Proof that Crazy is Contagious

July 15, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Okay, here’s scientific evidence that crazy is contagious.

Texas and Iowa are not that far apart.  At best, crazy would have to travel two states where hitchhiking is not only legal but a major component of the transportation system.

And travel it did.

The Republican candidate for a state Senate seat in eastern Iowa has ended her campaign and instead declared herself a U.S. Senator for the state of Iowa.

In a letter dated July 4, the candidate, Randi Shannon of Coralville, argued that the legitimate federal government of the United States was replaced by illegitimate “corporate” government in 1871 and has been operating since then in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

She learned this fact just recently, she said, and has come to believe it after months of research.

Bless her heart, she even wrote a letter proclaiming her research, which was mostly written by the glow of neon beer signs over at the shooting range.  It’s plenty entertaining to read, what with her using words like plethora and egregious.

She’s even got a You Tube but be warned that the first 45 seconds will make your ears bleed, but the costume changes are fabulous!  Just totally fabulous!  I mean, going from clerical scarf to bandana in 10 seconds was genius, pure genius, and exactly what this country needs in a United States Senator.

Thanks to Allan for the heads-up.

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24 Comments to “Proof that Crazy is Contagious”

  1. She is upset that corporations have too much power. If she really believed that, then why is she running as a Republican? Their answer to everything is to give corporations more power.

  2. I hesitate to point out Iowa’s proximity to the great states of Kansas and Missouri but in fairness I would suggest it is more of a creep than a leap. we do share a common border with Oklahoma and Arkansas.

  3. Ralph Wiggam says:

    So I poked around a little and found that this shadow government is all based on a dissenting opinion by Justice Marshall Harlan in Downes v. Bidwell, in 1901. Apparently these fools don’t comprehend the meaning of “dissenting opinion”.

  4. oh my, seriously are there people supporting her?

  5. William Trent says:

    I guess I’ll proclaim myself King William I and rule by decree, but the nice men in the white coats would come and take me somewhere for a nice long rest…

  6. What a great concept for a reality show! Invite Randi Shannon and five other “Senators” from the Republic of Iowa into a house, lock the doors and watch them quote the Consititution and justify the legitimacy of their self-appointed position to each other. Guest appearance each week by Michelle Bachman or other Tea Party luminary.

  7. Couple things here, Randi:

    1. “forth” is actually spelled “fourth”


    2. The Pledge of Allegiance was created by act of the corporate Congress of the United States in 1892 and the words “under G-d” were added by a subsequent corporate Congress (in 1954).

    So why do you repeat it?

  8. So…every amendment after the first 10, I assume, are illegitimate. Which means this tool can’t do a dang thing because she can’t even VOTE.

  9. Sgt Mike in Commerce says:

    Here in stately Hacienda Mike, we love happy-crazy. So we love Senator Randi (make your own joke about Randi Senators, here.)

    So I was sharing this happy crazy moment, with my child bride, rubbing my hands together in anticipation of such a slam dunk that I hoped I had adequately planned. Of course the child bride popped the delight bubble with one sentence, to wit: “1871??? Ya mean she wants to run for elected office when she couldn’t even legally vote????”

    Yeah like I said we love happy crazy here….

  10. Sgt Mike in Commerce says:

    @William_Trent/King_William_I: I liked where you went so much I have followed. Hereafter you all may address me as “Benevolent Dictator for Life”, although I agree to answer to BDFL or “hey you”, as always.

  11. In 1871 not only could she not vote, but there was no direct vote. State senators elected US senators in those good old days. She will have to invent her own senate before she can get elected. No problem for as I’m sure she has a whole closet full of invisible friends.

    Can we encourage this? Texas won’t even have to secede, all the crazies can invent imaginary governments and have not so imaginary wars with each other.

    The Tea Party, with all the revolutions, protests, anarchy, sovereignty claims and fighting “the man” reminds me of the 60s. Except for missing the whole peace’n’love part. And the most amazing thing, missing the drugs too. At least that was my excuse, what’s theirs?

  12. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Ah, Coralville. My impression of it is that there was an exit off I-80 that provided access to the University of Iowa football stadium and that once the exit was there, the motels and fast food establishments sprang up and then some houses and a golf course or two. It’s not like it’s really part of Iowa, it’s more like a place where football fans keep a 2nd house so they will always have a place to stay when Iowa is playing at home.

  13. Is there some way to get more of the Republican/Teabaggers to try this option?

  14. Her letter says that she has “accepted the position of US Senator.” Is she unaware that you usually need to be elected to that position, rather than simply proclaiming that it’s yours?

    Yeah, I like the idea of getting more teabaggers to do this and leave the rest of us to get on with life in the real world.

  15. geographylady says:


  16. Ellen Childress says:

    OMG does seem like the only comment of which I am capable tonight, too. Please don’t let Rick Perry find out about this !

  17. Since my son is a soldier, I like it that she’s not going to get the Republic into any more “Undeclared Wars.” (I’m just having a terrible Time here not Capitalizing every other Word so My comment Can Have as Much impact As I am Sure Her document Does.) I guess if we go back to the second amendment and link up gun ownership with the militia, we can just enlist all the gun owners and save all that silly money on maintaining a military.

    Of course, my son won’t have a job or his current nationalized medical care, and he only has one of those terrible public school/university educations, but I’m sure her nation will be able to absorb him and give him a world that’s just practically perfect in very way….

  18. rubymay says:

    I’m not a young woman. There are times when I think I may have come across most of the craziness — and then there’s this. I’m left with so many questions. Is this nut actually going to show up in D.C. and take a seat?!? I’m so stunned that I’m (almost) speechless. At least, now that she’s backed out of the state race, the Democrat is currently unchallenged. I’m going to file this under “Things that make you say, “Huh?!?”

    I still have an old, old t-shirt that says “The Queen of Everything.” I’m going to start wearing it again and insist the my family refer to me as “your Majesty.” Ha! We’ll see how far that goes.

    Thank you to all of you who commented so wisely. I’m still in shock at the stupidity.

  19. notjonathon says:

    1871 was the year that Congress, at President Grant’s request, passed the Civil Rights Act, permitting him to destroy the original Ku Klux Klan and end a reign of white terror in southern states.
    I doubt if her choice of 1871 is a coincidence.

  20. Ellen Childress, my thoughts exactly!

  21. Why Ellen? Do you think Rick would jump on board and declare himself president of the republic? I thought that was Ron Paul’s back-up strategy.

    I know I have said our system is broken and it needs an overhaul, but looney tunes declaring it invalid and then essentially declaring bankruptcy of the other and that they have no responsibility for meeting the debts of the recognized legal entity of usa is not the fix I want nor do I think it reasonable…insane? Yes. Reasonable? No

  22. Sgt Mike in Commerce says:

    Please don’t encourage Gov Rick in this direction. In his mind’s eye we are already his loyal subjects in the Republik of Texas. And yes, his mind’s eye needs a good poke.

  23. I’m in Iowa and have plans to take her to a corn field on a dark night without a flashlight…..should keep her quiet for a little while….

  24. Mah Fellow Murkuhn says:

    Your YouTube link goes to a completely different place, but a quick search on YouTube reveals that she has several videos there. All of them reveal a lack of mastery of the YouTube editor, which she proudly claims to use. My ears did indeed bleed briefly, but muting does work.

    Getting that much ignorance into such a short video does take some talent, though.