Here’s the Truth

November 09, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

This morning I got an email from someone who wanted to know if I’m gonna keep the Beauty Salon open now that the election is over.  Having been on the internet machine since 1997, you don’t have to check with Nate Silver to know odds are pretty good that I’m gonna hang around.

Besides, the Texas Lege starts meeting this January, and, Honey, that’s when the real fun starts.

In fact, it almost already has.

Meet Peter Morrison, a Texas GOP official, and the Loon du Jour.

Peter Morrison, Notoriously White

Mr. Morrison is all in a tither that Vermont has the same government that we do in Texas and there’s something just not right about that.  He’s not real sure what that “not right” is, but he’s almost positive it has something to do with Barack Obama and the “maggots” who backed Obama.

No, seriously, he said maggots.

And he’s also disgusted with “non-whites” (who appear to be Asians and Hispanics in his mind), whom he accused of voting for the president on an “ethnic basis.”  Not that Mr. Morrison did not vote for Obama on an ethnic basis, you know.

So, all this boils down to Peter Morrison wanting Texas to secede.

Let me stop here and tell you something semi-important.  Mr. Morrison was selected by the State Board of Education to screen textbooks in Texas.

I know you remember the judge in Lubbock who predicted that there would be a civil war if Obama won.   So it appears that there’s some infighting over who gets to be Robert E Lee.

The train to Crazy Land is at the station loading up.  The Beauty Salon will remain open until it pulls out of the station.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

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