Do Like Mitt Said. If You Don’t Have $20,000 to Start Your Business, Borrow It From Your Dad

May 27, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

I want you to meet Diane Tran.  She’s 17 years old and lives with one of her employers in Montgomery, Texas, a cabal of Republicanism where they even want a proper drape on Michelangelo’s David because his wee-wee shows.  Seriously.

Dianne is an honors student taking dual credit U.S. History, dual credit English Literacy, College Algebra, Spanish Language AP. She also works part time and full time jobs at a dry cleaners and a wedding venue. Her parents divorced and disappeared. She lives with her employer’s family. The money she earns goes to an older brother at Texas A&M and a younger sister living with relatives in Houston.

She spent the night in jail.

What heinous crime did she commit?  She missed too much school. She often stays up until 7:00 am doing homework and falls asleep in class.  This community of Super DeLux Brand Christians were apparently so distracted that a statue of David had an actual weenus  showing that they did not notice a 17 year old honors student supporting her entire family while making the honor roll.

So, they put her lazy butt in jail.

The Honorable Republican Judge Lanny Moriarty wanted to make an example of Diane.

“If you let one run loose, what are you gonna’ do with the rest of ‘em?,” said Judge Lanny Moriarty. “Let them go too? A little stay in the jail for one night is not a death sentence.”

Lanny, Dude, she is not running loose.  Lanny, Dude, this baby girl needs help, not punishment.  Open your damn Republican wallet with a sledgehammer, Lanny, and give this child a couple bucks.  Hold one of those golf tournaments you Republicans love and let this baby girl sleep in the locker room while you Christian boys drink some beer and slap each others hineys.

The wise Judge Moriarty also gave Diane a $100 fine.  Lanny, Dude, that’s not helping the situation.

Republicans just don’t get it.  They really don’t.

He made her an example, okay.  He did.  He made her an example of the cruelty and meanness the Republican Party brings to the American arena.

You can contact the good Republican Judge on Tuesday being your usual kind selves and ask if you can send a couple of bucks to him to help pay Diane’s fine.  But you want some kind of proof that it went toward her fine and not his wallet with the chain and double lock around it.

Lanny better pray he can take his money with him and that Sweet Jesus takes bribes because that’s the only way he’s gonna get to heaven.

Thanks to all the folks who sent me this very creepy story.

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61 Comments to “Do Like Mitt Said. If You Don’t Have $20,000 to Start Your Business, Borrow It From Your Dad”

  1. Melvin Painter says:

    Where in the world did you get that he is a Republican? If you want to bash someone, why don’t you try America’s first black racist, race-baiting dictator who vacations, golfs, and has private concerts while he advocates taking care of illegal aliens, anchor babies, campaign contributors, and social program frauds and abusers.

  2. This idiot judge gave this young woman, who will probably at some point be able to buy and sell him, a criminal record, because she missed school. What the hell is wrong with these people???

    The idiot school district sees only the dollars it gets per student, per attendance. When a student is not there… they lose money. Again….. apologies to momma….What the hell is wrong with these people…???

    This young woman isn’t looking for a gold star for perfect attendance. She supports herself and two siblings. One of whom is in college….. Two jobs….. AP courses….. no wonder she’s worn out…

    Since I wouldn’t trust this judge as far as I could throw him, with my money….. is there anyplace else…. that you know of… that it might be sent????

  3. Donna A says:

    Amen,,,where can we send her money?

  4. Juanita Jean says:

    Melvin, Honey, are you lost or drunk? This here ain’t that there Free Republic website.

    Why do you come here just to get yourself all riled up? Does that pass for foreplay at your house?

    Melvin, anger and ignorance are a troublesome pair and the chemical reaction you cause by mixing them makes you look pretty damn silly.

    I know he’s a Republican because (a) I looked up his voting record, and (2) I looked up his campaign website, and (3) just for good measure I checked the Montgomery County elections office to see the ballot he ran under two years ago. These things are public information. They are free. Get you some. For example, I learned that there is no one registered to vote in Texas by the name of Melvin Painter and that you’re logging on from a computer in California, probably Fresno. And that this ain’t gonna be the first website you’ve been banned from.

    Melvin, I take it that you don’t like our President. Did you happen to notice that the first three words out of your mouth about him were (1) black, (2) racist, and (3) just in case we weren’t getting your point here, race again. We get it, Melvin. We get it. You really don’t have to say it three times.

