Montgomery County, Texas: Where The Crazy is Always On Sale Half Off

November 08, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Y’all, Glenn Beck is coming to Montgomery County for a fundraiser and you can go hear his speak for only $250.

They will, of course, be serving crow.

Hey, don’t y’all think Glenn Beck should go on tour as the opening act for Nate Silver?¬† And if you haven’t seen this twitter #, it’s a damn hoot.

Thanks to Lorraine for the heads up.

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15 Comments to “Montgomery County, Texas: Where The Crazy is Always On Sale Half Off”

  1. Gee and to think I”m spening $100 to have dinner with Temple Grandin next week, a fundraiser for the local Humane Society. Wow, cheaper and more informative!!

  2. Good for you, Carol! Ms. Grandin is a fabulous advocate for our beloved animals … whether wild or tame!!

  3. I’d almost pay $250 to NOT hear him speak.

  4. I would not pay to hear glenn beck speak in person.
    I don’t even waste my money on the electricity to watch his show.

    I did really enjoy Karl’s meltdown on fox news.
    If you didn’t know he was going to be hounded by angry white billionaires, you would have thought the mob was going to be after him.

    I wonder if they have special places(other then hell) for republicans that throw large sums of money away on loosers?

  5. YEAH….Glenn Beck did SOOOOOO much good in a fundraiser in Wilmington, Oh for the “displaced workers of DHL in this poor little town.” Don’t know if those people EVER got their money…maybe they’ve shamed him enough by now.

  6. Hey Juanita Jean, I heard you would be having a sweepstakes for tickets, but I can’t find the entry page?!

  7. I’d pay $250 NOT to hear him. Used to watch just for entertainment, but my tolerance shrunk to a painful 30 seconds and had to quit altogether.

    Gimme Temple Grandin!

  8. West Texas Oldster says:

    Glenn Beck Tells Conservatives to Buy Guns, Farms.

    On his web-based radio show, today, Glenn Beck warned conservatives about the aftermath of President Obama’s re-election victory.

    Beck went into alarm mode saying: “We don’t have the luxury of time.” He told his audience to start buying farmland, pull their kids out of the public schools and purchase guns, reports

    Beck said: “I don’t know how my industry is going to survive‚Ķ I won’t make a deal with the devil… Your religion is going to come under attack… Get the hell out of the east… Get your kids out of the schools that are indoctrinating them… May I highly suggest you get grandfathered into the Second Amendment today and don’t forget the ammunition.”

  9. “We don’t have the luxury of time.” I’d love to hear one of these apocalyptic Chicken Littles try to explain why the country has not gone to sheol in the PAST four years. Have they not noticed who was in the White House then? Why are the cracks of hell going to open up only now?

    Oh, right– he was biding his time, waiting for his second lame-duck term. Pretty stupid assuming he was going to have one, so he could wait to unleash Armageddon.

    Oh, right– he was planning all along to steal the election by suppressing the vote like Karl said….

    Man, y’all’s tinfoil hats are showing.

  10. Elise Von Holden says:

    It’s a fundraiser for an underground hospital in Israel? That’s a new one, kind of hard to follow that money…if he’s going to build a hospital, there are plenty of places in the USA that need one, and the endgame plan has Israel being blown to bits–oh, it’s a plan to house sick folks at the end of the world?
    Israel has better healthcare than we do–it’s really stupid, send the money to NYC or NJ–Sandy made a huge mess–scheesh…

  11. I was listening to Mudcat Saunders on the Stephanie Miller show this morning. (He was the campaign manager for Wayne Powell who was trying to unseat Eric Cantor in Virginia and got 42% of the vote.) He pointed out that, while the RWNJs own AM radio, the progressives own the Internet (Hello!). Which do you suppose is more effective? Beck is busy preaching to his incredibly shrinking choir. He would have to pay ME more than $250 to listen to him.

  12. Elise: Like you I smell dead fish. The website for that hospital shows a complex above ground. I don’t doubt that the funds may well wind up below ground and in a bunker next to someone’s inventory of gold coins.

  13. If the people who believe Beck spend all their money on farms they haven’t a clue how to farm, they won’t have money to spend on Republican candidates next election–until they sell the farms to a developer, at least.

  14. gabberflasted says:

    JJ, Perhaps it was a Freudian slip (I suspect not) but, ‘ listening to his speak,’ speaks volumes.
    I tune in to his radio spiel once in a while and it is indeed, speak. A random spouting of words with no apparent connectivity is not a speech, although it is certainly a speak.

  15. It is a longstanding principle of mine that I do not break bread with jackals…or jackasses.