What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

July 19, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Come to find out, Texas is wanting to check our voter rolls against a federal immigrant database to try to weed out non-citizens from the Texas voter rolls.

Texas Secretary of State officials were drafting a letter Wednesday formally requesting access to the Department of Homeland Security database, which contains more than 100 million immigration records, said Rich Parsons, an agency spokesman.

Texas Secretary of State Esperanza “Hope” Andrade, an appointee of Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry, is the latest GOP elections leader to request access to the database since Homeland Security officials last week granted Florida permission to use the database.

Due to a mix-up in the Things a Mother Should Know guidebook, there are actually some people in the world with the same name.  I know, it’s hard to believe that we haven’t fixed that yet.

So, if your name is Carlos Garcia, odds are better than average that there’s one or two other Carlos Garcias in the world and one of them might be on the immigration database.

In fact, if your name is Esperanza Andrade, like Rick Perry’s appointed Secretary of State who is requesting these records, you might he crusin’ for a brusin’ on voting day.  I had a friend find out exactly how many Esperanza Andrades there are on the Texas voting records.

More than two or three.  There are 8 Esperanza Andrades registered to vote in Texas.  So, if there is even one Esperanza Andrade on the federal immigration list, do all 8 of these nice ladies get their voter registration card revoked?

Since Hispanics in Texas vote overwhelming Democratic, your thinking mechanism wouldn’t kink-up by supposing that this is just another attempt to deny minorities the right to vote.

By the way, there are 84 Alberto Gonzales’s registered to vote in Texas, but only one Karl Rove.

Thanks to Kyle for the heads-up.

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20 Comments to “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

  1. How many “Jose Gonzalez’s ” do you reckon are in that database? Not to mention the “Maria Garcia’s”.

    What a nightmare.

  2. barbinbastrop says:

    seems to me – 1 Karl Rove is one too many.

  3. About 30 years ago, I had to obtain a Top Secret clearance to work at a site on a military base. No, I was not in the military, but I was working for a servicing company. Several questions were asked to determine which one of many people in my state with the same name that I actually was. Shucks, I’ve even had the state DMV do the same thing when obtaining documentation from them.

    But you know that none of these bozos will commit the due diligence required for this project. So I strongly suspect that, should Alberto Gonzales’ name appear on the list, only one will be left with permission to cast a vote. And that is the one that should be removed.

  4. The State of Texas has a voter purge list of 300,000 people on it already. In addition, there are 1.5 million voters on the suspense list which means that they can be purged if they do not vote in the next two elections http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2012/06/04/494417/in-texas-300000-eligible-voters-targeted-in-purge/ Texas wants to restrict voting and this new database is going to be abused

  5. A family member, who shall never be named…… has his Aunt’s almost red/blonde hair, and his great=grandmother’s green eyes.

    Somehow, his name was the same as somebody who for whatever reason…….. was put on the “no fly” list .

    It will be there forever.

  6. Will they tell us if they find more than one Rick Perry? Is the world prepared for that?

  7. Sgt Mike in Commerce says:

    This is such a horse laugh. Don’t let me sway you, instead go to your favorite pohleese officer and axe him about getting a DL and warrants check on Jose Gonzalez or maybe it’s Jose Gonzales or maybe it’s Jose Gonzalez-Rameriz, white male date of birth 10 13 85. Dispatch says “TCIC (warrants) and LIDR (DL database) report too many matches to transmit. Do you have a middle name or a DL number??” “No if I had the DL number I wouldn’t need the DL check, right?” Horse crap! How ever Texas proposes to match voter to HLS data, manual only, automated only or some hybrid automated then manual, will take months and will likely have 50% error rate, overall.

  8. MCPO RET says:

    This morning, I did a people search for “Joe Garcia,” a coworker.
    There are at least 300 Joe Garcia’s in Texas.
    Our secretary of state can purge to rolls of virtually every hispanic in the state using the data.

  9. @MCPO, I was thinking of the same name. Jose Garcia will probably turn up a lot as well.

  10. When we moved to Rockwall County, Texas the population of the county was 7500 people. There were 3 of us with the same uncommon name living there. I was given their medication at the pharmacy, dry cleaning and car insurance. If we were Mary Smith or Jones, I’d expect it. This voter id thing is gonna make us all have a number on our foreheads before the R’s are finished.

  11. Sgt Mike in Commerce says:

    @crone: Not your forehead, bud. They want your number tattooed on the skin above your clavicle.

  12. @ crone: optimally the number for conservatives will begin with 666…

  13. Austinhatlady says:

    After 10 years of living in the big city of Dallas, I moved back to the North Texas town — a good size town of 100,000+ — in which I grew up. I attended the church in which I’d been baptized, sang in the children’s choir, etc. A lady with my name joined the church, and the church treasurer — who knew me as a child — couldn’t keep the pledge accounts straight! I’ve no faith in the ability of the SOS to do this correctly.

  14. It occurs to me that the Republicans have noticed the effectiveness of birtherism and have decided to birther all of us. After a while we’re going to notice that no form of identification is good enough, and our new small government will have no interest in helping us resolve the inevitable issues.

  15. No,no,no Hun, Alberto and Esperanza are safe because ya’ know they are prone to live in Republican precincts. Immigrants only settle in among Democrats for camoflage, so that’s where all the Jose’s and Maria’s will be challenged. Its called strategery.

  16. TexasEllen says:

    At my doctor’s, they ask for your birthday, address, and phone number to make sure they have the right person. Somehow, I don’t expect the SOS to get near as specific.

  17. Mary C, I’m sure the SOS will be happy to accept a concealed carry permit. After all, that same piece of paper allows you to bypass metal detectors and carry handguns inside the State Capitol.

    And, with some of the companies running concealed carry classes deliberately turning away anyone who votes for Democrats, it will be perfect in the eyes of the SOS.

  18. Interesting. Over here, next door in Nuevo Mexico, we have run out of state voter registration forms . Orders which were sent in in January and not materialized. They are telling people they can use the Federal forms. I don’t know if this means anything or not. But until yesterday, I never have heard of Federal Voting registration forms and now I have twice! And in another coinkeedink, both our SOS are Republicans. Ours doesn’t look bright enough to read a memo if one was sent out. Just seems a little strange…

  19. JT, may I have a citation for companies turning away Dems from concealed carry classes? A cursory Google search didn’t find it for me. First I’ve heard of it. Juanita, if you know of it, will you e-mail it to me? Thanks.

  20. Sgt Mike in Commerce says:

    @SusanF: I’m not speaking for @JT but I am willing to respond to your question.

    back in late 2011, 9 or so months ago, a CCL Instructor named Crockett Keller “who said in a recent radio advertisement that he wouldn’t teach the handgun course to a “socialist liberal,” people who voted for the “current campaigner-in-chief,” or to a “non-Christian Arab or Muslim.”. At the time DPS conducted an investigation, but I never heard whether or not he kept his instructor’s license.

    By word of mouth I may have heard of other instructors making similar statements, but I have no way to validate what is essentially hearsay.