Hallucination Desperation

November 08, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Poor Ole Karl Rove.

Poor little varmint laying all squashed in the middle of the road to paradise.

It took him 36 hours, but he finally came up with an explanation of why he lost this election.

Barack Obama was trying to suppress the vote.  Oh yeah, that’s the ticket.

GOP strategist Karl Rove went on Fox News today to argue that President Barack Obama “succeeded by suppressing the vote” — an argument that directly contradicts the conventional wisdom that Romney failed to appeal to non-white and female voters.

Oh yeah, Democrats were the ones fighting for voter ID and shortened early voting periods.  Wait.  That’s not right, right?

Okay.  Let’s try another Rovian approach.  Rove also said ….

Obama “suppressed the vote” by demonizing former Gov. Mitt Romney and encouraging people not to vote.

Demonizing?  Did that little turd blossom say demonizing?  Okay, I understand that reality is only a collective hunch, but did somebody have a chainsaw at the back of his head to make him say something that completely out of touch with reality?

In any other universe, the man who invented demonizing and voter suppression and then went on teevee and said something that totally insane would be dropped buck nakkid into an NRA convention with “Gun Control Now!” tattooed on his large butt in capital letters.

Thanks to TexasTrailerParkTrash for the heads up.

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36 Comments to “Hallucination Desperation”

  1. The only POSITIVE thing I have to say about this “thing” lying squashed in the middle of the road….at least he’s not QUITE as bad as a skunk in the same situation…..ALMOST, tho.

  2. My theory is that a snake oil salesman came through town and sold a bill of goods to unsuspecting rich white folks. Karl “Snakeoil Turdblossom” Rove told them to give him a whole pile of money, and he would gar-an-tee their candidates get elected. He failed, and before the townfolk can come after him with torches & pitchforks – – he’s going to point every which way except at himself.

  3. He’s really trying not to get a pair of cement over shoes from the Koch Bros. and Shelly Adelson.

  4. Turd Blossom got the patent on demonizing.

  5. Believe me, he is not done selling his services to the the poor billionaires. He has now started working his new angle.

    Professor Harold Hill Rove-
    We got trouble. (trouble trouble trouble) Right here in River City. That starts with “T” and that rhymes with “V” and that stands for voter suppression.

    I’m gonna need another couple hundred million…

  6. Umptydump says:

    JJ, the mental picture of Karl Rove buck naked anywhere is just too revolting, let alone on a photo print stuck in the frame around your beauty shop mirror!

    Would you believe it?! He misspent $325 million of superPAC donors’ money on negative ads rather than on strengthening Romney’s ground game! Romney campaigners bragged that they had Ohio in the bag after phoning 75,000 would-be voters during the weekend before the election. When asked about this incredible feat, an Obama campaigner quietly noted that their campaign had made more than 377,000 calls – by real people – not robocalls.

    Yesterday Rove tried to deflect the blame in a conference call with big donors, which is something like trying to explain to Al Capone how the cash from booze running got frittered away with a big investment in carnival rides.

    If I were Karl Rove at the moment, I’d watch my back every minute from now on. Some donor’s Cousin Guido may be sneaking up behind to customize Karl’s knees and crotch with a baseball bat.

  7. So… wait a minute. If Obama suppressed the vote, didn’t Rove have hundreds of millions of dollars to counteract and unsuppress the vote? Isn’t that his job? Doesn’t he take his big salary to anticipate what Obama will do, or at the very least react after it happens? If not, what is Rove’s job description?

  8. Mr. Blossom is just working up the Foxsuckers to get them ready for 4 more years of lies about the illegitimacy of President Obama’s term.

  9. Sam in Kyle says:

    Obama is so powerful he was able to get GOP politicians from Arizona to Texas to Ohio to Florida to make it LOOK LIKE they were suppressing the Democratic vote when all along they were suppressing Republicans. That’s power you can believe in.