    I know how proud you must be that Ronald Regan did not golf, take vacations, have private concerts in the White House, or allow half of Hollywood to stay at the White House. Whoa, wait. Never mind.

    Have a great weekend …. someplace else.

    Love and Fried Okra,

    P.S. Y’all before I even got an answer written to poor Melvin, he posted two more comments on this topic. Yep, that Melvin is all for punishing hard working American women.

  5. Do you reckon “Melvin” realizes you have his e-mail address??

    Ahhhh probably not.

  6. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Dear Melvin from Somewhere in California,

    Thanks for stopping by the Beauty Shop. Just one question…do you have to practice being an disgusting bigot, or does it just come naturally to you?

    Oh, and you’re not planning to collect any of that Social Security welfare cash or ever using that Socialist Medicare healthcare plan, are ya?

  7. Ellen Childress says:

    I am thinking it’s time we had another revolution . . . . just to throw the tea partiers, this time, in the ocean. They are giving my favorite country and state a bad name all over the world
    And where is Diane Tran’s attorney? How was she, a minor, allowed to be without either an attorney of her own choice or a court-appointed one? Somebody explain to me why and how minors are supporting minors in our fair land without legal representation? Who are these so-called adults she is living with and those her little sister is living with? These are children who need loving homes where they will be properly cared for, supported, and treated with kindness and intelligent parenting which includes seeing to it that they get enough sleep, do well with their studies, do not overwork themselves, learn to be responsible but not have to take on the full care and support of younger and older siblings. This whole picture is very WRONG.

  8. I want to know an address to give her some financial help too. Juanita Jean, can you intercede with someone for that?

    Screw that lousy judge. He may have done her a big favor by his disgusting actions.

  9. Janice Stewart says:

    Why is this a “legal” problem and not a social services problem? Oh, yeah, this is from the hotbed of Christian Conservatism – where people may ask “WWJD?” but they never ever listen for the answer and immediately do just the opposite.

  10. By that, of course, I mean by making her plight known to the rest of us.

  11. June Bug says:

    Miemaw: Got this info from London Daily News – Verified the address on Google
    Ms. Diane Tran
    c/o The Vineyards of Waverly Manor
    1961FM 1375 Rd.E
    Huntsville TX 77340

    Sent a check and perhaps you will too.

  12. Melvin for a troll you’re even dumber than most trying to have a battle of wits with JJ. Get a clue Melvin, the President didn’t get elected with just dems voting for him – there are all those registered republicans (yeah like me) that have been voting for the dems for years. See we didn’t have a vacuum pulled on our brains – we use them and of course hang around the beauty shop – maybe if you did your brains would regenerate – then again probably not.

  13. There is a lot wrong in this state, and this is only one of the many stories that make me sick.

    Thinking about driving up to Willis on Monday to pay her fine. Praying she doesn’t end up with a record–it’s hard to find a job even with a spotless legal record. The judge says one night in jail isn’t a death sentence, which is true. But it could condemn her to years of misery and dismissals from jobs when her employers discover she has a criminal record.

  14. Ralph Wiggam says:


    You don’t have to look it up to know this guy is a Republican.

    If he was a Democrat he would have called on the parts of government designed to protect children and punish child abandonment.

    Only a Republican would think he needs to protect society from a 17 year old honor student.

    Plus the fact that he’s beatin’ up on a girl.

  15. Marge Wood says:

    I will send her a check. Bless her heart. If there were more folks like Diane in the world, it would be a lot nicer place.

  16. SomedayGirl says:

    Ooooh lookie, Susan…he’s one of your favorite kind.

    Thanks, June Bug. I’ll be sending a little scratch to Ms. Tran, along with a copy of this post. Republicans always yammer on about exceptionalism and here we have a young woman who truly is exceptional. I wonder how many of them will put their jack where their pieholes are.

  17. naniintexas says:

    You, Melvin, are a disgusting excuse for a human being. Would you have a different opinion if this poor girl wasnt Vietnamese?

  18. MELVIN: It’s the misinformed, hateful, blissfully ignorant propaganda-spreading fools like thou that are ruining this country. The GOP can’t do it all themselves…so they rely on low IQ (or purposefully lying) FOX watchers to dod the heavy lifting for them. You want to talk RACIST…did you proof read your post??? Hate. Hate. and more hate……..

  19. Sandy Havens says:

    Our check is written; will go in the mail Tuesday.

