Kesha Rogers is a Silly Little Girl

May 20, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

We have this silly little Lyndon LaRouche (read: cult) candidate running for United States Congress in my county as a Democrat … who wants to impeach President Barack Obama. Yeah, you read that right.

The Texas 22nd is Tom DeLay’s old district and solidly Republican.  Democrats rarely bother to run anybody for the seat so Kesha sneaks in and wins the Democratic nomination.  She is such an embarrassment that we’re trying to stop her this time, which means we have to spend money on a candidate we know won’t win in November.  I’d say that Kesha is a Republican plant but the girl ain’t got no root system, if ya know what I mean.  She’s just flat nuts.

She is the Princess of People With Absolutely No Social Skills, misfits, and guys who are just one manic episode away from living in a cabin in the woods as a loner.

Kesha also has some very creepy passive-aggressive tendencies, as you will see with the pictures below.  But let’s face it, standing on street corners with a large picture of the President with a Hitler mustache drawn on his face does not exactly qualify for the mental health award.

I told you about the signs her opponent had made that say she’s not a Democrat.  I wanted them to say that she’s the Fairy Princess of Cultville, but he wouldn’t do that.

Little Bubba went up to vote last Friday and saw that Kesha and her Band of Bozos had placed her poll signs in an odd position.  She moved her signs to place them directly in front our our signs.









.I have to be honest with you and tell you that Little Bubba and Bubba, Sr., attorneys at law and former football players, do not have a passive / aggressive bone in their bodies.  They will get right in your face and tell you how the cow ate the cabbage.  Men who do not have even a healthy fear of snakes, law suits, chain saws and 300 pound tackles should not be poked with a stick.  Write that down somewhere because you may need it later.

Bubba asked me to document him moving her signs and placing them all 1/4 inch apart in a neat little line because obviously she likes signs that way.  He was just being helpful.

He truly enjoys that he’s getting under her skin, thin as it may be.  A man has to take his pleasures where he can find them and Bubba truly enjoyed hacking off Kesha.

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9 Comments to “Kesha Rogers is a Silly Little Girl”

  1. In early voting here in NE Texas’ Delta (We’re So Fifty Years Ago!) County, I was appalled that there were so few Democrats on the ballot at all. None running for Sheriff, for example. Single candidates for statewide offices. That’s not really a primary.

  2. I hope you don’t mind too much if I also love Bubba – because I do.

  3. I didn’t know that Lyndon LaRouche was still alive. Are you sure? Has this been verified by the absence of a long-form death certificate?

  4. If you ever get around to writing the book, “The Adventures of Bubba” I will buy the copy to read.
    or “Quotes from the local Dairy Queen” , I’ll be in line for that one too.

  5. Sam in Pearland says:

    Took my wife and 88 year old mother in law to vote against Keesha today. No excuse for not voting.

  6. Yay for Bubba. Too bad for Miss Impeacher Cult Member.

  7. Just came back from voting for NOT KESHA. Voted in the Democratic primary in Brazoria County even though most races are uncontested and the races for me that usually matter happen to be in the Republican primary because I am making a point to support Marriage Equality.

  8. Just realized that the above made no sense. Palm to forehead

  9. I am still confused as to why putting out signs saying that Kesha is not a Democrat is anti-Semitic. Lyndon has sued the ADL twice for pointing out that he is anti-Semite and the ADL won both cases on summary judgments. I am still wondering why Kesha and her cult members think that the Queen of England is a drug dealer.