Do Like Mitt Said. If You Don’t Have $20,000 to Start Your Business, Borrow It From Your Dad

May 27, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

I want you to meet Diane Tran.  She’s 17 years old and lives with one of her employers in Montgomery, Texas, a cabal of Republicanism where they even want a proper drape on Michelangelo’s David because his wee-wee shows.  Seriously.

Dianne is an honors student taking dual credit U.S. History, dual credit English Literacy, College Algebra, Spanish Language AP. She also works part time and full time jobs at a dry cleaners and a wedding venue. Her parents divorced and disappeared. She lives with her employer’s family. The money she earns goes to an older brother at Texas A&M and a younger sister living with relatives in Houston.

She spent the night in jail.

What heinous crime did she commit?  She missed too much school. She often stays up until 7:00 am doing homework and falls asleep in class.  This community of Super DeLux Brand Christians were apparently so distracted that a statue of David had an actual weenus  showing that they did not notice a 17 year old honors student supporting her entire family while making the honor roll.

So, they put her lazy butt in jail.

The Honorable Republican Judge Lanny Moriarty wanted to make an example of Diane.

“If you let one run loose, what are you gonna’ do with the rest of ‘em?,” said Judge Lanny Moriarty. “Let them go too? A little stay in the jail for one night is not a death sentence.”

Lanny, Dude, she is not running loose.  Lanny, Dude, this baby girl needs help, not punishment.  Open your damn Republican wallet with a sledgehammer, Lanny, and give this child a couple bucks.  Hold one of those golf tournaments you Republicans love and let this baby girl sleep in the locker room while you Christian boys drink some beer and slap each others hineys.

The wise Judge Moriarty also gave Diane a $100 fine.  Lanny, Dude, that’s not helping the situation.

Republicans just don’t get it.  They really don’t.

He made her an example, okay.  He did.  He made her an example of the cruelty and meanness the Republican Party brings to the American arena.

You can contact the good Republican Judge on Tuesday being your usual kind selves and ask if you can send a couple of bucks to him to help pay Diane’s fine.  But you want some kind of proof that it went toward her fine and not his wallet with the chain and double lock around it.

Lanny better pray he can take his money with him and that Sweet Jesus takes bribes because that’s the only way he’s gonna get to heaven.

Thanks to all the folks who sent me this very creepy story.

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61 Comments to “Do Like Mitt Said. If You Don’t Have $20,000 to Start Your Business, Borrow It From Your Dad”

  1. Lorraine, he is probably following the Rove guide of attacking internet progressives–lots of vitriol and hate speak and avoid actually engaging in responding to questions. Which means among the 8 or more messages JJ screened for us, I doubt a single one included the response you are looking for.

  2. DaveinAlaska says:

    Thank you for the backstory on this, the AP account left out the soulless details.
    I love it when your blog posts cross onto FaceBook, it’s always something worthwhile.
    I think Molly Ivins just gave a wink and a smile to that notion.

    And Melvin, since that Rapture thingie didn’t go so well, can I interest you in a Rupture?
    Goldurned guaranteed for such a partially formed, sawed-off soul in a human carcass such as your writing ‘style’ indicates you to be so poignantly.

  3. Mitt Romney is an anchor baby. His father was one of those Mexicans who crosses the border to steal jobs from real Americans. Now Mitt, who earns a living here sends that money to foreign banks!

  4. Ellen Childress says:

    Who in the %^#$%$ ! is Melvin? What makes him think he counts as a human being? This isn’t a republican/democrat spat. Has nothing to do with politics ! This is the same kind of mentality in that judge that led a man to set fire to a puppy just to watch it die. I don’t know why that young woman in Montgomery is living with an employer. Obviously the employer is not a responsible adult or this would never have happened. And the girl’s older brother, the college boy, needs to take a part-time job, get a student loan or grant, and stop leaning on a child for his sustenance. Who is rearing her younger sister? Can they not afford to take care of her needs so that she is not forced to rely on her older sister for money? The judge could use his considerable power to find the AWOL parents who were too self-centered to stick around and rear their children. Child abandonment is a crime, I believe. There are lots of things missing from this story.

  5. The good news is that this story has gon global. Now maybe this poor child can get some help & maybe the world will see this fool judge for the miscreant he is!

  6. Cindy D. says:

    Where were the decent teachers and counselors in her school? The judge is an idiot but the school personnel who let this situation get so far out of hand should take a big dose of shame and whoop ass, too. I’m ashamed of the teachers at Ms. Tran’s high school.

  7. Cindy D. says:

    P.S. I can call my own profession, teachers, to shame because I have been one for more than 30 years. I want to go to Montgomery County and take the title teacher and or counselor off a few office doors.

  8. Gramiam says:

    I went to the donation site and there are already $35,000 in donations totalled. That is Awesome!

  9. rubymay says:

    REALLY?!? “If you let one run loose, what are you gonna do with the rest of ‘em?” REALLY?!? Doesn’t this more appropriately apply to the “judge” and people like Melvin? I wish there were some way to keep them from running loose, but Lord help me, I don’t know the answer. Well, forget idiot Melvin, but shouldn’t someone in Texas make an example of the “judge” and get him run outta office? What an idiot! I’m glad I don’t live in Texas, although Washington State has it’s fair share and then some of whackos — heck, my own congressvarmint is one of ‘em. He ran on “term limits” about 100 years ago and hasn’t done a diddlydamn thing since then except collect dirty money. But, still, you folks in baja Oklahoma might be able to kick his sorry ass off the bench. I hope so.

  10. Now joining Bush and Perry, Lanny demonstrates that Texas has elected some of the most moronic people. Lanny, not even worthy of being addressed as “Judge”, shows why Texas has joined AZ as the laughingstock of America.

  11. Matthew 25:41-46

    Jesus was quite clear who’s going to Hell.

    I adore it when DU links to the beauty shop.


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