Uh, What Am I Missing Here?

June 20, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Is Scott Brown just a #1 jerk or have I lost all sense of reality?

Okay, maybe both.  That’s certainly possible.

Here’s the deal:  Vickie Kennedy, wife of Senator Ted Kennedy, has proposed a debate at the Kennedy Institute between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.  Warren accepted immediately.

Brown, however, has some conditions.  First off, he says that the choice of Tom Brokaw as the moderator isn’t right because Brokaw is an “out-of-state cable networks with a reputation for political advocacy.”  Tom Brokaw.  Seriously?  Is there some other Tom Brokaw than the one I know?

Scott Brown: Thinks 1st Amendment is Way Overrated

Second off, and this is the one that fans my fanny, is that he will only debate at the Kennedy Institute if Vickie Kennedy agrees not to endorse in the race now or forever.

Okay, that’s saying, “I’ll come participate in participatory democracy only if you give up your First Amendment rights.”

Fool, what the hell are you saying?  I mean, other than you’re scared poopless to debate Elizabeth Warren?  Hell, why just leave it at that?  Why not demand that Vickie Kennedy has to lock herself in a closet for 6 months?  How about we have to re-name the Kennedy Institute to the “Scott Brown Loves Ronald Reagan Institute” before you’ll come?

Scott Brown:  determined to shut women up one woman at a time, except sometimes he wants a two-fer.

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18 Comments to “Uh, What Am I Missing Here?”

  1. I will vote for Scott Brown in the fall election on two conditions: 1) He pay my moving expenses from Hawaii to Massachusetts, and 2) He calls me before every vote in the Senate to ask how he should vote.

  2. You should mosey on over the Rachel Maddow’s site and check out her “What is Scott Brown Thinking” bit. Apparently the ole boy has slipped a cog or three. Very funny bit.

  3. Scott Brown is a coward, plain and simple.

  4. OldMayfly says:

    glf, so true! They’re all cowards really. That’s why they are so defensive. “What!? A woman might call attention to my defects? Snivel, sob! I demand preferential treatment.”

  5. innerlooper says:

    I really luv you guys
    ur twistly funny & eclectically well versed in so many ways.

    So i pass this along with out recommendation:

    I’m doin my best to finish the space race, but sadly info passed me on my 3rd lap of a mile race.

    My best non competitive run for fun time in H school was 4.34 for some kinda national test of fitness, but i have Medina to thank for that cause he always ran to the finish every day & i let him. On this particular day it was a test of juniors & out of respect i blew down a cross-countryer just for partnership in the daily activity of gym.

    I hated running, but loved his lesson.

  6. Corinne Sabo says:

    Does this guy lay eggs? Maybe yellow ones?

  7. I think The Rude Pundit had the best take on Sen. Scott Yellow.

    “Scott … is just …looking for an excuse to not have his face used as a mop by Elizabeth Warren.

  8. On the Daily Kos website, they have a story about Scott Brown being shocked that liberals like Prof. Warren http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/06/20/1101712/-Scott-Brown-discovers-that-gasp-liberals-like-Elizabeth-Warren Brown is a very goofy person and I am still surprised that he was elected to Ted Kennedy’s seat.

  9. Sandy Havens says:

    I don’t blame Scott for not wanting to debate E.Warren. She would totally destroy him. Still . . .

  10. cairocat says:

    Y’all should take a look at Brown’s two campaign ads already running. One is called “Husband”. the other is “Dad” and both are sweeter than cotton candy–and just about as substantial.
    Brown’s wimmun praise him as a good–you guessed it–husband and father.
    My husband is a wonderful man and a terrific father but I don’t think that qualifies him to be a Senator.
    I didn’t vote for Brown but when he won I thought “…well, give the man a chance.”
    So I followed him veryclosely for a year: he’s so flip-floppy he makes Romney look stalwart and epitomizes the observation “..there is no there, there.” (Stein?)
    As to how he won? A really big reason was that the national Democratic Committee figured AG Martha Coakley couldn’t possibly lose so they didn’t give her any money or extra ammunition until the last week. Being as how it was a special election the time frame was short, too. A little more time and I think people would have seen through the barn jacket and old truck routine.
    Which takes me back to the husband-and-father ads. The man missed his calling when he didn’t become a soap opera actor.
    (Can you tell I’m though giving him a chance?)

  11. I’m thinking ole Scott is having what we kids used to call the skids– in his tighty whiteys– at the thought of debating Ms. Warren.

    Just remove the underwear and man up Scott!

  12. BarbinDC says:

    @cairocat: I believe Martha Coakley had a more significant problem; i.e., she thought she was a shoo-in and didn’t need to campaign–something she really didn’t like doing anyway. She forgot that people want to be asked for their vote and that’s exactly what Scott Brown did. Warren isn’t repeating that mistake and I wouldn’t want to debate her, either. She’s the smartest person in whatever room she is in and has enough warmth to heat all the homes in the Massachusetts in the winter. Brown is going to make sure he doesn’t have to face her in any kind of neutral environment. He isn’t as smart as Warren, but he isn’t completely stoopid, either.

  13. Freeportguy says:

    Brown is simply trying to pull a “Rick Perry’s debate Texas style” by making demand after demand so he ends up NOT debating Warren…

  14. Rip in MA says:

    @BarbinDC: You hit it dead on. You are right about asking for votes, even from those who wouldn’t consider voting for anyone else. There is no way that Coakley should have been beaten by Centerfold Brownie. But, she refused to do any retail politicking (shaking hands of those who have not already written checks for the campaign.) She went on a very public vacation in the middle of the campaign. There were many people who were celebrating the first woman elected to the Senate from MA and taking apparent pride in her not appearing outside Fenway Park before election day.

    Slightly Off topic: I find the hoopla regarding Warren’s “Cherokee” heritage to be very odd. In a past life I was an archivist who tried to compile a database of college alums. I compared obits with records and transcripts and found a full 40% of the obits to be wrong about something that should have been easily verifiable. Not all family lore is factual. Not all untruths are lies. Who voluntarily dismisses stories about family heard since childhood?

  15. Mz Patti says:

    I concur with the Freeport Guy…. Brown is emulating Rick Perry’s brilliant(?) duck and dodge routine in 2010… but I honestly believe Perry knew he was gonna run for Prez in 2012, and we ALL saw how brilliant that strategy turned out to be…. he could have used a little debating practice in front of a friendly audience… paybacks are a bear.

  16. But, Mz Patti, wasn’t Rick Perry absolutely positively not running for president, had no interest in it, he already had the best job in the world, right here in the best place in the world? Surely Rick wasn’t lying to us, was he?

    But everybody’s right, Scott Brown is using the Rick Perry campaign rules, don’t ever, ever do a debate that you can get out of. They might make you look stupid.

  17. donquijoterocket says:

    Does anybody else feel this will blowback on the erstwhile senator in the worst possible way? It not only makes him look like a pile of poopie con pollo, but also misogynistic twice over. Perry was unable to rise above any impression he’d made that he’d have to have someone check for sunlight to know it was day. I suspect Brownie will encounter the same reaction. Most people in Mass. already know he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and this adds another negative impression on top of that.

  18. Well, he is a busy man, discussing problems with world leaders and kings and queens – yes he did!!!!!

    His aides had to come out and say ‘he misspoke’
    You reckon?