Well Hell, Where Am I Supposed to Christmas Shop?

November 17, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

I am so sad to tell you this, but unpack the car on Black Friday and go back home.  There’s no good shopping in Arizona this year.

A gun shop in Arizona has a clear message to would-be customers who happened to vote for President Barack Obama: take your business elsewhere.

Southwest Shooting Authority in Pinetop, Ariz. took out an advertisement last week in the local newspaper, the White Mountain Independent, that spelled out the store’s new policy in explicit terms.

“If you voted for Barack Obama your business is not welcome at Southwest Shooting Authority,” the ad reads. “You have proven that you are not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

I guess all that’s left is the MoMA gift catalog.  Sorry, loved ones, no Arizona ammo in your stocking this year.

Thanks to Rick for the heads up.

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17 Comments to “Well Hell, Where Am I Supposed to Christmas Shop?”

  1. Ah well. Sheriff what’s-his-face will buy from this guy. No doubt.

    Most people I know (some of whom are Democrats) don’t want a damned gun.

    They are fully aware of the danger of all that B.S.

  2. He should talk to Chick-fil-A to see how that turned out.

  3. They don’t call it the White Mountain Independent for nuthin…

  4. What I want to know is how the shop intends to find out who you voted for.

  5. Corinne Sabo says:

    Hope it goes out of business.

  6. Juanita Jean says:

    RayS, the best I can figure it’s the smug look on your face or I have heard that they can smell gloat a mile away.

  7. publius bolonius says:

    This is a real good way to make sure your small business stays that way. Not too bright, eh?

  8. Geeze, you think he’d be grateful for the uptick in gun sales that Obama’s success seems to have incited.

    Wonder where in AZ you could possibly buy a gun if not from this guy??

  9. DAVE: Yep, this fool seems to have forgot how good OBAMA has been for his business. These Right Wingers do NOT have a brain between ‘em.

  10. See I told you! I voted for Jill Stein. That means I can machine gun roadside signs all up and down Arizona. Goody,goody,goody!

  11. AHEM! My Christmas shopping is done. I took my brother to lunch for his birthday yesterday and he gave me his kid’s wish list. Amazon came through. I have been “distilling” the latest alcoholic gift list. “My Own Labels” has already arrived, along with the “personalized” Christmas cards from Walter Drake. All I need to do for the Holidays is go to the Home Depot for a tree about a month from now.

    BTW: The Whole Foods on P Street already has Christmas trees for sale–on November 14. Do any of you see a problem with that???

  12. Ironically the store does not have an FFL (Federal Firearms License), so they are not trusted or allowed by the government to sell guns in the first place. They only sell training and accessories, no guns. Any sports supply store is sell items that these clowns are not.
    Read through the feedback. There are lots of people from both sides of the political divide telling them to go get F$^#d.

  13. Gee, this is really going to mess up my Christmas list. Grammy is going to be so disappointed.

  14. I have another provision for him. If you think Saddam Hussein was behind the attacks on 9/11, you don’t “believe in” climate change, and you think Mitt Romney held the same position on anything (except more money for rich people) for more than three days, you won’t be allowed to vote because you don’t pay attention.

  15. Isn’t this so typical of the Romney supporters and Tea Party fanatics? Not that too many of their customers will be liberals, but they just have to act exclusionary toward anyone who doesn’t kow-tow to their way of thinking. This “us” versus “them” mentality os taking on the dimensions of a sickness.

  16. Apparently only Tbaggers should have guns. What’s he afraid of?