And Florida is Still Counting

November 08, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Okay, you just gotta wonder if Florida will get the votes counted in time for the inauguration.

Florida will not finish counting thousands of absentee ballots until sometime Thursday, according to Miami-Dade County Elections Supervisor Penelope Tounsley, reports the Miami Herald.

As of Wednesday morning, elections staffers  still had 20,000 absentee ballots to put through a tedious counting process.

Here’s my bet:  Florida has purposefully and officially seceded from Presidential politics.  I say we take their 29 electoral votes and donate them the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Okay, take a guess — is this election vote counting in Florida or Kyrgyzstan?



Top pictureBottom picture.

Yeah, Florida, you got it together.

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17 Comments to “And Florida is Still Counting”

  1. Awww…they’re so proud of still having to count 20k absentee ballots that they made it a photo op. Meanwhile there are states who are mail in ballots only and were able to count their millions in plenty of time to actually affect the elections.

  2. Someone on Facebook suggested that Florida start holding their elections in October since they are so slow. I do not know why they cannot get their act together, they are always a problem! Why don’t we just cut them loose altogether?

  3. aggieland liz says:

    They had Florida in their pockets again ya’ll, waiting to see if RR could stay within 30 EC votes, and if he could, they would have declared for him. That’s why they hemmed and hawed over their count in the first place, and this is advanced CYA trying to cover up their dirty tricks. Cast your mind back to 2000; that’s why KKKarl Rove lost it when Ohio went for Obama cleanly, he knew the gig was up!

  4. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Another benefit of the optical scan technology is that the absentee ballots can be the same as those used on election day. Here in our county, the absentee ballots are in the precinct on election day. The poll workers open the envelopes, compare them against their lists just as they would do if the person were there and if the person showed up and tried to vote that day they are in a peck of trouble. Otherwise the sheet is marked that they voted absentee, the ballot is fed to the scanner and there is no big deal with absentee ballots.

  5. Hoping everyone in the salon saw Jon Stewart last night, because he nailed it, when pointing out that Florida’s screwiness had them STILL recounting:

    “The election was decided without them.”

    Laughed so hard I nearly sprained my liver.

  6. Lorraine in Spring says:

    We need an independent federal elections board to handle all state elections. Every state should be using the same machine, give detailed receipts to every voter, and allow at least 1 full week of voting to allow as many Americans as possible to meet their Constitutional responsibility.

    This state to state thing has too many holes in the system to maintain security, accuracy and credibility.
    Not to mention the conflict of interest when a candidate has ownership or investments in the election “business”.

  7. Okay for anybody who did not see this last nite – Jon Stewart’s comment on Florida = PRICELESS

    Extra Fun: Interview with Nate Silver = Hilarious

    Post Democalypse 2012 – America Takes a Shower – Karl Rove”s Math via @sharethis

  8. Lorraine in Spring you are spot on. I hope you don’t mind if I share this, maybe even on facebook, but if you do please post here. I NEVER want to quote someone without their permission.

  9. Again, this is why I believe our electoral system needs reformed, with a major emphasis on standardization. Click on my name and look for “Reform Our Electoral System” to read more. – Thanks Juanita for letting me throw in my two cents.

  10. If I lived in Florida (and I did for 3 very, very long years), I would be so angry my vote was made irrelevant by the machinations of the Republican legislators.

    I agree we need a nationwide election board.

  11. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Have at it, Jerry C…. :-)

  12. I saw where Romney’s people finally conceded Florida … Obama would have won regardless of whether they counted all the ballots or not!

  13. This is what happens when you try to run the elections on a shoestring. Just glad that Florida does not matter anyway. BTW, Nate Silver pretty much said that the fact that Florida was this close should be really worrisome for the Republicans.

  14. Amen to all JJ’s clients. Why are we struggling like a third world country holding it’s first election? And Jon Stewart is right — guess what, Florida, it doesn’t matter now, and the Supreme Court doesn’t get to call it. President Obama won by a landslide, both electoral and popular. It’s all over but the shoutin’ and the whinin’.

  15. Forgot to mention I live in Washington State, where they’re not done counting yet either, and we still don’t have a new Governor, and we all vote by mail. How tough can this be?

  16. Late add, I know, but Florida, from Rick Scott to the Legislature is owned by kochbros, and ALEC. One freshman legislator even submitted a bill with all the ALEC ID & notations on it! (she had to rewrite it!)
    They have gutted FL of all control, FL still uses Diebold machines, and paper ballots are routinely discarded.
    That is the Real problem there!

  17. So is Arizona, where a third of the votes cast were via provisional ballot thanks to all the illegal voter purging. Since every one has to be vetted individually, the counting process will continue until after Obama takes the oath of office.

    Since most of those provisional ballots were by people with Hispanic names or who lived in Democratic districts, the actual winners in that state might not be who was announced.

    Now that’s going to be an unholy mess. I hope they bring back tar and feathers for the occasion.