  20. A big thank you from me, June Bug & JJ. I’ll be sending a check to Miss Diane right after the holiday.

    What kind of judge would penalize a 17 year-old for taking on those enormous burdens? I hope all the crooked things he’s done in his life come back to bite him on his hiney in one fell swoop.

  21. Katie Johnsonius says:

    A couple of things:

    Her teachers should have stood up for her; her parents should be hauled in; her employers might ought to think how to pay her more for fewer hours; any future employers would be FOOLS not to hire her just because of this dumb-ass judge; and her brother in college should be supporting himself, even though Perry’s de-regulated tuition is probably outrageous.

    And Melvin is a jerk.

    Okay, that was more than a couple of things.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Melvin. Honey.

    First take a deep breath.

    Now think very hard about irony. Got the concept? Good.

    Now, keeping the concept of irony firmly in mind, read your post. Does anything strike you?

    Now go take some aspirin. I know your head hurts from all that thinking.

    My check’s on the way. Thanks for the address, June Bug.

  23. One, only golfers should go by ‘Lanny’.

    Two, no disrespect meant to polite gentleman that bear the nam, ‘Melvin’ can now be used in place of ‘maroon’ (or ‘asshat’).

  24. Mz Patti says:

    This judge is a moron. He needs to be removed immediately. Good luck making that happen. Sadly, if he is running for re-election, he will probably do so un-opposed again. That seems to happen a whole lot in Texas….

    I’m already inundated by a whole lot of political ads for judges. They are all trying to “out conservative” one another…

    Ah Karma… it eventually comes around, demands payment. The sooner the better, for Judge Lanny Moriarty. He’s in good company in Texas…. lots of Conservative firebreathing judges need bounced out. It won’t happen anytime soon.

    This moron in Montgomery isn’t even a lawyer. Just a bigoted, retired cop, with an agenda. UGH.

  25. Gale C. says:

    I am so effin’ tired of the heartless, compassionless, racist, sexist homophobic bigots in this state I want to vomit. Their antics tend to get the biggest coverage and, as a consequence, everyone with a functioning brain in the entire country and many parts of the world thinks Texas is composed entirely of these effin’ troglodytes. Dogdammit, I am pissed. At that moronic, heartless judge, at that imbecile “Melvin” and at everyone else who chooses to be blind to everything but their own self-interest.

    As a sixth-generation Texan, I am proud of my state but so terribly ashamed of people like this and our governor. I hope that young woman gets flooded with donations. She’ll be getting one from me!

  26. Let me understand this, the Republican “virtue” of pulling one’s self up by the bootstraps, was missed by this Republican judge?
    Just when I think they can’t sink any lower, they suprise me.

  27. Why Bless Your Heart Mr Melvin, you really don’t understand beauty salons in general and Miz Juanita Jean’s in particular, now do you? You see, the folks who come here are a fair minded lot. We believe in Truth and Justice and the (old) American Way. When we see an injustice we are all over it like ducks on a junebug. (Not our June Bug. You may not know the difference being from CA and all.) If you are not acquainted with such a phenomenon yore edumacashun is sorely lacking indeed.

    We here at Miz Juanita Jean’s use our very own brains and our very own eyes and our very own ears to process information and add that to our very own life experiences and come to our very own conclusions all by our very own selves. Like the good students we are we do our very own research on a subject and, also like good students, share sources when warranted. We verify, verify, verify. We do not need talking points provided by talking heads. Did I mention we do our very own thinking? We might sport colorful plumage from time to time but there is not a parrot among us.

    I cannot be as magnanimous as Miz Juanita Jean and wish you fried okra. OK, well maybe bad fried okra to you. You see, good fried okra is a gift from the gods and should only be shared among like-minded folks who fully appreciate it. Bad fried okra, on the other hand, will visit you with a good case of Montezuma’s Revenge. I cannot immediately think of a more worthy recipient than you.

  28. Melvin , you pathetic excuse for a human, you bit off way more than you can chew when you are messin with Juanita….she is just so much smarter and sassier than you or your Repub women and thats why we love her!
    What the Repubs have done to my country is a cryin shame and this example of ignorant and mean judges who would do this to a hard working young lady just to make a point????
    What will they do next???

  29. What an awful story about an awful judge penalizing a smart girl doing the best she can, and far more than most people her age. Here’s a website that has a petition, which we all should sign:

    I’m sending a check to Diane on Tuesday to help her and because Melvin is such an asshat.

