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After waiting a respectful 24 hours after Mitt Romney suffered a large electoral embarrassment, Rick Perry flirted – as only Rick Perry can do – with the idea of running for President again.


“2016 is multiple lifetimes away,” said Perry, who has a lot of experience with coyly denying that he will seek higher office.

While Perry famously soared and then crashed in the 2012 presidential primary, he has said the experience was humbling yet instructional. On Thursday, Perry reiterated that he would leave the door open for another try.

Yes, the guy who is so dumb and goofy that he had to constantly deny he was on drugs is going to run for President again.

And I have a front row seat.


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19 Comments to “Ohmygodyes.”

  1. First…thank you Susan for your unfailing and wonderful work as a citizen of our great land…I lurk here from time to time and I find you so pleasant and smart and willing to put it all on the line for Texas, for the USofA, and of course Me as well…I appreciate your brand of humor and those around you…I have a few friends in Tehas who are dispirited by the stupid of the State and Perry in particular…I point them here…just to tell them they are not alone, they have you…thanks again for your efforts and patriotism…
    Here in the Square State we are just coming down from a real “High” with the defeat of the GOP…and other things…wink wink…

  2. Rick, obviously has found out that running for office brings to him, more money than holding an office.

    Let’s face it…… he doesn’t have the smarts (even with a ghost writer) to get a book deal.

    Nobody, it seems, would want them on their corporate board.

    So, what else is the guy to do, to continue to rake in millions?
    Keep running for office.

    Only option left.

  3. Cheryl Ann says:

    You are exactly right, Miemaw. He has made a fortune on the public dole, he isn’t going to walk away from that. And he is completely addicted to the limelight. Even if its negative attention, he needs it.

  4. Might I suggest an “invisible fence” works great for the dog, the tricky part would be to get the collar on his neck so he would get shocked if he tried to leave. Come to think of it, it could be a booming business , one for Jeb, one for Paul…I see a lot of promise here unless the power goes off which is why I didn’t suggest one for Chris Christie.

  5. I don’t know how he can run for president as we won’t be part of the United States then


  6. I am still on a high right now. I think it will take me several years to come down off of it really. Since I’m a teacher I’m turning my interest toward the court case involving school funding, which Texas will lose…again…. They still won’t do what they need to because they hate teacher, education, and knowledge in general. But for right now life is good!

    I’ll just have to shake my head if Ricky runs again. The only way this guys leaves is if we vote him out. There is NO WAY he can be re-elected…right? :-)

  7. Sam in Kyle says:

    Two of the best reasons to put up with a fool like Rick are Barbeque and Kolaches. That and the knowledge he’ll help destroy the GOP and will look even more stupid.

  8. This is sort of a hyjack of this thread, but I saw this morning a clip of Diane Sawyer’s interview with John Boehner. When asked if Paul Ryan was now the head of the Republican party he practically spit then said, “Paul Ryan’s a policy wonk.” Sounds like lots of contention in the R’s party!

  9. A timely reminder of why the Repubs chose Romney as their candidate. Romney was merely cold-blooded and dishonest.

  10. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Ya know, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

    On one hand, Rick Perry is the gift that keeps on giving. If I close my eyes while he’s speaking, I swear it’s W. talking.

    On the other hand, he gets to travel around the country on the taxpayers dime while doing nothing at all to represent his constituents. He’s double dipping.

    I am of the mind that, if your want to run for a particular office, you have to resign from the office you hold first. Paul Ryan should never have been able to run for his Congressional seat after he accepted the VP nom. If Rick wants to run for POTUS again, let him resign from the Texas Governorship first.


  11. Perry has to be on drugs, else he would recall that he was boo’d at the Texas Republican Convention and every candidate he endorsed lost during the primaries. “Oops”…. wonder if he remembers that? Let the destruction of the Grand Ole Party continue. Pull out the popcorn and lemonade with vodka, kids… we got us a circus in town again.

    Anyone else see that George P Bush filed papers for a campaign committee this morning in Texas? They’re doing handsprings and talking about how that solves their Hispanic problem. He had been working on Ted Cruz’s campaign, and I guess he figured it was easier to run in Texas than it is in Florida, even if you’re Jeb’s baby boy. More (R)obots in Texas.

  12. Austinhatlady says:

    Trying to figure out if Perry looks “satanic” or “vulpine” in that pictute. Either way, it’s downright scary and not at all attractive.

  13. Alberto Knox says:

    no doubt ricky like jetting around with his entourage of Texas Rangers but before he gets another shot at it we will get to see just how much that cost the state that was so broke it was firing teachers. That is, unless the legislature decides again to keep those costs secret.

  14. People, Please!
    Just keep Ricky to yourselves until we all have time to recover. I don’t care what you do to achieve that, but I like the dog collar idea.
    I have a generator for hurricanes, but will cheerfully donate it for the greater good! (To make sure the mutt’s collar Always stays ‘charged’!)

  15. Another Ellen in Texas says:

    Have we Texans not suffered enough humiliation? Sheesh!

  16. Marge Wood says:

    Perry looks drunk and I don’t even know any drunks. I still think he oughta get a job as a truck driver. I can hear him now at the truck stops, can’t you? Do you think the other guys would believe him?

  17. No effing way! This dipstick want to embarrass himself, his wife, his family, his boyfriends, and My Texas ALL over again?! Maybe the previous Captain of Stoopid, GWB, will talk him out of it! ;)

  18. The only good news in this is that Juanita Jean will not lack for amusing fodder to post here. Otherwise, Texas may find that the US Congress resolves to give Texas back to Mexico and Mexico refuses to sign the delivery ticket.

  19. West Texas Oldster says:

    ‘Pistol Packin” Ricky Perry, Governor For life of the Kingdom of Christian Dominionism. He must get into the limelight so the fits of pouting don’t begin.