Crazzzzy in Real Time

November 10, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Email from Dawn:

Wanna see some triple Z crazzzy in real time?

Click right here.

These folks need a medication adjustment. The election was stolen, the Dems hacked ORCA, the polls were all rigged in a vast left wing conspiracy, vote fraud everywhere, machines rigged, they’ve run out of tissues cuz they’ve just cried and cried, Palin and Rove screwed them, every illegal voted, and they hope the country crashes.

Schadenfreude is an ugly thing but I’ve been LMAO at this thing since Thursday.

I have to admit that I went over and poked them with a stick a couple of times and it was FUN!  See how long it takes you to get banned.

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43 Comments to “Crazzzzy in Real Time”

  1. I love how they talk about posting on “the Tweeter.” A petition to get Romney to withdraw his concession of the election? Good luck with that. May as well be petitioning Sarah Palin to give up the Kardashian hair and pink lip gloss.

  2. fenway fran says:

    Who are all these women???? They need to form a single line and turn in their TaTa’s immediately.

  3. Oh, this is so good. I might make a bloody mary or two and have a good laugh. They’re totally delusional and still think a unicorn will save Mitt.

    tracey: I wish they could recount VA and OH and FL… and I wish Mitt would win.

    Tracey darling, don’t give up- there is still a chance. And if you cross your fingers and wish extra special hard Elvis will come back too.

  4. ClaireJ: “we can always get torches and pitchforks and march (non violent of course) in front of the white house.. news coverage always helps”

  5. I like how they’re wild about signing petitions demanding recounts and protesting voter fraud, but careful not to sign “the wrong one” that goes to the White House because then Big Bad Barack will know where they are!

    “That Petition I just signed goes to Obama too. I’m nervous I commented.. Obama where did you find the bus loads of Somalis?”

  6. OMG, that is the most technically challenged group of people I have ever seen in my life. My fave is the woman who apologized for typing in all caps. I can’t believe that there is a person in 2012 who does not live in the Amazon jungle who does not know how to use caplock.

  7. Aghast Independent says:

    If they would leave their addresses, I would be happy to send each one of them, along with the entire election coverage staff at Fox news, a carton of sour grapes.

  8. They need to update their banner from “I’m ComMITTed” to “I should be committed.” Sorry, no White House, but they can make do with a nice white jacket, with really long sleeves.

  9. Today at the Sugar Land post office–a petition to impeach the President. I kid you not. People literally had to get around them to mail a letter or pick up a package.

  10. The fact that ORCA should have been named FLOUNDER is hardly the Dem’s fault.

  11. A survey showed that the most common reaction coming from the right-wing on Election night, on hearing of Obama’s win: DAG-NAB-IT!!!

  12. That is reality challenged at its best.

  13. I listened to a gentleman on Friday complaining on behalf of his son who works at Raytheon in Dallas. “They were just told that 200 of them would be laid off, and probably that many more at Christmas time. What part of ‘defense missile shield’ don’t they understand? They’ve been working on it a long time.” I’m thinking, since Reagan’s Star Wars, maybe? Then it’s for sure a program about to be cut. But the blame was placed squarely on the reelection, not the sequestration.

  14. They wouldn’t even let me registered.
    I feel honored, the crazies will not let me vote!!!!

  15. Register.
    I need more coffee.

  16. Umpty Dump says:

    Is there such a disease as infectious psychosis? After reading the sheer number and variety of delusional comments on that blog, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s spreading.

  17. Sam in Kyle says:

    Couldn’t register either. That’s OK, fun to read the whining.

  18. So that guy wants the tax payers to keep on handing money to Raytheon so his son can continue to getting his trickle down welfare check for making stuff we don’t need?

  19. I read the post – delusional irrational folks on there for sure – so then I just had to and “Tweeter” the link~

    No, I do not feel awful gloating and laughing at the fools that listen to the RePiggery and Faux Noise – they got what they DESERVED~

  20. ‘Cause a nutty petition is just what they need to overturn a gap of 332 to 206 electoral votes.

  21. Wow, such wailing and gnashing of teeth, such unbelievable self-delusion…It really is a sight to see…Even better is the “Final Thoughts on a Great Candidate” comments…!! “You are my president, Mr Romney”, that sorta stuff…These are the most uninformed, messed-up people in the country…Crazy, literally.

