Someone Else Is Taking It Pretty Hard, Too.

November 07, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Hate on video.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet.

By the way, where the hell is my socialism?  I voted for it and I don’t have it yet, dammit.

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26 Comments to “Someone Else Is Taking It Pretty Hard, Too.”

  1. I don’t know why they’re mad at us because we voted for Obama. We did what we said we would do. They should direct their anger at Karl Rove et al who didn’t do what they promised, and demand a refund. Crossroads and the like – – worst investment ever.

  2. Kate oDubhagain says:

    I think we just voted for a vision of the future, and this guy and his friends lost.

  3. fenway fran says:

    He forgot the part where he says “send money, we spent all we had and need more”. Disgusting.

  4. Damn. I thought my campaign contributions were over. looks like I have to contribute to some Democrat campaigns in 2 years.

  5. If there are still obstructionist attitudes in the House and Senate then we will have to show them one more time that we are displeased.

    I wish there was a process of review and sanctions for those not doing their jobs. Yeah, that’s what voting is all about, however there are so many that won’t have to pay the piper for another two years.

    Do you think they got the message? Time will tell.

  6. No One's Puppet says:

    I can see now that we can not be complacent in off year elections, we will have to work as hard as we have during Presidential election years.

  7. I read some con column saying that Boehner won and that the GOP still has a mandate in the House. Hmm, Boehner was UNOPPOSED in Ohio, so I would assume even he couldn’t blow that race. And the GOP conveniently gerrymandered the country so they would not lose in 2012. It’s why Kuchinich is not back…they took away his district. So yeah, some mandate. Boehner can cry his way through the next two years, but I hope Ohio uis grooming some Democrat to take him on in 2014. Please!

  8. Dang! You know if you make that all black and white, dub in German, and play it back in, oh, about 1938 it fits right in….

  9. Sam in Kyle says:

    Poor baby looks like he’s been crying. Why does the talk always turn to needing more money for the military? What these people are pushing isn’t more money for the troops, it’s more money for hardware. The GOP has already shown they just consider the troops to be cannon fodder; it’s siphoning that money to the military-industrial complex that matters.

  10. James I got the same vibe from that commercial. I know it’s said that people on the left and right are too quick to trot out the Nazi comparisons. But sometimes the propoganda just smacks you in the face. Repeat a lie enough times…making the people fearful, blatant racism and so on has been presented unvarnished for all to see a la Fox, Limbaugh and all their ilk, surrogates of Romney and members of the republican party ….

  11. Didn’t watch the video because I am sick and tired of hate.

    Yeah Boehner says he has a mandate to stick to his rigid position and not raise taxes. Dude, you lost the White House and the Senate. 1 for 3 doesn’t look like a mandate to me, but I passed my arithmetic classes.

  12. Zombie Ronald Reagan says:

    As you can see in the video, I will ready my legions of the undead to take America forward by taking her back to the 50s. And I have an insatiable hunger for healthy vibrant brains, since Fox News is killing so many minds daily. Makes take-out kind of chancy these days. And Zombie Lee Atwater is getting kind of bored.

  13. Rick and Sam in Kyle — Yeah, ditto both of you. I’m still high from the victory — Duckworth, MacCaskill, Warren –we’ve made huge strides. By the way, just saw a T-shirt that said “Feminism — the radical view that women are people too.” TeeHee — just wanted to share.

  14. I don’t watch “hate” videos. I saw enough in the run-up to this election to last me a while.

    Having one newspaper in the fourth largest city is the country, and having nothing else to read (except on the net) is bad enough. This morning they are “speculating” on how much a pain in the a$$ Perry can be for Obama, for the next four years.

    A light bulb went off in my head this morning (peanut butter does that some times)…… and I’ll have to find out where to get them done…. because I know nothing about how to get this stuff.

    But I want lots of bumper stickers….. and I want them to read: “GET RID OF RICK (Perry).” And I want one to put on my car ASAP.

