Can’t Buy Me Love

November 08, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Over on the Facebook thing, they are doing a month of thankfulness.

Over here at the Beauty Salon, we are doing a Week of Gloating.

Today’s gloating will be centered on the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson.  I just want to say to those guys that if they had used their money to invest in the beauty industry instead of Karl Rove they would be making money and look a helluva lot better.

I would also like to gloat that they are not happy and I am.

Thelma says she’s gloating that none of those guys have had Viagra-free hoochy koochy in twenty years.

Gloat away, customers.

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43 Comments to “Can’t Buy Me Love”

  1. I am trying so hard to be nice. It is very difficult…and here you go and and encourage me.

  2. Cheryl Ann says:

    I would LOVE a video of the after election conversation between Rove and the Kochs….maybe we could use it as a Democratic fund raiser, pay per view. I know I’d pony up some bucks.

  3. GLOAT.

    I have been bad, however, by being not gloating, but very stern, in front of Republicans. Jon Huntsman tweeted a very sweet little tweet that his thoughts were with Romney and his family. So were mine, but along the line of “You got the clue-batting you needed, you over-indulged, self-satisfied, lying prigs, and if you’ve got any brains you’ll learn from it.” Some of which I replied to Mr. Huntsman.

    So no cookies for me, just the warm glow of having landed one on the right target. _One_ right target. The Koch Brothers and Karl Rove don’t exactly put themselves in the crosshairs of my Twitter stream, where I could land 140 ripe, juicy characters of GLOAT on them. And it would probably be wasted Twitter shots anyway, since their ability to recognize a clue-bat is clearly below zero.

    What I’d like to do, only I’m not totally insane, is go to Lubbock and sit myself down in Judge Head’s office and explain to him a few hard facts of life. Like “You ain’t the boss of me, you braindead toad, and your side lost this election because you deserved to lose it. Mean, nasty people get fewer votes than kind, pleasant people. And yes, I have firearms in my house, in case you were thinking of a nocturnal visit of your white-hooded buddies.”

    But I don’t poke rattlers with sticks, or yell “Boo” behind spooky horses (or mules), or walk into a Marine bar wearing Army uniform while singing a parody of the Marine Hymn. Gloating today is one thing. Stupid is another.

    That being said…I would like to box the ears of the so-called experts in the WaPo article who claimed that gee, the system worked really well in spite of this and that. No, boys, the system did not work well, because took court orders to overturn some of the states’ voter suppression laws just long enough for this election. A system what worked well would have prevented those laws from ever getting on the books, anywhere, any time, and would have opened enough polling places for enough hours that every eligible voter who wanted to vote got the chance to do so, and no eligible voter was turned away, and no voter had to spend what it costs to get all the ID some states require. I think states that pass restrictive voter ID legislation should be required to finance the cost to citizens of obtaining that ID, and required to make it as easy as possible–more offices open more hours.

    That’s not gloating, but it’s aiming toward making changes.

  4. I’m thinking Sheldon is way past even Viagra fueled bed bouncing. And I’m gonna gloat ’cause Willard gave me a four month headache, the Koch’s are just vile and I never found out why Karl Rove’s wife left him. I wanna know!

    Gloating, ’cause it feels good and I’m from Ohio . . . .

  5. Kay Carrasco says:

    I’m gloating every time I see another one of those mournful, puzzled “What Went Wrong” or “Why Romney Lost” articles. Seriously, *they have to ASK*?! Is it not self-evident enough, even for Republicans?

    It’s probably too much to hope that there’ll be any real effort to either yank the party base back around to reality or at least to stop feeding and pandering to the moronic paranoia of the worst of the fringes. But if they really, truly want to learn something from this, that’s what they’ll have to do.

  6. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    I am thankful that the Kochs and their PACman friends were able to inject money into the local economy of Altoona, Johnstown, State College, and all the other places were the TV stations are located. Their ad revenues are up, the advertising reps get more money and they spend it — on new cars from local car dealers or boats to play with on Lake Raystown or the Juniata (no it’s not spelled Juanita although people try to pronounce it that way) River. They go out to dinner at local restaurants. I think that money was well spent.

    Now, if someone would just tell John Boehner that the fraudulent RomRy budget plan was rejected by the voters and that only gerrymandered districts made him speaker because more people voted for Democrats in the House than for Republicans (when you sum them coast to coast).

  7. I’ve been very good about not gloating in front of my Republican friends and relatives, most of whom are the old-fashioned kind of fiscal conservatives and social it’s-none-of-my-business-tives I’m willing to disagree amiably with. But I’m SO willing to grind Karl and Shelly and les freres Koch into the dust.