  22. SomedayGirl says:

    Glad everyone is enjoying it, I certainly have been. On some level I feel bad for them, I know they’re disappointed, but then I read this kind of stuff and I go back to giggling:

    Chris: If we the poeple rise up and revolt, we will have the military behind us.

    Chris: It might come down to a coup, with a temp leader and followed up by an election.

  23. Now they’re talking about a military coup. But only from retired military, not active. Geezer power!

  24. I half-heartedly tried to comment, but I didn’t want to register with “those people”. (I know how almost Queen Ann must have felt.)

  25. Get this one: “You know what I keep thinking of is how Obama keeps the thermostat in the white house @ around 80 degrees because he’s from Hawaii & can’t stand to be cold…and then I think of all the families who are keeping our house at 62 degrees because their utility/fuel bills are so high. And his white house dinners that cost $4000 per person when so many Americans are having to stretch every penny to feed their families. He makes me sick.”

    I thought he was from Kenya. Oh, wait. They like it hot too.

  26. And of course not one of them believes that they lost due to a sad, sad, sad pair of candidates and the crap their campaign was putting out. Or that the polls were really skewed and they just couldn’t figure out that they skewed incorrectly right.

    I just wonder how long it will take for the Secret Service to pay them a visit?

    Still grinning like a possum and I really need to find a picture of a grinning possum. The only ones I ever see are roadkill and the one that hissed at me when we met unexpectedly.

    Lindy the hippie in the hollar

  27. Half the people lie awake nights worrying that there’a a vast left-wing conspiracy. The rest of us lie awake nights worrying that there isn’t.

  28. If ya’ll haven’t seen it yet, White People Mourning Romney is pretty good too!

  29. aggieland liz says:

    LynnN!! I stand up and applaud! I’m behind in my reading, but that was awesome! They’ve been floundering for months! O my sides! :D

  30. I’m addicted to this thing. Here’s another gem: “The best thing to work for now is the second coming.. Sorry to go religious on you but I figure I will dedicate my spare time to serving others and look forward to the real day of JUSTICE>”

  31. “Marie: Mitt could have turned this country around. Even my chiropractor is thinking of going to another profession because of Obamacare & I doubt he is the only one.”

    Oh, lord. When the chiropractors start leaving the profession, we are all in for it now. Who will crack our backs? Who?? Oh, the humanity.

  32. I am addicted to another forum, ,
    made up largely of a bunch of foaming Texas secessionist right-wingers and four or five sensible people (I fall into the latter category). The threads on Texas Politics and National Election Discussions are a study in how these people think (or not, most frequently).

  33. I am addicted to another forum, ,
    made up largely of a bunch of foaming Texas secessionist right-wingers and four or five sensible people (I fall into the latter category). The threads on Texas Politics and National Election Discussions are a study in how these people think (or not, most frequently).

  34. Marge Wood says:

    Oh Glyn. I ain’t touchin’ that one. You are in charge for all of us. They have a whole different mindset. I’m still afloat. Our youngest son got married last night. Today they had an all day brunch. I’m glad I don’t have to start over. Here’s you a hanky for when the secessionists foam all over you.

  35. The Republican definition of voter fraud seems to be “The Democrat won.”

  36. Sore losers. I agree with LynnN on the GOP definition of voter fraud…their voters were “defrauded” by not winning.

    Evidently they think “democracy” means “We get to win everything every time.”

  37. SomedayGirl says:


    PCCstudent: just makes me want to punch a black person

    JohnBasic: PCCstudent – well, they are stupid

  38. And the cray-cray continues:

    Linna: A muslim from Saudria Arabia apparently paid for BO to go to Harvard and he owns 7% of Fox…

  39. SomedayGirl says:

    Well Fox IS against Mitt. Also in on the conspiracy today: Google, Bing, Facebook, teh Tweeter, the Tea Party and AOL.

  40. Another Ellen in Texas says:

    I have looked at this site several times today and am amazed at the barrage of pure unadulterated garbage spewing forth. Secession? St. Mitt? It is fun to read the crazy though.

  41. Thanks, Rekster — that site is tailor-made to help me continue to gloat, which I intend to do through Monday. By Tuesday, I’ll straighten up again. Really.

  42. Rubymay! Don’t you Dare straighten up!