaps exceptions could be made for
    Noam Chomsky for AG, Stiglitz for Treasury, Krugman for Federal Reserve, Bill Clinton for Supreme Court.

    The R’s caucaus would have a permanent 911 EMP team in residence. It would be one way to clear out the geriatric R senators.

    These could be the token white males.

  24. daChipster says:

    Kay, I think that Al Gore is perfectly suited to be SoS based on the greatest shared threat across the planet, not “militant Islam” or Mitt’s Russia fantasy or hordes of Chinese infantry, but climate change which, even today, is wiping entire countries off the map. The Maldives have bought land inside other countries to relocate to once their inundation is complete.

    Not only that, but the hordes on the march will not be ChiCom soldiers, but people displaced by drought and famine, as well as coastal inundation.

    Fresh water will become the new oil.

    Al Gore is the perfect statesman to help America lead the world against this existential threat to humanity.

    Also, I don’t trust Huntsman.

    I applaud xulon again for such a perfect choice.

  25. LOL I love all the comments but I think I pick Ted’s as the one I would like best to see become reality: Appoint McConnell and then fire him. LOL Brilliant.

  26. Yep. After demanding Yertle’s resignation, appoint “Big Dog Bill.” Wasn’t thinking it all the way through. Although, Susan would still be a hundred steps up from the Turtle.


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