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November 09, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized




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5 Comments to “Back To Our Regular Friday Toons”

  1. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Re Mandate. Boehner is claiming today that the majority of Repugnicants who retained their seats in the House thanks to gerrymandered districts prove that they have a mandate to hold the line on taxes. He knows he is lying because more votes were cast for Democrats than for Republicans when the nation is viewed as a whole.

  2. Marti Stancil King says:

    Fox News….Fair and Unbalanced

  3. Marti—Fairly unbalanced?

  4. @Don A in Pennsyltucky– you’ve said that twice and I’ve read a similar comment elsewhere– can you please tell me where you get that about more votes for Dems in the House than for GOP? Would love to have it documented!