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November 09, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Return on Political Investment:  Democrats.

Using Follow the Unlimited Money, Sunlight calculated returns on investment for the outside groups that gave the most during this year’s general election campaign. This includes super PACs, non-profit organizations and political party committees.

The percentage under each group’s name represents their fall batting average: It reflects how much of their money went to support candidates who won and to oppose candidates who lost in the general election campaign.


More gloating here.   Check out the NRA versus the SEIU.

Thanks to Texas Ellen for the heads up.

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6 Comments to “Gloat of the Day”

  1. With that kind of ROI Planned Parenthood looks like I would want them to handle my nest egg for retirement, and not the “Real Businessmen” of the GOP ilk. Having worked in the Corporate culture for many years before retirement I can tell you that the way they ran the election was exactly the same as a Corporate entity which is in a bubble and doesn’t know ROI versus their own reenforcement of the “truth” by their own yes men. (Gloat here now)
    I’ll bet with the ad buy commissions Rove took home a tidy sum, These guys don’t manage the business , they manage their own interests.

  2. TexasEllen says:

    Amen, Carol! If ol’ Sheldon had just lit those millions on fire instead of giving them to Karl Rove it would generated both light and heat.

  3. We’ve seen the same pattern here in California over and over. Money doesn’t win. Meg Whitman lost. Carly Fiorina lost. (In her case there were other reasons. Enjoy:

  4. The good ole boys who forked over the big bucks to the likes of Karl Rove and the US Chamber of Commerce are going to have long memories next time they get asked to contribute. Their results were simply stunningly bad.

    Don’t you enjoy watching John Cornyn licking all that egg off his face, too? I bet his “want me quotient” is down in the single digits. The Senator who heads up a successful campaign effort to elect more Senators to their caucus is typically considered a major power broker from then on. Atta Girl, Patty Murray! Amazing effort.

    Full Frontal Gloat!

  5. Saw elsewhere that the League of Conservation Voters success rate was about 78%. It’s good when the good folks win!

    Okay, it’s even better when the bad folks lose big.

  6. Corinne Sabo says:

    Labor is BACK (not that we ever went away).