Veep Debate Comments

October 11, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Okay, so Paul Ryan wants to be called Mister tonight during the debate.

What, Prissy Confused Meanie was already taken?

His ego is too big to fit in Congressman?

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41 Comments to “Veep Debate Comments”

  1. My husband and I are going to try to keep track of how many times Biden mentions that Ryan is a CONGRESSMAN and how many times Ryan tries to dodge that fact. My money is on Biden I don’t think even Ryan can dodge faster than Joe can throw.

  2. By accepting the mantle of Congressman, Ryan would be yoking himself to the most unpopular group of elected folks in these here United States. He must think that if he is addressed as Mister that we will disassociate him from the failure he helped create.

  3. So there’s going to be a poopstorm if he calls him “Congressman”?

  4. Martha Raddich has said congressman twice so far. And it’s only 5 minutes in.

  5. My, my sitting at a table? Stopping any more ‘cheat sheets’?

  6. There’s the 47%! Go Joe!

  7. Well I can see why he doesn’t want to be linked to congress – especially with their numbers. How he voted against more security for our embassies. hummmmm? Glad Biden nailed him on that.

  8. Juanita Jean says:

    It’s 40 minutes in and I think Ryan needs to use his safe word.

  9. Rats. Forgot to tape it and I’m still at work. And Star reminded me, too. My bad. Sounds like it was worth the watch.

  10. Juanita Jean says:

    Has anybody else noticed that Ryan’s voice keeps getting higher and higher throughout this whipping he’s taking?

  11. I’m noticing his widow’s peak is like Pinnochio’s nose. The more he lies, the more it grows.

  12. Go! Biden!

  13. Ryan is unable to tell the truth. Do you think he honestly believes what he’s saying about his budget?

  14. Juanita Jean says:

    Y’all, this is almost brutal. “So now you’re Jack Kennedy?”. “This is from a Republican congressman?”

  15. SomedayGirl says:

    Biden’s got to be careful – he’s interrupting and cutting off alot and persuadables aren’t going to appreciate that. Maybe this debate isn’t really for that, though, and more about firing up a somewhat demoralized (since the last debate) base.

    Ryan could stop smirking, while we’re at it.

  16. I agree that Biden may be coming on a little strong – but the world seemed to admire Mittens when he did it. He is calling Ryan on all his BS.

    Everytime he laughs at something Ryan says, it makes Ryan look like that smart-alec teen that interrupts adults.

  17. I hear Maher tweeted: 911? There’s an old man beating up a child on my TV.

    Ryan hasn’t won a round yet, imo.

  18. I do believe the Kraken has been released.

    About time.

  19. Martha Raddatz is awesome.

  20. Marge Wood says:

    Yeah but Ryan keeps babbling even when his time has run out. Hurray Joe.

  21. Marge Wood says:

    Biden has to cut in. I was starting to think that ABC is pro-Republican. And I love the way Biden calls Ryan “my friend”.

  22. Romney a “job creator” – not hardly.

  23. Job creator in the white house? how about job creators in congress? They are stonewalling the white house!

  24. Connie 555 says:

    Does your mouth get dry when you lie? It must.Ryan was really going through the water

  25. No matter what any pundit says, Joe won!
    Gawd he was great, I wanted him to interrupt since he was shorted on his time by lyin’ryan.
    Martha really tried to keep it on point, especially with Ryan. She asked for specifics from him, did she get ‘em, oh noooooooo.

  26. I was way too antsy to sit down and watch this on TV, so I sat the ‘puter and listened on the radio. My admiration for Martha Raditz went through the roof! (Y’all need to know that she is Sally Quinn’s FORMER Daughter-in-Law!)

    So, I didn’t see any smiles, smirks or other visual things. I just thought Uncle Joe nailed the most important parts. It helped immensely that he knew at least as much as she did about the goings-on in the Middle East and Eddie Munster was clearly out of his element on all of it.