  8. The best part is that in true keeping with the prostitutional code of ethics, Rove and the other GOP consultants will charge the hate and greed-blinded billionaire/suckers for the time they spend explaining how they have the Democrats right where they want us. Just a few hundred million dollars more and they’ll guarantee that Obama will never serve a third term.

  9. Perhaps remembering is a companion to gloating to help yield productive results.
    I have a son in the Army, combat medic vet of Iraq who has been blown up a couple of times with some TBI symptoms and almost suicided out in Jan, lost some good buds and is currently ok and in nursing school at Brook Army Hosp in San Antonio. 
    Here are some hard data on the casualties of these wars for our military; you know, simple arithmetic. 
    Please note that these figures apparently do not include those who die outside of immediate system; eg, vet suicides of an average of 18/day (not sure how many account for prior wars).
    We can assign blame and should if it will also lead to constructive remedies to aid in future preventions of wrongfully purposed wars.
    I personally have maintained for some time that any decision maker for war has to have some skin in the game.
    Basic stats for iraq and afgan up to 10-25-12:
    5225 KIA 
    50,159  wounded
    1,572 limb amputees
    486 multiple-limb amputees
    1,410 genital wounds
    16,000+ battlefield severe, disabling wounds
    2,542 traumatic burns
    142 one eye loss
    5 both eye loss
    253,330 TBI (traumatic brain injury)
    3,949 penetrating head wounds
    44,610 severe or moderate brain injury
    73,674 PTSD
    $ cost to care for these vets:   low end, $600-900 billion

    Please share this especially with Vets day coming up on Sunday.

  10. This is fun – the gloating – did ya’ll see Nate Silver on Jon Stewart last nite? If not, find it and ROFL because it was TERRIFIC~

    This is gloating of the KOS variety and a lot of fun, Beware Momma – some curse words and they are not even from me~

    Twit Watch: Dylan Byers at Politico tries to kiss up to Nate Silver; Silver tells him to take a hike

  11. Completely agree. One of the first orders of business when Congress gets going again should be to do a comprehensive election reform effort, including but not limited to:
    – Federal ownership and control of all voting machines and software development
    – Federal maintenance for said machines
    – Paper trail for recount purposes
    – Standardized registration, ballot-casting, counting and reporting processes across all states
    – Vote by mail for all
    – Elimination of corporate money and PACs

  12. Love all the folks saying that Romney lost because he wasn’t conservative enough. I guess they aren’t looking at the same-sex marriage successes in four states, the medical marijuana votes, the fact that 11 of the League of Conservation Voters’ “Dirty Dozen” lost and at least four of their “Flat Earth Five” who deny that the climate is changing, and assorted other swings away from their narrow little misogynistic tea-party agenda.

    But keep going, boys– lurch even further to the right, and you’ll lose bigger next time.

  13. I like that I can be thankful and gloating at the same time. It’s a very good month to be a Democrat.

  14. @Don A in Pennsyltucky, can you please give me a reference for your figures that more votes went to House Dems than GOP? Thanks. Wouldn’t surprise me– I fume over the over-representation of small (mostly GOP) states in the Senate and Electoral College.

    Also note that the Democrat has won the popular presidential vote in 5 of the last 6 elections– maybe 6 of 6, if 2004 was corrupted in Ohio:

  15. gidget commando says:

    “I spent $50 billion trying to buy a president and all I got was this lousy tee shirt.”

  16. van59:
    Let your son know that there are many brothers and sisters who need him.
    I served in two wars and have had to rely on a medic to put me back together like all the king’s men and now I rely on the VA.
    We have given a lot and we still have a lot more to give.
    Love life.

  17. Aghast Independent says:

    Regarding Karl Rove and all those uberrich PAC donors, a little Proverb.

    “A Fool and his money are easily parted.”

  18. aggieland liz says:

    And we love YOU mcpo ret, and van’s son and all the others who have given much and continue to give. And we pledge to FIGHT for what you need against these moneygrubbing prigs that yap on about “the troops” until you could spit but don’t give a hang when they don’t need to be prosing about “boots on the ground!” What they really want is more orders for lockheed and boeing so the can increase the profits of their corporate masters! Bah!

  19. MCPO RET, thanks as you and he rep our troops and vets. I am terribly proud of him and his comrades.
    I, too, am a beneficiary of the VA not realizing as a young buck soldier in the early ’60s how much I would need it today esp. in light of how this country has changed regarding healthcare. I can say factually that I would not be alive today but for the VA.
    The VA hosp system is as socialized medicine as it is properly defined that provides excellent care at half the cost of private med since it provides preventive care reducing chronic conditions.
    I hope we are able to restore VA benefits to all honorable discharged regardless of time served; ie, non-retirement, as it used to be along with eventually a universal healthcare system for all our citizens. It’s economically cheaper and better done properly.
    In this gloating we should, IMO, keep in mind that we can’t become complacent as the enemy will lick their wounds and return.
    Yes, I’m as happy as the proverbial pig in slop about this election!:)

  20. I think some gloating is well earned. For the first four years, everyone tried to gently dissuade the dumb guys from their personal version of Fantasy Island and they wouldn’t listen to reason. So now? Screw ‘em. Sideways.

