Everybody’s Favorite East Texas Mental Health Poster Child

November 14, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Louie Gohmert.

Just when you thought there was a limit to insanity, Louie Gohmert starts waving a rake around in the air to dove hunt.

And just when you thought that Newt Gingrich commenting on the Petraeous affair was lower than a snake’s navel in a wagon rut, Gohmert meets Gingrich, resulting in that colossal light show brought by the strange chemical reaction of Axe Body Spray and little balls on brains falling on the floor.

Louie Gohmert nominated Newt Gingrich for Speaker of the House.

Gohmert’s unexpected move came during an otherwise routine process of reelecting Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) as speaker. When it came time for nominations to the top post, Gohmert stood up and said he supported having Gingrich back in the slot. Gingrich was speaker from 1995 to 1999, but hasn’t been in Congress since.

And then with no hint of a guilty conscience, some reporter writes ….

It’s unclear what kind of message Gohmert was trying to send by floating Gingrich’s name. A Gohmert spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Dude, it’s a cry for help!  A desperate, pleading, drooling, first cousin marrying cry for help.  That’s the message he was sending:  Come get me and bring a rake.

Thanks to Kathleen for the heads up.

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21 Comments to “Everybody’s Favorite East Texas Mental Health Poster Child”

  1. Going back a few posts, but this is fun…..

    In response to the petition to have Texas secede, some guy in Austin named Caleb has started a petition to have Austin secede from Texas and stay in the union. The link is here:


    They have over 4,000 signatures as of this writing.

    Please note, they also want to take Shiner and Lockhart with ‘em. Home of beer and barbecue.

    Now these are some people with their priorities straight. I certainly have no interest in having to get a visa to eat at Smitty’s.

  2. West Texas Oldster says:

    Do you suppose that running unopposed each election, like Louie, gives one the right to act like a complete dimwit?

  3. Oh dear lord, tell me he just does it for attention. Is the man suffering from lack of oxygen?

    Hippie in the Hollar

  4. Where’s that test that candidates for naturalization to US citizenship have to take?

    Let’s pass a law that all congress-critters have to pass it before they can take office.

  5. Elise Von Holden says:

    I can’t remember who said it right now, but gee whiz, “will no one rid me of this man” or sumthin’ like that…Gingrich is up for the worst human being, ever…and LG is just a plain idiot, moran is too large of a description for either one of them…I don’t remember how the list used to go, moron, cretin,idiot, retard, it actually used to be a way of describing people’s levels of ability–we’ve gotten very PC, and I can understand if someone in your family is within those old standards that it’s emotionally hurtful–but we’ve also lost a tool that lets the rest of us figure out what’s what’s…and that’s too bad, speaking as one who is stupid about things occasionally and genius (on that same chart) about others…

  6. I’d be happy if they just had to pass a psychiatric evaluation!

  7. Corinne Sabo says:

    I vote for Sam Rayburn.

  8. Will be laughing about this for ages. So glad that Louie isn’t from California. Texas does not deserve to have this nut – makes the whole place smell funny.

  9. @West Texas Oldster: YES!

    @Elise Von Holden: The word you are thinking of is not “retard” but “Imbecile” and, yes, that describes Louie to a Tee.

  10. Take yer pick. History of the terminology of intellectual disability:

    Cretin is the oldest and comes from a dialectal French word for Christian. The implication was that people with significant intellectual or developmental disabilities were “still human” (or “still Christian”) and deserved to be treated with basic human dignity. Individuals with the condition were considered to be incapable of sinning, thus “christ-like” in their disposition. This term is not used in scientific endeavors since the middle of the 20th century and is generally considered a term of abuse.

    Idiot indicated the greatest degree of intellectual disability, where the mental age is two years or less, and the person cannot guard himself or herself against common physical dangers.

    Imbecile indicated an intellectual disability less extreme than idiocy and not necessarily inherited.

    Moron was defined by the American Association for the Study of the Feeble-minded in 1910, as the term for an adult with a mental age between eight and twelve.

  11. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Heck, if they’re allowed to select someone who used to be in the House of Representatives to be their speaker, why not one of the thousands of dead people? I’d love to see Barbara Jordan take that gavel.

  12. Elise Von Holden says:

    Thank you one and all-it cheers me to no end that if I need an answer to esoteric questions about just about anything–I have a source to go to…it’s an Honor to be in this crowd

    “South Park talks about the evil alternate universe

  13. Elise Von Holden says:

    And I am going to watch that, now that elections are over, I feel that JJ , Colbert, Stuart are keeping us on an even keel, for what’s coming, the South Park guys are my mystic mentors!!

  14. Louie is an embarassment, and now we have his new sidekick Steve Stockman from the new 36th district. Probably be good for laughs if they weren’t damaging Congress and the country.

  15. Okay, so this just gives me more things to be ticked off about. I’m still waiting for my socialism. I want my gift from President Obama (not really interested in a pony, but I’ll share my Wish List on Amazon). Now I find out that my odious congressvarmint could have put in my name to be the Speaker, but he didn’t. Oh, sure, you’re going to say, “But you’re not a Representative or even a Republican.” So?!? I have just as much right to that position as Newt, dammit. And I still want my gift.

  16. @Elise
    “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?”
    Henry II of England referring to Thomas Becket.
    Several thugs at Henry’s court took his question seriously and murdered Becket–Archbishop of Canterbury–in Canterbury Cathedral at the steps of the altar.
    Henry then said he didn’t mean to be taken literally but the Pope whacked him with some pretty horrible penances anyway and Becket has gone down in history as a martyr (despite the fact that he was a pain-in-the-petunias zealot IRL).

  17. Elise Von Holden says:

    Boy do I hate the pain meds I have to take to survive—I know/or knew so much..now just snippets of beautiful brain…
    Thanks, guys–What a wonderful Salon…

  18. Don A: Missed our chance! If we had elected a Mormon who can baptise the dead, perhaps they could have resurrected Barbara Jordan and made her speaker, Not sure exactly how much power that magic underwear has.

  19. Gomer did NOT run unopposed.A qualified Democratic candidate,Dr. Shirley McKellar of Tyler,opposed him.NO Democratic candidate will EVER succeed in this district,until 1-2 generations of white people die off.I know what the ethos is,since I just moved to Dallas County after 45 years in Rusk County.

  20. He was in rare form today too, on and on about you name it. If texas does succeed don’t forget to take Louie, lol.

  21. Here are some salient, yet discouraging observations regarding Gohmert:

    1. He won with almost 72% of the vote of the people in his district–not for the first time, but for the fifth time (or was it the 7th?).
    2. His district is so severely gerrymandered by the Republicans that it includes no less than 13 counties.
    3. Most folks agree that the East Texas area in which his district is located is at least in second place as being the most racist U.S. Congressional District in the state of Texas.
    4. Gohmert, as a white male candidate in this area, will continue to rule. It does not matter how stupid he acts, or perhaps the more stupid the better his chances of keeping his seat.

    Thanks to Juanita’s Beauty Salon for the heads up on Gohmert. I had missed this, his latest brain fart so of course I had to make fun of it too on my site. thanks again for your brilliant humor, Susan.


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