Well, Well, The Walls Start Tumbling Down

November 23, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Let me start by making it very clear – I am not a fan of Saxby Chambliss.  I think he’s the son of a motherless goat and there is a real special place in hell for him for what he did to Max Cleland.  Saxby, who had a long record of deferments in Vietnam, attacked Cleland’s patriotism with negative ads featuring Osama bin Laden.  Cleland left three of his limbs in Vietnam.

Saxby Chambliss is so crooked that when he dies we’ll have to screw him in the ground.  And he’s so conservative we’ll have to wait until we’ve perfected time travel so we can go back to 1503 to do it.

But even blind squirrels can find acorns and it appears that Saxey is the first rat off Grover Norquist’s sinking canoe.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) said that fixing the nation’s debt problem may require breaking Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge, telling a Georgia television station Wednesday that “I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge.”

“If we do it his way then we’ll continue in debt, and I just have a disagreement with him about that,” Chambliss told 13WMAZ. Chambliss said Norquist’s opposition to increased revenue adds to the debt and is a “fundamental disagreement.”

I’ll be damnned.

Imagine a Republican Party without Karl Rove and Grover Norquist.  I know, I know, they’ll just find some other old white guys who are meaner than a yellowjacket with a toothache to lead them.  But I was running out of synonyms for Beelzebub for Rove and doofus for Norquist.  This gives me a whole new synonym quest.

Of course, there’s always Gretchen Carlson, who is the fountain of stoopid.  You know what I decided?  She goes to the same hairdresser as Callista Gingrich but only stays half as long.

Anybody want to lay odds about who will be the next Republican senator to defy Grover?  And John McCain has to be removed from the competition because, bless his heart, he doesn’t know where he is.

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15 Comments to “Well, Well, The Walls Start Tumbling Down”

  1. Isn’t the lady who was with the Komen Foundation, which si vigorously opposed Planned Parenthood, also going to run for Senate from Georgia???

    Heck Charles Barkley may run. Or is he from Alabama? I know he’s talked about getting into politics when he retires.

    Hard to tell them apart. …… Georgia and Alabama I mean. They both elect equally …….. oh……. what’s the word I’m looking for???? Ah…….. “uninformed” candidates, and send them to Washington to make misery on the rest of the country.

    Gretchen Carlson…… didn’t she used to be on the teevee…..???

  2. Corinne Sabo says:

    I think Dr. Frankenrepub has an assembly line for Repugnicant idiots somewhere. All the females are blond, all the males more stupid than the next one.

  3. Here in Georgia, we call that man Sexby Shameless.

  4. LOL you are an astute observer! (re: comparison of Gretchen’s hair to Mrs. Newt Gingrich.)

  5. m in El Paso says:

    Thanks for reminding us all about the evil, evil, evil campaign Chamblis waged against Max Cleland. Do you think as he ages he may be fearing “the pains of Hell,” as my old catechism probably said?

  6. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Oh lordy, I love this blog!

  7. I would be shocked if Chambliss is talking about raising taxes on the rich. He’s probably talking about closing some loopholes with ALEC telling him about 20 others to open! And believe me, it would be a loophole about expensive horses! oops, I forgot, they already have that one……..

  8. I know we’re supposed to stop gloating about Romney’s loss. Can we start gloating about Norquist’s downfall or is it a little too soon?

  9. It should be pointed out early and often (by the Dems) that the reason the Bush tax cuts are expiring is that that’s how the Repubs wrote them. They did this so they could hide how much the cuts would cost by calculating the cost as temporary instead of permanent. And this did this so they could use reconciliation to pass them (see “Byrd Rule”).

  10. While I am not at all religious, there are times I do wish there is a hell for the likes of Chambliss, Rove, etc…Reminds me of Bea Arthur’s “Maude” character–“God is gonna get you for that!” :)

  11. Eh. My philosophy is anyone that got their “come to Jeebus” moment on or after November 6th has zero credibility and is doing nothing more than pandering and CYA’ing for next election.

  12. Charlie Smith says:

    I agree with LynnN–Let’s fulfill G.W.’s promise, and let the tax cuts expire. I’ll pay mine if Grover has to pay his.

  13. I’ll be very happy to give the man credit when he actually votes to raise rich people’s taxes. I think the entire Republican party gets the fact that they didn’t win, and it’s because they just didn’t sell it right. So they’re going to make cosmetic changes and try to misdirect, but I’ll be very surprised if any of them understand that they have to rethink their world view.

  14. David Hardwick says:

    Another gem, Juanita Jean. Keep ‘em coming. :^)