  21. I do not know why. But I have never in my life seen people more offensive to me than the Brothers Koch, and Sheldon Adelson. It may have something to do with the fact that they were arrogant to the point that they thought they could buy The American people, and The United States of America.

    Some things are not for sale.

  22. I wonder if Rove has lost his cred with the money people of the R party. If not, they didn’t learn a thing.

  23. Van59, please give your son my best regards. Please tell him that I know that life can sometimes be a struggle – I know. I know realize that it’s better than the alternative. Yes, it’s one hell of a rollar coaster ride – tell him that he needs to hang on….cause the best is yet to come. Again, best wishes to your Son.

  24. Susan the Neon Nurse says:

    Here’s a good one for gloating!

  25. Uncle Dave says:

    One of the most delicious moments of the entire election night was flipping to Fox just in time to see the GOP’s own Pill$bury doughboy cry that Ohio was still in play. Rove suffered just about all he deserved, and so did the elitist plutocrats he touched.

  26. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I’m gloating over all the unemployed Romney staffers who thought they had a cushy government job in the bag. Now they have failure on their resume.

    Ha HA!

  27. All:
    Please gloat all over that draft dodging slug Ted Nugent.

  28. This bit a analysis from the Daily Kos is fascinating to me in that I could not understand how all those Rmoney people were absolutely convinced he was going to win big:

  29. Uncle Dave:
    Rove isn’t the Pillsbury Doughboy. He’s the spittin’ image of Porky Pig! (My apologies to Porky Pig. On him it looks good. On Rove it just looks greedy!)

  30. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I’m also gloating over Glenn Beck who said that God would not remain neutral in this election. More evidence to support my hypothesis that the T party is a “gift from God” and the Republicans have to carry it to term no matter how dangerous the birth may be.

  31. I read where Sheldon Adelson would have gotten more return for his money if he’d thrown it in a bonfire.

    On another note, my husband was at the recycling center yesterday and the young (25-ish) guy that works there was lamenting Romney’s loss. He said he couldn’t figure it out because Romney “won the popular vote.” Where do you think he got that information? *cough, Fox News*

  32. Susan the Neon Nurse,
    Thank you for that tumbr link. Just indulged in a really ugly gloat, not pretty or nice but well deserved.

    the hippie in the hollar

  33. Ralph Wiggam- I am stealing your line, but I will give you credit.

  34. Agree with Sister Mary, but Election Reform and GOP are an oxymoron..
    So, I will just say to Karl and Shelden got exactly what they paid for: Nuthin’ in a expensive suit!

  35. One lesson we should all learn from Karl Rove is this: he and his operatives NEVER REST. They started from nothing and by tireless work managed to own the discussion, the wording and finally the direction of the conservative movement. Yes, they used dirty tricks and I do not advocate that. But, tired as we may be of political squabbling, now is the time to get moving. Here’s what our Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said today:

  36. I’m with Carville, “when your opponant is down, throw him an anvil.”

  37. You are a genius!

  38. Thank you Susan the Neon Nurse and all of JJ’s other clients. I know that gloating is a very low human emotion, but apparently I’m weak-willed. Can’t help myself. GLOAT, GLOAT, GLOAT! Doubtless I will keep gloating for at least a week and maybe more. Depends on how good it makes me feel.

  39. Terry Weldon says:

    My friends over in Panola County (Bernieland) are in a high state of dudgeon, talking about rag heads and going on as if the end of the world is nigh. They make Trump look rational. It’s the opposite of gloating, it’s whining at high decibels, and I am enjoying every second of it without having to say a word.

  40. LongRider says:

    Me & ole Sheldon live in Nevada. I worked @ GOTV for Obama. And I would smile ‘cuz Turd Blossom may have had Sheldon’s $$$$, but Obama had ME!

    I gave Obama a much better return rate. And unlike Sheldon and ole Turdy, I’m smiling and smiling big!

    Love and cooking up a big batch of crow you know who’s!

  41. The last time Obama won, the next day I went furniture shopping. At the local shop, the owner and a customer were whispering in the corner of the store. They both looked frightened. Turns out, they were afraid because Obama was elected and they felt we were in danger. At first it made me so mad; then, I just felt sorry for them. I’m sure it’s even worse this time around…