  10. You know enough not to buy what Rove is selling, but take note of the clowns that gave him money and don’t invest with them, they are really the Rubes in this scenerio.
    And you wonder why the Titians of Industry lost our money? Here is just an example, they are tricked easily and of course figure they can trick just about everybody else.
    Next to seeing my favorite candidates win, the fact that the money didn’t have an impact is my favorite take away.

  11. I cackled like a maniac when I read this. Only Rove could have this much chutzpa.

  12. Love you Juanita …

    This discussion kinda leads into something I’ve been pondering for a while: these guys sure don’t seem very smart, do they? We are always hearing about how smart you have to be to be rich, how talented, etc. Yet when we actually get the chance to examine them up close, say at election time, they actually seem pretty stupid.

    RMoney behaved pretty much like a damned fool the whole election – a charming “I got this under control” lying fool for sure – but in the end just a fool. Could it be that this is just more evidence of the great con game? That you don’t actually have to be smart to be rich, just lucky, or born that way, or something.

    Maybe the best thing to come out of this election was that we got to see the lot of them taken down a peg or two. Now if we can just take them down a couple more, all will be good …

  13. Why doesn’t somebody in the media actually call him a slimy, bullcrap-rationalizing little pissant to his face?

  14. The Huffington Post quoted a Republican saying: “The billionaire donors I hear are livid. There is some holy hell to pay. Karl Rove has a lot of explaining to do … I don’t know how you tell your donors that we spent $390m and got nothing.”

    What’s running in my head is Jo Dee Messina’s “My Give a Damn’s Busted.”

    “I oughta feel something… Let me dig a little deeper… Nope, STILL nothin’…. You’re gonna cry all night long? Go ahead and water the lawn– my give a damn’s busted.”

  15. Oh Susan. What a great post. and I LOVE all the wonderful comments. I’ll be returning to my own iflizwerequeen after I shut down my emma blog this week. I had just written a post on Mr. Rove tonight–inspired by Wayne Slator’s appearance on Al Sharptons show discussing the Turd (Blossom is too good of a word to waste on Karl Rove). Talking about Karl whom I consider to be the unstoppable Texas cockroach and Wayne Slator reminded me of Texas voices and of course I thought of you. Great post! Great comments!

  16. I read a comment on another blog: Someone opined that Obama had access to military weather intelligence that he could use to cause a hurricane. I figured someone who could create a hurricane had more mojo than one with the majic underwear.

  17. @Timothy: Your comments remind me of when I read, years ago, Seymour Hersch’s “The Price of Power” about Henry Kissinger during the Nixon administration. I never managed to finish it because there were at least three outrages on every page. I was just sputtering because I realized that any fool could make misjudgments like he did. He has been a classic BS artist for more than 40 years and people still pay him for God knows what.

    I suspect Turdblossom is completely knowledgable about this phenomenon. He’s just gonna continue to bluff his way through and blame everybody but himself for this fiasco. And, probably find some more clueless billionaires to fund his lifestyle.

    These people truly live in an alternate universe.

  18. Did these Republican fools really think that people whose ancestors suffered through slavery, lynchings, burnings, discrimination, years of abuse and mistreatment, attack dogs, murders and ……would let some long hot voter lines scare them away from voting. They just insured Obama’s election when they started that crap. My admiration for their endurance knows no bounds.

  19. Obama suppressed the vote? Remember all those very long lines in white areas that vote red? The ones 7 hours long? Yeah, me neither.

  20. Ralph Wiggam says:

    This story is almost 200 year old. Mary Shelly wrote about an evil genius who created the monster that destroyed its creator. It was Dr. Frankenstein and his monster then. Now it is Dr. Rove and his illegitimate child, the Tantrum Party. All his billionaire buddies are climbing up the hill to the castle carrying pitchforks.

    He’s toast!

  21. Rhea, great song and very apropos.
    Thanks for the music.

  22. Aghast Independent says:

    Does anybody think these ultra rich guys would have been better off giving their money to Bernie Madoff rather than Turd Blossom? At least a Ponzzi scheme works for a little while….

