Oh The Sweet Joyful Sounds of Bush Remembrances

November 10, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

The Bush Dynasty continues in Texas.

George P. Bush, a nephew of former President George W. Bush and son of one-time Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, has made a campaign filing in Texas that is required of candidates planning to run for state office, an official said Thursday night.

The younger Bush, a Fort Worth resident, filed a campaign treasurer appointment Wednesday, a requirement for someone to become a candidate under campaign finance law, Tim Sorrells, general counsel for the Texas Ethics Commission, told The Associated Press.

He refuses to discuss what statewide office he’s seeking, but I have serious doubts that Karl Rove will continue to be the official Bush campaign manager, you know, what with his mental health issues and all.

George Pee is a real estate developer – so it will be fun to see how many government handouts, tax abatements,  and TIRZs he leeched.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

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22 Comments to “Oh The Sweet Joyful Sounds of Bush Remembrances”

  1. Sam in Kyle says:

    Maybe George P has aspirations to be like his Uncle Neal. This is the guy who is supposed to draw Hispanics to the GOP ticket just because he speaks Spanish. Doesn’t say much for the GOP opinion of Hispanic intelligence does it?

  2. A. We Know he’s a thief- he has 3 Bush names.
    B. We Know he’s a liar, his name is George.
    C. We know he’s not smart- see A.
    D. We Know he has a police record- he’s Jeb’s kid.
    E. We Know he”s dishonest, he’s a lawyer.
    F. We Know he’s a chicken, he “served” in the military under an assumed name for Security purposes..were they protecting him from the enemies, or the friendlies?
    G. We know he has a portfolio of corruption, see: A, B, C, E. The GOP will fast-track him cause his Momma’s name is Columba Garnica Gallo, and he Speaks Spanish.
    I. Just another greedy shrub oil baron..who will probably die in public office, with his hand in the cookie jar.

  3. TexasEllen says:

    No little run for the Lege for the golden boy.

  4. Aaah, the gift that keeps on giving! They spread like bamboo. we better get busy and get them permanently yanked out before they get any bigger.

  5. Hey look! We found another brown one! Can we be friends now?

  6. AJ … I love your A through I. [you left out the H.] rundown of another Bush making a run for something … I’m thinking they need to run for the border!!

  7. aggieland liz says:

    Ya know they are like those damn creosote bushes that are infesting West Texas! Cruz is one too, isn’t he?

  8. I was thinking kudzu rather than bamboo, but same difference.

    He may have that double dishonesty gene working–remember when his mama got in trouble for bringing those designer dresses in after that trip to France and not declaring them or something like that?

    No More Bush!

  9. ok, who shook the bush? And how many more of these critters are there?

  10. fenway fran says:

    They don’t get that they can change the paint, but their house is falling down.

  11. Could these Bushes please figure out that there’s another name than George? I got so fed up trying to keep track of George W Bush and George H W Bush that I borrowed a tip from Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier of Haiti and started calling them Papa Bush and Baby Bush. If they throw another one in there I’ll have to come up with something else– assuming his fame reaches from Texas to Maryland, which I hope I’m spared.

  12. aggieland liz says:

    Cousin Bush? Hedged Bush? Topiary Bush? Flowering Bush? Evergreen Bush? Deciduous Bush? I can keep going, and I warned you guys I was celebrating! .: =)

  13. aggieland liz says:

    Sigh, my little lit emotilush did not fare well
    .: =)

  14. I think Pee Bush says it best.

  15. I was thinking of a more old fashioned term, Peeleg Bush.

  16. Pee Bush will definitely get him the canine vote. I will give him a little credit for his military service. He got a lot closer to the shooting than his uncle George or anyone named Romney ever did.

  17. Diana Hickman says:

    I think he plans to start low as Land Commissioner and work his way up to Guv. Should manage it in 10 years, is the plan.

  18. What?! He’s a nobody and he “served” in the military under an assumed name?! What a coward…Prince William and Prince Harry proudly serve in their military without having to assume names. How about the Bidens, are they serving under assumed names?

  19. Some people gave GWB credit for his “service” (though every Texan over the age of five at the time knew perfectly well what was going on)….so before I say anything about GPB’s service, I want to know what it was. Branch. Assignment. And a fitness report or several. On which I will check the handwriting as carefully as birthers went after Obama’s birth certificate.

  20. Watch this bush….he may try to sell off/privatize every thing. Your water, your schools, and every thing else in the state of Texas. The GOP got to prove that no/small government works somewhere in the world.

  21. Good Lord, you folks in Texas have just got to stop him in his tracks! I’m with Edith Ann: “No More Bush!” EVER.

  22. Marcia, Thanks for finding ‘H’!
    I was trying so hard to keep the list short-(eliminating facts about Any Bush is a herculean task, at best!!) that ‘H’ just got lost in the edit!