And He’s For the Fiscal Cliff Only If He Can Push Grandma Off It

November 27, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

If there is a vacuum of leadership anywhere, it has to the anti-disabled people caucus.

Up steps Rick Santorum!   Praise the Lord and defeat the legislation.

President-unelect Rick Santorum made his triumphant return to the Capitol on Monday afternoon and took up a brave new cause: He is opposing disabled people.

Specifically, Santorum, joined by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), declared his wish that the Senate reject the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities — a human rights treaty negotiated during George W. Bush’s administration and ratified by 126 nations, including China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Santorum is convinced this human rights treaty will destroy the sovereignty of the United States.

Bringing his child Bella into the hearing (and who doesn’t think using your disabled child as a prop is a very cool thing to do?), Santorum ranted against the treaty because it would “open up a Pandora’s box for the most vulnerable among us: children with disabilities.”  He, of course, lost his tongue when it came time to explain how that would happen.

You gotta admire a man who has dedicated his life to being contentious and paranoid, and then spreading it across the land.

Thanks to Elizabeth for the heads up.

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27 Comments to “And He’s For the Fiscal Cliff Only If He Can Push Grandma Off It”

  1. My cane is handy: do you think I could get a special law passed, allowing me to beat the adenoids out of that jerk?

  2. As the grandmother of a special needs child, this is close to my heart. Santorum is a flaming idiot.

    In some of these countries, disabled children have been regarded as curses, subject to any abuse. Making sure that there is something somewhere that declares they are humans with human rights is an advancement of civilization, not some threat.

    Rick Santorum makes me ill.

  3. And he wants to run for President in 2016.

    As one of the comments says, the GOP just keeps cutting potential voters from their roster…pretty soon they’ll be down to (some) CEOs, some secessionists and Dominionists, and a handful of mean white drunks in trailer parks.

  4. Wow, I cannot believe how evil this guy is. Disability rights is a wonderful US export. For him to block this based on a conspiracy theory makes me ill.

  5. If I laughed I’d cry. He is kind of interesting isn’t he. GWB actually does something good during his administration and Santorum wants to remove that from the list of stuff that GOPs can be proud of.

  6. If only he would stick to quietly flogging himself when he has impure thoughts and leave the public alone.

  7. What the crap is wrong with this poor maniac?

  8. President Unelect….my happy place phrase of the day.

    And yes, taking a page from the Palin playbook by taking Bella to “work” with him….I’m with Montag on the flogging.

  9. Hey, Republicans! I’ve got a great idea!
    You lost the Hispanic vote, the black vote, the Asian vote, the youth vote and the no religious affiliation vote.
    What’s left in America and the world?
    Go after the disabled vet and the disabled teens who will be voting in the next election!
    That’s the ticket!

  10. Katie Johnsonius says:

    MCPO Ret: Lookie what YOU left out of your list of left-outs? OOPS! Women.

  11. Grammy 97, I hope that is one of the zapcanes that has the taser built-in.

    MCPO RET yes, yes, yes.

    Damn fool, sorry Mama, my arthritis is acting up.

    aka Hippie in the hollar

  12. And he’s talking about running for President again in 2016. Santorum is the git (not a typo) that keeps on giving–to Dems.

  13. And to think, I drove my daughter to the voting shack so she could cast her first ever vote for Mr. Obama.
    Sorry, ladies.

  14. He just never got the memo. Long about halfway through his tenure on the Hill, he went off the rails. Folks figure it was because he suddenly somehow realized that he was in way over his head and went nutcakes with the birth control thing. Sad. sigh

  15. Lord, I won’t ask you any hard things for at least a week if you’ll have Sarah Palin get all dandered-up over Santor-dumb’s hatin’ on the disabled children. Pretty please?

  16. daChipster says:

    It’s a shame when someone of diminished capcaity is used to score cheap political points. It’s even sadder when he brings his daughter along.

    Soooooo let’s go to the videotape. Let me see: repeal health care, the UN charter, EPA laws, the 14th amendment, corporate regulation, medicare, medicaid, social security and secede if we don’t get what we want.

    Tonight we’re going to party like it’s Eighteen Forty Nine.

  17. “You gotta admire a man who has dedicated his life to being contentious and paranoid, and then spreading it across the land.”

    No…… I don’t.

    This man is despicable.

    Make him go away.

  18. Okey-dokie says:

    Maybe Rick Insanetorum is still angling for that gig on Fox News.

  19. Rick creeps me out. The thought of him taking his dead baby home so the children could play with it gives me everlasting nightmares.

  20. I guess St. Rick’s hair shirt is itching him or he whipped himself senseless before returning to his “day” job.

  21. “There’s no benefit to the United States from passing it,” said Santorum. Because the point of the law essentially directs the other signatories to update their laws so that they more closely match the Americans with Disabilities Act. It holds up American values as an example to other countries around the world. But Santorum seems too scared to notice that, as there’s too much spooky stuff jumping and crawling, and flying out of his imaginary Pandora’s Box.

  22. So president-unelect Santorum took his daughter, Bella, with him to the Senate, but he also made his bedraggled wife go along to take care of Bella. I’d bet that sorry POS has never taken care of that child byhisownself for more than 15 minutes.

  23. The mere mention of the jerk’s name gives me hives and the dry heaves. His daughter is disabled and he is using her to make his point that … what, exactly. That it’s okay for his daughter to be disabled because she’s, well, his daughter and an American, but if you’re disabled and in another country, tough toenails, it’s your fault? You should have been born white and in the USA? The man has no conscience and is a disgrace to the human race.

  24. I am asking Santa to make Rick Santorum rum for Prez again in 2016. Puh-leeze???

  25. Chairman Meow says:

    Once again, Dan Savage’s moniker hits the nail on the head. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for Frothy. To live a life without joy or humor…

  26. Oh my lord! Santorum had outdone Santorum! Who would have thought it possible? But then he does have a history of using his own children as stepping stones for his own political career. Who among us can forget the fetus that he and his wife brought home and had their own children kiss–all of them under the age of 5 at the time. In a saner world those children would have been removed from the home because of parental child endangerment.

    I think former Democratic senator Bob Kerrey may have been on to something when he once wondered whether Santorum is “Latin for [anus].”

  27. Tony Soprano had it right when he called him “Senator Sanitorium”