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July 13, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Can I get an Amen?


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  1. Olden Grey says:


  2. And a bravo! Excellent!

  3. AMEN, JJ.

    They could also send it to Mitt, as a campaign contribution, so he could make sure that never happens again.

  4. ks sunflower says:

    Amen, sister, Amen!

  5. Amen!

  6. TexasEllen says:

    Our son put this magnetic sign on the back of their handicapped van:

    You and my special needs child cannot be denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition. Obamacare works for real people. Vote Democratic.

  7. Amen! Wonderful! Lots of folks I know are going to have to take a second look at AHC.

  8. You bet you can…AMEN and AMEN and AMEN!

  9. So does anyone know if that includes stuff like what you pay in insurance premiums for dental, eyes, ears, etc. that is separate and not covered by regular health insurance?

  10. I got a check today and was shocked. I have to say it will be nice to put it toward my premium this coming up month.
    I’d prefer to buy this cute little dress I saw at the ma–

    Never-mind. . . . . Insurance premium it is.

  11. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:


    Wow, I just had a flashback memory from 1965 or so when Napoleon Graves shocked the suburban NY Methodist church by standing up and singing “Amen, Amen”. Us northern white folks didn’t know what to think of an African-American man from somewhere in the Carolinas who simply could not contain his enthusiasm for all the wonderful things he had heard about what people in the congregation were doing to help each other and the community.

    I don’t expect to get anything back because my employer is self-insured and already keeping administrative costs low but I am so thrilled about some of the changes that are taking place and I just wish it were 2 years from now so my daughter will not have to fret so much over the pre-existing condition that wasn’t and isn’t and the unaffordable premiums she gets quoted for coverage that isn’t granted.

    Amen Sister Susan, A M-E-N.

  12. I don’t even have health insurance, and this makes me happy – it’s so good to see us, as a nation, reign in the major bullies of the corporate world.

    Come on, 2014! that’s when I’ll be able to take part in the exchanges – and by then the insurance companies will have (a) figured out a way to topple the ACA, or more likely, (2) figure out how to game the system, or not so very likely, (3) learn their lesson and survive with great wealth, though not extravagant wealth.


    come on 2014!!!

  13. aaarrrrrgh!
    can’t believe I mixed item (a) with items (2) and (3)!
    one of my pet pieves!
    might as well make it (a), (2) and (III)


  14. Ellen Childress says:

    The answer to one question is no, dental, etc is not included in Obamacare. I am one of those on the slippery slope of the middle class who is putting off some badly needed dental care because I cannot afford it. The dentists have managed to remain outside the price controls of insurance companies and rules. They can charge anything they want for care that is not always the best, and get away with it. I still would like to see a single payer system that will reach out and bring dentists, ophthalmologists and optometrists, and all other health care professionals into the fold, and add some nutritionists, acupuncturists, alternative or integrative medicine specialists, real geriatric physicians, etc. to the mix. We need wellness clinics in our recreation centers, Senior centers, day care centers, etc. We need to stop being a “crisis medicine” culture and turn to preventive health care that will offer some real guidance and assistance to remain as healthy as possible all through life. We need physicians with whom we can build working relationships who will support us in our efforts to maintain our health instead of testing us to death, handing out a new pill for every sniffle or upset stomach, and barely knowing our names when we go for a checkup. Our health care delivery system is broken thanks to the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, doctors who don’t have time to care for patients and won’t fight for that time and patients who demand test after expensive test, pill after expensive pill, and refuse to walk around the block and eat a healthy diet. Obamacare is not the answer although I am not against it as a first wobbley step in the right direction. Everyone in this country needs to be on the same medical care protocol, including politicians, business people, the wealthy and the not-so-wealthy. There should be a basic healthcare program that will cover every adult and child for everything from heart surgery down to a simple eye exam.
    Here in Dallas, Texas I am on Medicare and a good BCBS supplemental polic y, but I do not have good medical care and cannot afford dental or vision care. The doctors who take Medicare patients are running “medicare mills”; their waiting rooms are filled with aged people holding their little paper sacks full of pill bottles and lining up to get more pills to counteract the side effects of the ten or fifteen pills they take already. That is not the kind of medical care I want. But apparently, that is about all there is. And as much as I dislike “concierge medicine”, if I could afford it, I would opt for that just to have more than 5 minutes with a doctor who would like to get acquainted with me and work with me toward a healthy old age instead of milking my insurance coverage for every dime on expensive tests, expensive medications, spending 90 seconds on an exam and forgetting who I am the minute I
    walk out the door.

