Because Marriage is Sacred and All That …

November 28, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Republican Congressvarmint Jon Kyl (God Bless Him, Arizona) has an immigration DREAM Act all his own.

Realistically, young people frequently get married. In this country, the biggest marriage pool are U.S. citizens. A U.S. citizen can petition for a spouse to become a citizen in a very short time…so I don’t think it’s any big secret that a lot of people who might participate in this program are going to have a very quick path to citizenship, if that’s the path they choose.

So, Kyl’s idea of a DREAM Act is not to finish college and apply for citizenship, but to grow up and marry a citizen, because the last damn thing this country needs is a bunch of educated Mexicans.

However, marriage is an economy booster.  Let’s see … wedding chapel, bridesmaid dresses, hairdressers, photographers, honeymoon travel, divorce lawyer ….

Thanks to Deb for the heads up.

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16 Comments to “Because Marriage is Sacred and All That …”

  1. Early in January, we in Arizona bid a fond farewell to Senator “Not a factual statement” Kyl. Sadly, we failed to defeat his hand picked successor, Jeff Flake (aptly named). Happily, we have elected five Democratic Congresscritters, including my shiny new Congresswoman in the new 9th District, Kyrsten Sinema.

  2. Could someone who is a little more knowledgeable on the ins and outs of immigration law clear something up for me.

    Isn’t it against the law to get married just for citizenship? Don’t you still get the third degree and have to convince INS (or whatever they’re called today) that you really, really married for twwuu luv?
    In other words this doofus is suggesting that you break the law.
    Hippie in the hollar

  3. Go Gramiam!

    You can get the Flake guy later on.

    Like some other Republicans in Congress…… Kyl ….. has been a nightmare.
    (Forget the Dream Act thing)

  4. Cheryl Ann says:

    Hmmmm, I think I feel a new dating website coming on….people willing to marry Mexicans to keep them in this country and Mexicans who would like to stay.

  5. BTW….. I have two great grand children……. made in America of Mexican parts. Two of the most beautiful kids in the world.

    Both their moms have jobs, they both work hard. They both want more education. They both deserve NOT to have to worry about not seeing their children grow up.

    Kyl is first class idiot, who knows nothing about what goes on in the real world. Ir is NO longer automatic, that if you marry an American ……. you are granted “citizenship” status.

    It’s still and long, and convoluted process.

  6. What is up with the Repugs? Do every single motherless one of them think and talk like that? Their party hasn’t a snowball’s chance of surviving much longer. (Whooopeeee!)

  7. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    It’s not as easy as that. I’m sure most of us have seen one or another dumbed-down sitcom where this formed the “plot” for an episode. Invariably, the would-be couple are subjected to rigorous investigation by the INS and are lucky to get off without being nailed for fraud. Real life is not all that different as one of my wife’s college friends discovered.

    Of course if you cut the budget of the INS they might need to curtail some of these investigations, but no one would consider cutting their budget, would they?

  8. Boy Howdy, do I wish petitioning a spouse was that easy!
    I married my wife in the Philippines in 1985. She tested in 1994 for citizenship, missed four questions out of 100 and was denied. And denied retest. And denied. And denied.
    And said, “Dirty word, I give up!”

  9. It’s like he took the entire plot of Greencard and decided to give it the happy ending it deserved! Somebody call Andie McDowell and Gerard Depardieu – it sounds like Jon Kly owes us a sequil.

  10. Miemaw, Kyl has been known locally as one of the twin embarrassments. Now that he is leaving, it might explain Grumpy McCranky’s sudden pit bull persona. John has to be an embarrassment all by himself until Flake gets his feet wet.

  11. So if the said Alien want’s to be a Catholic priest he would be denied citizenship?

    My, my. But if he married another male citizen in Vermont say, it would be ok?

    Tell me if I got this correct?

  12. Kyl knows as much about immigration as he knows about women: very little, if any. Are there any smart Republican men who are embarrassed with these dunces? I think I can answer my own question.

  13. Corinne Sabo says:

    Idiot doesn’t even know how much goes into makeing sure ther isn’t a sham marriage in order to get a green card. He & his wife (poor thing) might not even qualify….

  14. @Miemaw – Yes, it IS a long and convoluted process (getting citizenship—or even a “green”card—by marrying a U.S. citizen. But the worst part, for the last few years, is that it is a terribly expensive process, running several thousands of dollars BEFORE the new spouse is even approved for LEGAL RESIDENCE in the U.S.

  15. My wife took her citizen ship test in Dallas waaay back in 1992. The hardest question was “Who is the governor of Texas?” She still adores Ann Richards.

    She has dual citizenship now. The Philippines is our plan B when/if Karl Rove jacks another election.

  16. So, marriage is sacred… except when it’s a useful tool toward citizenship? Thanks for that clarification Jon.