  23. “All his billionaire buddies are climbing up the hill to the castle carrying pitchforks.”

    Um, no. They hire people to do it for them.

    But there’s something they need to remember

  24. Karl Rove looks like a baby about to have a tantrum. He’s always looked like a baby because,well…he is a big ol’ baby. Pout, pout, whine, whine, blame, blame. Lookit that big ol’ lower lip stuck out (“An elephant will stand on it,” my mother used to say. Then she’d stick a mirror in front of my face and I’d have to laugh at how silly I looked.)

    His mommy probably gave him what he wanted every time he looked at her like that, and that’s why he stayed a big baby. Or maybe it was his daddy…not to be sexist about which parent spoils a kid, because some of both sexes do, and some of both sexes don’t. In any case, reality’s held a mirror up to the face of the GOP, but they haven’t caught on yet that a pout and a whimper doesn’t get you anything but a giggle.

  25. I say, let Turdblossom keep taking the sociopath billionaires money and doing the same thing over and over and over…..! They really think they can buy anything with their money. They don’t know that there are principled people in this world.

  26. Persuading people which way to vote is not suppressing the vote–it’s known as campaigning. Joke: Whats the difference between a dead skunk on the road and a dead Rove on the road? There’s skid marks by the skunk….

  27. Okay, I’m old — it’s true. And memory may not serve me as well as it used to. But wasn’t Obama the man who kept encouraging people to vote every time he spoke? I think it was Obama. It sure as heck wasn’t the republicans or Mittens. What I do know is that all these people are trying to put the blame on someone else, as usual, and apparently they want sympathy. Hey, we had to put up with “W” for eight years and another four years of trying to fix it.

    My mama used to say, “If you’re looking for sympathy, you can find it in the dictionary between ‘sh*t’ and ‘syphilis’.”

  28. Cognitive dissonance hurts like a sumbitch. Poor Turdblossom is trying to stave it off as long as he can. I mean, it’s certainly not his fault that the unskewed polling site was skewed up like a corkscrew to make Romney look like less of a born loser. Besides, he’s had a tough day explaining to billionaire fascists why their hundreds of millions of dollars led to a shellacking instead of a glorious victory.

  29. aggieland liz says:

    Dear Rubymay, gonna borrow your momma’s saying, I LIKE it! :D

  30. shortpeople says:

    Dear Karl,

    If Sheldon invites you out to the desert to look at his new casino site, take a raincheck.

  31. And here for your perusal, is a pyschiatric definition of Karl Rove’s attempt to explain the election;

    PROJECTION- A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, in which what is emotionally unacceptable in the self is unconsciously rejected and attributed (projected) to others.

  32. Thanks Rubymay, my dad said that whenever I did something stupid as a teenager and trying to rationalize my actions. He got to use that a lot.

  33. JJ, thank you for inspiring me and giving me courage. On Facebook a nephew wrote that “Marge is the only one in the family who is not a rock solid conservative. I told them I was a conservative until I realized that Jesus was a liberal. All hell broke loose . They are generally homophobic, racist, self righteous hypocrits and I am about to tell them to “kiss my big blue liberal butt in the middle of main street.” Thanks JJ. It sure helps to know I’m not alone here in Texas.

  34. Grace Newton says:

    What a pile of nasty Karl Rove is, just a huge heap of plain nasty. When I read about him pitching a fit when Fox called Ohio for President Obama, my first thought was “he thought he had a solid fix in down in Florida.” It worked before and I’m still wondering if the early call in Ohio threw a spanner in Karl’s plans. Yes, I know I’m paranoid. Blame the Gore/Bush election.

  35. Now that the Senate has 10 more Democrats than republicans, every Democratic Senator should be very careful about flying, they could be Wellstoned.

  36. Okiegirl: “doing the same thing over and over and over” and expecting different results – isn’t that a definition of insanity?


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