  15. rubymay says:

    Amen, Sister JJ. Amen and Amen again. Thanks to Sister Artemis (I still understood what you were saying –I don’t think anyone on this site is too critical of typos) and to Ellen Childress — I couldn’t agree more. I, too, don’t believe that this is the panacea that we’ve all been hoping for, but it’s so-o-o-o many steps in the right direction. ObamaCares is the foundation upon which we could (without all the republican crap) build the best healthcare system in the world. It can be done. My husband and I won’t be getting a check. Our healthcare is from his long-time employer and Medicare, but like so many others, we are “self-insured” for dental and eye care.
    It’s so sad that most of the people who are violently opposed to the ACA are the ones who need it the most and rely on the rest of us to bear the costs. AMEN, JJ, AMEN.

  16. OldMayfly says:

    When the Repubs first started calling the Affordable Health Care Act “ObamaCare” I had a feeling that would come back to bite them.

    Maybe we should start calling Medicare “Lyndon B. Johnson Care.” Social Security could be called “Franklin D. Roosevelt Pensions.”

    Good Democrats, all.

  17. I think they should mail the republicans their checks last, like after the first of the year.

    And, certainly, AMEN!

  18. Amen! Health insurance should not be a for-profit business. This is a good first step to reining in the cost for insurance employees whose sole job is to deny claims.

  19. Ellen Childress … I love your comment … it is full of the truth. I, too, am on Medicare and Humana is my supplemental coverage and it is good coverage and the premiums all come out of my SS check. If we’re not going to receive a check, then I believe the insurance companies should give a huge payback to Medicare in the names of all who are in that system. Maybe that could help build up the base of Medicare!

    I don’t know how anyone can be against ACA but how do you explain away ignorance and the hatred that encases the Republican brain? Perhaps they shouldn’t get a check at all.

  20. An amen and a hallelujah as well!

  21. TexasEllen says:

    Subtle but powerful: Democrats should refer to ObamaCares and let the Republicans use ObamaCare.

  22. Great comments! I am uninsured. I am not a big fan of allopathic medicine, but I would like to know that if I break a bone or need surgery, I won’t have to pledge the rest-of-my-life earnings to the medical profession.
    I found last year in reviewing my car insurance that even though my insurance covered $200k in medical expenses for other people if it was my fault, I was only covered for $1,000 in medical expenses. Now, at least, I am covered as much as others and the policy is even a few dollars cheaper. The insurance agent tried to tell me that my work health insurance would cover additional charges (I didn’t share I was uninsured), but if you’ve ever had an accidental injury, you know the first question they ask you at the doctor’s office is: was it an auto accident? That does not reassure me.
    Maybe we could stop funding ways to kill people and use that money to improve the quality of people’s lives. I know, I know, I’m a far-left liberal.

  23. Sam in Kyle says:

    We were paying $14,000 a year for my wife’s policy. That’s with a $7,500 deductible. Blue Cross owes us a lot more than we’ll get, but thank goodness our president isn’t owned by the insurance industry.

  24. Elise Von Holten says:

    I just came back from my (R) hairdressers (I’m in NY state) and the discussion there was that one of the hairdressers should get insurance for himself now (!!) he is 49 and has had some funny blood work—and the pre-existing condition help that ACA gives will let him on the rolls now…not shunted off with some huge unaffordable premium in a high risk group…and it was choking my friend to say it, then she added, we don’t know what will happen, but it’s good to have a starting place, just like we did with SS–I was amazed, finally she is waking up to some of her own needs and the needs of the people around her…we had a huge fight about Dick C’s heart replacement–I have another friend who has been waiting for 6 yrs and after that we decided no talking politics–friendship is more I was amazed at her new tone–I’m praying daily that as garbage keeps getting uncovered, people will vote democratic in Nov–All the way because 3rd party is a wasted vote…my single $12,000 premium with 2500 deductible is only good in the west, next year I will be forced to add $600.00 a month more so I can keep my Kaiser and have catastrophic coverage in NY state–3/4 of my monthly income–and with food going through the roof–it’s gonna get interesting real fast…

  25. My policy is $1200 a month with a $500 deductible on the co-pay. The company I worked for, who self insures, picks up 75% of the premium.

    Most eye and ear care is going to be covered under any policy, but they may or may not pick up appliances, eye glasses (yes for me) and hearing aids (no for me).

    Some dental work may be covered but it has to be stuff that is not part of normal dentistry.