Speaking of Poopie Heads

November 12, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

On Bill Maher last Friday night, James Carville said ….

“Sometimes in the south people will say, ‘In order to get that boy’s attention sometimes you’ve gotta hit him upside the head with a 2×4.’

The sound you heard on election night was pine on skull.”

However, what Carville didn’t take into consideration that some people’s skulls are so hard that you could turn them upside down and use them for a rock crusher.

Grover Norquist was on CBS News this morning to prove that he is pine immune.  He claims that Obama won because he called Romney a “poopie head.”

Thank you, Sweet Jesus, that this man isn’t holding reins on the Presidency.  And Norah O’Donnell, thank you for her, too.

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16 Comments to “Speaking of Poopie Heads”

  1. After listening to that interview with Grover Norquist, I get the impression he would say exactly the same things even if the Dems won every seat in the House & and the Senate too. He’s a broken record, a one trick pony.

  2. Joke.
    What happens when you hit a republican with a 2X 4.
    You get a poopie head.

    Of course in my neck of the woods they call it, “sh-t for brains”

    And this is who the republicans get their economic marching orders from? A man that says ‘poopie brains”?

    This past week has been better then Christmas and it has lasted longer!!!!

  3. daChipster says:

    Speaking of other poopie-heads (and speaking of non sequiturs) hey, Jeff Gordon: NASCAR fights make Baby Jesus cry!

  4. Hah! da Chipster, channeling Ricky Bobby. I love Talledaga Nights.

  5. daChipster: My money was on Clint Bowyer. Love it when these golden boys don’t always get their way!
    (Jeff’s a good guy..but Pete’s sake ..it’s racing….)

    As for Grover…………

  6. Ralph Wiggam says:

    That 2×4 thing is only for mules. Republicans are more stubborn and require a chunk of one inch re-bar about three feet long. It gives a better swing and more spring in the the follow through.

    And by the way, the clinical term is fecal encephalopathy.

  7. Marge Wood says:

    No no. You also have to whack billy goats with a 2×4 but they don’t even feel it on their heads. You have to whack them on their sides. Voice of experience.
    I love the clinical term.

  8. You know, we have a saying here in Missouri, about Democrats excelling in eating their young, (a reference to the fact that for a LONG time the old guard hung on blocking youngsters from their attempts to reform the party – it cost us a LOT of elections). The Rethugs seem to be intent on pursuing that tactic. Lord of the Flies anyone? He made me do it! Poopie Head made me do it!

    You betcha Grover, you betcha.

  9. I’m pretty sure Obama never called Romney a poopie-head despite the fact that he is one. Obama has good manners. And a much better vocabulary. Please proceed, Mr. Norquist. (Note that Norquist would have to be promoted to become a poopie-head.)

  10. Corinne Sabo says:

    Poopie head? I havwe never called Romney anything that nice; I hope the President was nicer and suspect he was.

  11. Well, President Obama did indirectly refer to Mitt as being a “bull-s%!tter” at the end of an interview with Rolling Stone, but you can’t hold that against him since he was just being truthful.

  12. Poopie head? Poor (NOT!!!) Grover— a twelve-year-old voice to go with his twelve-year-old mindset. Go finish your homework Grover. In a few more years, when your voice and brain mature, you can come out and play with the grownups.

  13. Just what I was thinking RA.
    How childish.
    Actually, that adjective covers a whole lot of Republican behavior right now: public meltdowns, puerile insults and a lot of “la la la, can’t hear you, can’t hear you la la la.”
    Sadly, the worst part of this stupidity is that quite a few people will believe that Presdent Obama (boy does it feel good to keep writing that) actually said something that stupid.

  14. Ya know RA- I was just looking up ‘arrested development’ and by golly there was Grover’s pic!

  15. Elise Von Holden says:

    Why does anyone listen to this man–he hasn’t had an adult exchange of ideas in any conversation I have seen or read yet.
    Who gives him this power? It’s so, “the emperor has no clothes”, if we would stop giving him credence (the incredible amount of money spent on ads should give us pause, they did not work) and let him have his long overdue, badly needed, 12 year old boy’s meltdown that the head cheerleader wouldn’t date him and he hates good-looking and balanced people lin an, “I’ll show you!” kind of sick way, with rules and pledges and lots of tissue in the bathroom with his magazines…such childish, nasty behavior, he needs a spanking for his own good, or maybe he had too many–whatever..turn off the TV and get him off stage, now!!

  16. RAISE their damned taxes, already. And, while we’re at it, let’s get rid of the $110,000 cap on income for Social Security. And Grover Norquist is an effin’ idiot. His eyes are deader than Lindsay Lohan’s.