    Local paper (which endorsed Romney) is preaching this morning we are going to have to put up with the Republicans running Texas….. like forever. Harris County went (just barely) for Obama…….. And I want to start a campaign…… ASAP…… I have had enough of Perry, Abbott, and the rest of the Texas Taliban.

    I want to “GET RID OF RICK”……. who is making noises about running for Governor again. Enough, already.

    I would like them gone……. in my life time.

  15. I’m doubting that was produced in 24 hours. I’m enjoying knowing that they were assuming Romney was going to lose ahead of time.

  16. Sara Hochhauser says:

    He should be wearing a brown shirt! I think this could be one of the reasons President Obama was re-elected.

  17. JaneE: whisper “recall” anywhere near some foaming at the mouth pol and watch him twitch in fear!

  18. @Miemaw … maybe the bumper sticker should actually read


    My apologies to JJ’s Momma … my fingers just automatically went there on this here keyboard!

  19. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Regarding the mandate, not one single member of Boehner’s cabal has ever won a nation wide election. I doubt that any of them have even won a state wide election. Their mandate is from small cesspools of insanity scattered about the country, not from the national electorate.

    President Obama has the only national mandate and that mandate is to kick some conservative BUTT!


  20. Umpty Dump says:

    @Miemaw: JJ just needs to invite more ethnic minorities into the salon where they’ll be treated as valued customers. Only a 15% increase in Latino voting will turn Texas into a swing state. That will present a big problem for the aging, angry, white male Republican haters, because they’ll no longer have a state that they dream will secede from the union. Maybe they can all cluster themselves in some desolate place like Big Bend Country and busy themselves building a surrounding wall to keep out “furriners”. To quote Cormac Macarthy totally out of context, the rest of Texas is what will turn into “No Country for Old Men.”

  21. W. C. Peterson says:

    I actually printed out a window sign for the Republican primaries that read
    no space. printed some bumper stickers for me that said

  22. Thank ya’ll for all the good information.

    @Marcia…… love your idea.

    It is so sad to me. I love Texas.

    But….. the whole darned country thinks we’re nuts. And would be tickled pink if Texas did secede, and/or Mexico re-claimed us. They would just like to be rid of all the drama, and the money drain.

    I read elsewhere this morning that the idiot judge in Corpus, who beat his daughter with a belt, while she was wheel-chair bound, (after a suspension with pay,) has been re-instated to the bench. His only real punishment: He can’t hear any more child abuse cases.

    Is it just me, or does anybody else find this totally beyond the pale of civilized behavior?

  23. I don’t watch hate videos either. Someone who doesn’t already have ulcers needs to do it, because the one good thing about these bozos is that they’re outing themselves, and thus can be watched, noted, and reported. We need to recognize the enemy…and they are.

    The merely scared and confused we may be able to drag back to the center, or at least off the edge of their self-made cliff, but the pure haters are a danger we have to recognize and find ways to outwit.

  24. Sorry to say, after all this time, there is still a tremendous amount of racial bias in our society. Even those who feel that they are free from bias of any kind, sometimes seem to harbor some resentment because a black man “finagled” his way into the White House – not once, but twice. Hopefully, someday people will learn to think for themselves rather than to believe everything that they read on FB.

  25. Marge Wood says:

    pps. No honeys, y’all gotta start filling your empty pickle jar right now with dollars for when we start finding new candidates. It’s kinda like getting the garden ready for spring. We know we will find candidates. It’s the money part that’s hard to find. So put that pickle jar on your kitchen counter and start dumping loose change and singles in it and passing it around at Thanksgiving and Christmas and Eid and Passover, you know, all the good times.

  26. Marge Wood says:

    ppps: Okay I will quit after this one. BUNCHES of Hispanics along the border voted in this election. Keep that in mind. I forget the details. Maybe my friend the Texas Drought Queen will chime in here about it.