  27. I thought I would be bored, but it was really a very interesting debate and fast moving. Biden did well. Little Eddie, not so much. He lied about the “small business” people and certainly got lost somewhere in Afghanistan. Ryan thinks legislatures should make the decisions on women’s bodies. I hope all women think about that one.

  28. Oh, by the way. Read on another blog that Ryan wanted to be called Mr instead of Congressman. He, he, he, didn’t want that 17% approval rating mentioned that Joe managed to slip in there. And both Martha and Joe called him Congressman. I loved it!

  29. ooops! It was right here, I’ve been all over the place. Nevermind

  30. The last time I saw a butt whuppin’ like Joe gave the little snot, was when my pa gave me one for breaking his lawn mower! Are we sure Joe is not Jack Tatum reincarnate?!

  31. fenway fran says:

    A fine evening, indeed. Joe did us proud. His closing could have been a little stronger, but what the heck. He left a quivering lump of flesh behind the other podium.

  32. I suspect one reason Ryan doesn’t want to be identified as a long-term congresscritter is that it means he has voted on many of the issues brought up. And he has not voted for what he claims to believe in.

  33. Joe Biden made me soooooo proud. Poor Ryan didn’t have a clue about foreign policy and had to dodge all the “math” questions. Ryan is pretty good with dodging, but there were just too many direct questions that he tried to skirt. Fenway fran is dead on. Ryan just gave the same old “patriotic” rhetoric, but didn’t answer the questions. Thanks, Joe!

  34. He (Ryan) didn’t want the “Congressman” moniker, but each time Joe said “…and you voted for this” should have let folks know where Ryan works. Too bad it took place in Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky; I was hoping for a Four Star Whoopin’ of that old obstructionist gasbag, too.

  35. I had the same reaction to Ryan’s smirk that I did when my girls were teenagers (that is not a nice comparison).
    Man, he’s an arrogant little twerp.

  36. Just Suze says:

    One of the big things that bothered me was that the smarmy, sleazy Ryan DARED call JFK “Jack.” The man had been assassinated before the li’l poo pile was born. And the reason the tax rate dropped under JFK was because the World War II debt was finally paid off. (I guess they consider Eisenhower a socialist, since he raised taxes on the wealthy to pay war debt, and educate/employ millions of veterans.)

    And when he used the word “bipartisan” with respect to the current Congress? Lightning should have struck him down for a lie like that!

    I was really, really happy to hear Biden say he would not impose his Catholicism on everyone else. Now that’s in keeping with JFK.

  37. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I listened without watching. It was my impression that Ryan got taken to school. But he had to walk home.

  38. Loved the look on LilPaulieBoy’s face when he brought up JFK and VP Biden needed only to look at him – like, “you want to go THERE?” I’ll play.

  39. CBS INSTANT POLL of Undecided Voters: Who won the VP Debate? BIDEN: 50% RYAN: 31% TIE: 19%

    FACT CHECK: Joe Biden does not really consider Paul Ryan his “friend.”

  40. QuakerGranny says:

    Our guy Joe told it like it is! The pundits are criticising him for “smirking.” But they didn’t pick up on how Ryan’s story about Mitt’s personal kindness to a family in distress, which–though meant to show that Mitt cares about ordinary people–actually revealed the Republican’s REAL “plan” for us: If, after the Righteous Right has dismantled all government safety nets, your family suffers a tragedy, you can [1] previously have had the foresight to join Mitt’s church (thereby proving you are not among the contemptible 47% and thus deserving of help), and [b] pray that Romney will have pity on you and offer to send your kids to college. No socialist Obamacare or personal-responsibility-destroying “entitlements” required! NOW do you understand how vital it is to further reduce tax breaks for the uber-rich ?

  41. Paulie is a total johnny one-note. Knew a lot of them at one time or another. They are so in their own bubble they lack the mentail acuity and agility and depth that Biden showed. And yes, that smirk is defensive — and damned offensive!