Uh, Can We Move The Democratic Convention?

May 25, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

I’m wondering if it is too late to move the Democratic National Convention.

The Statesville Record & Landmark, a North Carolina newspaper, greeted readers this morning with the news of a KKK rally being held in the North Iredell County area this weekend.

Be careful enlarging this because bad spelling might be contagious.

I like the way they say “White People Only.”  You know, like we couldn’t figure that out on our own.

And exactly how white do you have to be?  I mean, will there be a piece of chalk at the door with a sign, “You must be this white to hate people you don’t even know.”

And they call it a “White Unity Event.”  Dude, that’s what WalMart is for.

“No alcohol, drugs, fighting, glass bottle or weapons?”  Well, hell, that leaves out all the white boys in North Carolina, Honey.   Those are the five food groups in white North Carolina.

Thanks to Iris for the heads-up.

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31 Comments to “Uh, Can We Move The Democratic Convention?”

  1. Dianne Goode says:

    Notice that it is being held on “Private Property”, perhaps to keep the possibility of an anti-cross burning crowd from assembling close to the actual cross burning. Sweet Mother McCree, what century are we living in?

  2. You did notice that this is about 30 miles from teh gay hating ‘preacher’ in Maiden, NC. I have cousins living in this area and while we are not extremely close, I have never received this kind of vibe from them.

  3. daChipster says:

    “Live Country Band”

    Well, of course it is. Because if it was a Hip Hop band it wouldn’t be live… for long.

  4. Stephanie in Arlington says:

    Love how it is right next to the “Educators Make Plea for Funds” article. I have a feeling that they don’t feel the need for none of that free gub’mint education!

  5. trixicopper says:

    A cross “lighting”? My, how festive! That sounds almost Christmasy! What a bunch of maroons!

  6. The flyer states “Free Admition”.

    I think it’s interesting that the story next to the flyer is about educators asking for more money.

  7. ks sunflower says:

    Thanks goodness someone blocked out the phone numbers. Was that the paper or Juanita? Regardless, thank goodness.

    Had Juanita not started out by saying the Democratic convention should be moved, I would have jumped right to the thought that this was from South Carolina. We lived there once – for less than a year and not by choice (Navy base, end of hubby’s enlistment way back when).

    As a girl from the Midwest, I was stunned by the none-too-subtle racism. First advice a neighbor gave me was that if any of those “won’t use the word” came up to my door, I was to yank them in, kill them and then the neighbors would say it was self-defense. I was too young and too scared to tell them what I thought of their advice, but I stayed away from the neighbors – they were the really scary people.

    A nice little South Carolina boy serving with my husband gave me a 22 long-rifle to tuck under my pillow when they had to go on sea trials – you know, just in case any of “those” people bothered me.

    Good freaking grief, I was never so glad to get away from the white people I met there! They said these things without thinking, as if it were just the most natural thing.
    I still have nightmares about them occasionally – that they would take violence in stride, that as pious Christians (they all wore their little crosses and crucifixes ) who never missed a Sunday or Wednesday night come-to-Sweet-Jesus meeting, they had no clue as to how awful they were.

    I guess I am naive. I thought North Carolina was the better state, above the blatant racism I saw in its more southerly sister state. Racism is every where, of course, but North Carolina used to disguise it a little more.

  8. White Knights? What is it about the radical right that they view themselves as some sort of royalty? (And the rest of us as peons.)

  9. I went to the web site of the paper that published this notice. Their motives were to shine a light on this rather than let it fester in the background. Check out some of the other articles there as well.


  10. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I just don’t get the symbolism.

    They want to burn the cross, but not the flag.

    They want to burn the Koran, but not the Bible.

    Apparently they are as confused as I am.

  11. When I read the “cross lighting at dusk” … I immediately thought, “Oh, they’re going to have special lighting for the occasion” and then … I reread the article and it dawned on dumb me … it’s not gonna be like track lighting, for Pete’s sake, they’re gonna burn a CROSS … because that’s what the KKK does!

    Seriously, is this 2012 or not?

  12. Marge Wood says:

    Yep, education funding liable to make kids too smart to put up with all that.

  13. I admit it is disappointing that this is some people’s norm in this day and age, but I remind myself that the more some people feel inundated with new-fangled technology and ideas (Gays on TV, oh my) the more they will stubbornly cling to archaic traditions.

    Ironically enough…some will progressively adopt and adapt the archaic traditions – like me who is both Pagan and SCA (medieval recreation society). But I digress…

    So, please recognize that when the folks feel such a need to loudly protest and trot out what granpappy used to do, that it is a sign that they are letting their fear drive them. It must be a very sad life to live with so much fear of others. For me, I keep trying to remember a Swedish Proverb (adopting from the past again): Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; love more, and all good things will be yours.