  30. Just when I was gonna comment about how incredibly unbelievable this story is, I read an incredibly stoopid comment from Melvin; way to let him have it, Juanita!! ;)

  31. Double nickel says:

    I’d like to send a dollar to Melvin so he can buy a clue.

  32. Hamster says:

    Melvin Painter says: “Where in the world did you get that he is a Republican?”

    Well, gee, because he is one. In this state, JoTP is an elected position, and Judge Moriarity runs as a Republican.

  33. Marion Delgado says:

    This is the Dickensian future the GOP wants for all of us. But so coupled with a surveillance state that we should call it Philip K. Dickensian.

    Are there no treadmills? No Poor farms? She should get a 3rd job at Wackenhut!

  34. Hints of Racism as the Mainstream Media Questions Obama’s Aggressiveness via @politicususa

  35. My check is in the mail for Ms Tran. As for your first commenter, maybe his panties have been in a bunch since his parents gave him an eternal Melvin.

  36. Marge Wood says:

    Thank you, Earl. IF y’all haven’t gone and looked at this site, please do:
    Love and blessings, Marge

  37. aggieland liz says:

    Can your Bubba or one of his colleagues do something for this poor girl? anybody know the brother’s name? we have a strong Vietnamese community at St Francis, I’ll bring this to their attention, and I think St Lawrence in Sugarland has the same situation only much larger. I’ll ask my brother.

  38. I just checked out the website for Diane and $21,000 has already been donated to help this girl and her siblings out! Wow!!

    Happy Memorial Day to everyone! God bless all who keep America free and God bless those who give from the heart!

  39. I’m anxiously awaiting the FOX News coverage, if any. Bet the R word won’t be mentioned.

  40. Melvin “Painter”, I wonder if he is kin to “Joe da Plumber”.
    Could they be from the same clutch?

  41. Juanita Jean says:

    Y’all, between 10:34 and 10:45 this morning, we got 5 – count ‘um, five – comments from Melvin Painter. Bless his heart, Melvin is so upset with your folks that he has little spittle things running out of the sides of his mouth this morning. He’s obsessed with race again, with such astute observations as, “BTW, is this the bash America’s first black racist, race-baiting dictator’s website?”

    He proceeds to make some horribly racist statements that I just don’t want on my website and calls the President of the United States and Commander in Chief “Obammy.” Get it? Like Mammy?

    His parting intellectual, esoteric thought? “You liberals are pathetic. You love high unemployment, irresponsible cultures, lazy people, those who are drunk or drugged up, gang members, pregnant teens, school failures, high National debt, bowing and apologetic presidents, illegal aliens and anchor babies, and social program frauds and abusers. ALL TO GET A VOTE, HOW PATHETIC!”

    See what I mean about the little spittle things?

    He is off his rocker and I’m putting him on ignore. If he emails me again, it will go straight to the trash can and I’ll never see it.

    Bless his heart, I never should have published the first one. He’s kinda pathetic.


  42. Thanks Juanita for a wonderful take down of this judicial slug. Melvin may be a paid troll, as that is one of the few jobs republicans can claim as ones they have created. And to the fans of Juanita, I love her too, also, as well. Sharp wit, and a caring nature draws me every day to this site.

  43. Marge Wood says:

    I’m curious what the fallout will be on Moriarty. Never mind Melvin.

  44. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Aww, come one JJ, post Melvin’s email addy. I still want to know if he’s gonna apply for all those communist, socialist, marxist, programs like Medicare and Social Security. And if he’s donating to Ms Tran since she appears to be a responsible, tax paying, hard working member of American society unlike those worthless parasites that apparently live inside Melvin’s head & eats his soul.

  45. I see Judge Moriarity has set his web page on the Russian language and I cannot access his web page in English.

    Very American of him. What an idiot!!! I think the dear Judge is feeling like a fool, at the very least.

  46. “If you let one run loose, what are you gonna’ do with the rest of ‘em?,” said Judge Lanny Moriarty. I’d like to know if the judge is trying to protect society from Diane Tran running between her jobs at the dry cleaners and the wedding venue? Or is it when she runs from work to the post office to mail checks to her brother and sister? Or to her college level algebra class…

  47. Umpty Dump says:

    How is it that four days after KHOU ran this story, I can’t find anything in the major metro daily, the Houston Chronicle?

  48. Can someone possibly enlightenment on “anchor babies” fromMelvin’s rants? I’m feeling sort of clueless, which is probably a good thing considering the rest of it. Thanks.


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