And That’s Why We Call Him Dick

July 28, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Dick Armey, the ohcrapyes he’s from Texas former House Majority Leader, was on CNN  following the Aurora murders.

Dick. Just Dick.

He says we should not have gun control because somebody could get in a car and run it into a school bus and kill people.  Guns don’t kill people,Dick Armey kills people – they die of laughter.

Follow this exchange.  As Soledad O’Brien points out that the suspect in the Aurora murders had no criminal record and could obtain as many guns as he wanted, Armey smugly brings up the whole well, cars kill people argument.

“If in fact he had not been capable of acquiring the guns, he might just as well taken a car and driven it into a school bus,” the tea party leader replied. “You can’t focus on the object by which a destruction was committed — be it a hammer, a gun, a truck, a car. Focus on the aberrance in the individuals that do this.”

“Why not do both?” O’Brien wondered.

“More people are killed in automobiles every year than they are guns,” Armey insisted. “I don’t hear anybody talking about banning automobiles.”

“But they say you have to wear a seat belt, right?” O’Brien noted.

“Whatever,” Armey quipped.

Whatever?  That’s his argument?  Whatever?  What is he, a fourteen year old girl?

And, as someone pointed out, we regulate cars a bunch.  You have to have it inspected yearly.  We limit speed.  We have stop lights.  Your tail lights have to work.  You have to have  tags.  You have to have a driver’s license.

Colorado does not require a permit to purchase the assault-type AR-15 rifle that was used in the Aurora massacre. Rifle owners are not required to be licensed and rifles are not required to be registered in the state.

Cars, however, must be registered and drivers are required to be licensed and insured.

Dick Armey – that’s why we call him Dick.

Thanks to Kathleen for the heads up.

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17 Comments to “And That’s Why We Call Him Dick”

  1. Corinne Sabo says:

    Most 14 year old girls are smarter than Armey, at least, the ones I know are.

  2. There are a lot of things that can kill people. A person could have an aneurysm if they read something particularly stupid, for instance, “I don’t hear anybody talking about banning automobiles.” You also don’t hear a lot of talk about restricting public stupidity, but in some cases it might be a good idea. Some things kill a lot more effectively than other things, like guns can kill faster and more effectively than a hammer, a truck, or a car. That’s why hunters don’t go after a deer with a hammer.

  3. daChipster says:

    I always thought the Tea Party should be called Dick Armey’s Dick Army.

  4. Bo Leeyeau says:

    Once out of Congress, his lobby efforts have no idiology. He accepts anyone’s money.

  5. Along with registered and licensed, as Stonekettle Station [], points out in his latest post; they have to be trained. Check out Jim Wright over there. I think you’ll like him.

  6. dachipster: You nailed it again!

    Last time I looked, the reason people keep getting killed in cars is that most of us rely on them for transportation to those jobs we’ve been able to hang onto or locate.

    I don’t recall a similar need for weaponry.

  7. Indeed. That face screams, whatever. Whatever he can pimp, grift or pander to for the good of baggers, the Koch’s, the NRA, himself and any other entity that makes a decent person want to heave.

    Or maybe that look on his face is just gas . . . .

  8. So the grenades in the apartment were all well and good because he could have driven his car up three flights of stairs and run the cops or his neighbors down.

  9. Guns don’t kill people– they just make it easy.

    Someone argued that gun control promotes physical fitness, because to kill someone with a knife you have to catch up to them. Ditto hammers.

  10. daChipster, you slay me! I have to steal the Dick Armey’s Dick Army line.

    Of course our country’s subjugation by the gun lobby is one reason we look like such rubes to th rest of the civilized world.

  11. Sam in Kyle says:

    Having no healthcare kills people but that doesn’t seem to faze Dick.

  12. Yes, cars kill people, but: Killing people is not the reason to own a car, or why it was invented.

    But killing someone is pretty much the reason the gun was invented.

  13. His whole argument is phony anyway. He talks as if the choice is between having no restrictions on gun ownership or having a total ban. As with most things, moderation is the answer. People who want to own guns for hunting or protection or as a hobby should have that right (though requiring training would be a plus). Guns that are military grade and are designed for killing a lot of people in a short time have no place in a civilian’s hands.

  14. Poor Dick and Mitt-twit. They’ve sold their souls to acquire all that pretty money to buy all those pretty things but they can’t buy one brain cell of good sense and rational thought.

  15. Bonnie Ringen says:

    The arguement that cars kill more people than guns is kinda not so true anymore. I heard a report on NPR that in ten states, guns kill more people than cars. Of course I was sitting there all smug thinking “not Oregon”. Yep, Oregon was on the list.

  16. Terry Smith says:

    Guns don’t kill people, but they do make it easier to kill people, lots of people all at once. I don’t want to see firearms banned but there must some solution that is more rational than the situation that we face now.

  17. gabberflasted says:

    Dick Armey; “focus on the abberance’?
    A high faluting (sp., I ain’t lookin it up) word meaning not right in the head. I wonder if he would care to comment on Reagan’s gutting of Carter’s proposal to treat mental health. Reagan killed this law by not funding it!
    Armey is a Dick W#*!! Rhymes with God. In deference to Mama.