    These days I often remind myself…fear less, hope more.

  14. The Mitchell Trio (with John Denver) sang about those kind way back when. Nothing has changed much.


  15. There’s several reasons why the convention shouldn’t be in North Carolina, not the least of which is the recent anti-gay vote and the right to work law with pressure on the Dems not to bring it up


    Wish I knew what the DNC was thinking when they chose NC.

  16. John Boy H says:

    The way it reads it says:
    “Free Admition” – “White People Only”

    Apparently persons of color have to pay to get in.

  17. gidget commando says:

    Does anybody remember the dearly departed Molly Ivins’ recollection of a Klan march in Austin back in the early 90s? She and the other decent justice-minded folks in Austin were beside themselves, trying to figure out how to respond to a bunch of Klansmen marching in their town.

    Well, they figured it out, all right. Come the day of the march, 50 Klansmen bused in from Waco were greeted to the sight of some 2,000 protesters–who promptly mooned them. You KNOW damn well those Klan types were peeved. You’re supposed to hate them or fear them, not ridicule them!

    Too bad NC is so far away from me. I just shaved my legs all the way up. Nice day for some fresh air, dontcha think?

  18. Another Ellen in Texas says:

    I got a dollar that says the tattoo to tooth ratio is greater than 2 to 1.

  19. Lifetimestudent says:

    My daughter wrote in her blog, after the Amendment 1 vote, that she now knows how Arizona feels. Please believe me when I say that throwbacks such as the KKKers and the opposite-of-Christian-preachers do not speak for most North Carolinians. Only 20% of registered voters voted in the primary on May 5 when Amendment 1 was on the ballot. Putting it on the primary ballot instead of the November general election was a deliberate decision by our Tea Party legislature. They knew that since the President was unopposed Democratic turnout would be low. Unfortunately, in addition to the egregious legal effects of the Amendment, its passage has emboldened these vermin to come out of their holes. I understand the impulse to ask the party to change the convention location, but doing so would just give the batcrap crazies another victory.
    I have in-laws who live in Iredell County, site of the advertised KKK Klowns and Kowards Konvention. My brother-in-law is a minister there. He and his congregation are as liberal as I am and I am slightly to the left of Bernie Sanders. Don’t give up on us here in NC. We are fighting a well-financed minority who bought our state legislature in 2010 ( Google Art Pope ), but we are not giving up. We need your prayers and support.

  20. Gidget, my nephew was among the UT students who mooned the Klan. We were very proud.

  21. gidget commando says:

    Aw, Glyn, give your nephew a big ol’ hug from me. That’s my kinda freedom-fightin”.

  22. Gramiam says:

    Free Admition????? Dumbasses! Then there is the cross burning…we white libruls could hide super soakers under our white robes and drown that cross!

  23. Corinne Sabo says:

    I’d rather the ones wearing sheets than the ones wearing $1,000 suits. You can tell who the sheet wearers are right off; the others hide it.

  24. Lived in Salisbury NC (near Statesville) in the 80’s and the Klan marched thru town. I worked with an admited Klan member. He was the security guy at Belk’s. He couldn’t figure why i was putting up bunting in the store for Memorial Day. Said “only n—— celebrate Memorial Day by going to the park to eat watermelon”. was glad he was fired for stealing. Met a lot of nice people that weren’t racists.

  25. aggieland liz says:

    I can’t be the only one who noticed that this delightful shindig is taking place in…HARMONY, NC? For the love of our Lord and his mother and all the saints, you CAIN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!
    good grief I have a headache now…

  26. I’ve seen so many articles explaining why the convention can’t be moved. How hard can it be to cancel plans on a city that turned against everything we stand for? Move the convention to a Dem safe haven (suggestions?). I’m still disappointed NC beat out Austin, but even NY or DC would better at this point.

  27. This Democratic Convention is a four day party for the delegates, they could hold a conference call or do it on the Web.

  28. Farhan Shamsi says:

    Although the ad says whites only, I do not know if I should attend with some of my Iranian, Afghan, and Pakistani Muslim friends, because ethnically we are Arians.

  29. My favorite part, in reading the newspaper article was when they called the number, and were told “if it ain’t white, it ain’t right”!! Good Grief!! Ever since we elected Mr. Obama to the White House, racists are proud to come out…

  30. I like to call our local King Street Patriots “the Klan in designer sheets.” The sentiment is exactly the same, because when they say, “True The Vote,” they mean, whiten the vote.

  31. that’s what Walmart’s for! made me laugh out loud, thank you, i needed that