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November 27, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

I’m not a fan of Joe Scarborough.  He’s a ton smug for my taste and I think they gave him the morning show because Joe’s pretty sure that the sun comes up just to hear him crow.

Yesterday, he went on teevee and made a pile of silly.

On Monday morning, Joe Scarborough was a bit confused. After paying a visit to “the Twitter” over the weekend, he found himself asking: Why are liberals still so angry about everything?

“I went on the Twitter this weekend to talking football,” Scarborough informed, leading to his subsequent question. “Why are liberals still so angry on the Twitter? I say, you won!”

Asked what they’re angry about, Scarborough replied, “They are angry about everything.”

Please somebody tell Joe that we’re gloating and that make HIM angry.  He’s got those emotion things all confused.

Oh yeah, that’s us wanting to secede and buying up guns and saying we were bought off and foaming at the mouth about Susan Rice.

Holy cow, the man is as confused as a goat on Astroturf.

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11 Comments to “Po’ Ol’ Joe”

  1. daChipster says:

    I’m a smidge angry. Yes, we won. But the other side is acting as if THEY won.

    I’m less angry than I was, but until they rejoin us in reality-based reality, they deserve my irate ire.

  2. Joe’s just spouting the usual GOP lies, blaming us for doing what they do (voter suppression, intimidation tactics, and now, “being angry”) These people have worked up “projection” to a fine art…they routinely accuse others of doing what they’re doing.

    Am I angry? Sure. Sumbitches are sore losers and being around angry people makes other people angry.

  3. I’m angry at John McCain making such an ass of himself over Rice (Susan) for being an accurate conduit of intelligence five days after an event while never batting an eye at Rice (Condi) for embellishing intelligence months after 9/11.

    I’m angry that Ms McConnell is in such a snit about having to do talking filibusters after having ground the Senate into the ground for the past few years.

    I’m angry at Joe Scarborough bringing up his own election, back in the mists of time every chance he can.

    But I’m happy Obama is in the White House, 20 women are in the Senate, and it rained last night.

  4. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Liberals are angry because conservatives are scary.

  5. Yeah, but if all the ranting radio stations repeat him, pretty soon everyone will believe it. You guys, we have a MISSION.

  6. I met Joe Scarborough, shook his hand, walking just outside of Eglin AFB… back in 1995. He was campaigning for congress… and I wasn’t impressed.

  7. When Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Lindsey Graham, and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), went in front of the news cameras this morning, right after meeting with Susan Rice, it was glaringly apparent that they were simply mouthing remarks that they had prepared well before their meeting. Now they’re “more disturbed” over Benghazi than before, but they were careful not to press any more full frontal attacks on Rice after the news that she was only following talking points approved by the security agencies. At this point they’re looking around desperately for any Democrat on which to hang their horse collar of blame, since Rice easily shrugged it off.

    The real motive? Ol’ Lindsey gave it away when he alluded to the Democrats’ opposition years ago to that tyrant in the diplomatic and intelligence agencies, John Bolton, when Bush nominated him for UN ambassador. Now in Republicans’ minds, it’s nothing more than payback time. They certainly are a bunch of vengeful barstewards, aren’t they? It’s the Republicans’ version of patriotism – revenge before country.

  8. Well, I’m a liberal and I’m still angry the Supreme Court gave the Presidency to GWB, who proceeded to screw up the whole country. I’ll probably be angry about that until I die. Al Gore would have made a great President, and he won. So yeah, I’m angry.

  9. I’m angry that Time Magazine has Mitt Romney as one of the nominees for Person of the Year. For God’s sake, Time, name one of the other two (Mars Rover Curiosity and the Higgs Boson.) Either one has more personality and neither one lied like a rug for months and months and months.

    Unless Person of the Year now goes to the Biggest Loser.

  10. If the TIme Person of the Year is supposed to be someone who made news, for good or ill, how about the Elephants’ Behind? One or another of those clowns was making news, generally in a “Said WHAT?” fashion, just about every other day all year and last year too.

  11. Joe spends about every third breath reminding us how wonderful Congress was when he was a member. I don’t remember it that way. He spends the other two breaths belittleling Mika. Frat boys don’t belong in Congress or on the TeeVee.