Ducky Pajamas and Whining

April 24, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Some of you folks from foreign states might have heard of one of our new Republican Texas congressmen who was swept in in 2010 even though he thinks he’s just adorable in ducky pajamas posing with underage girls.

His name is Blake Farenthold  and he’s a jerk from top to bottom and around the middle.  Warning:  for the trip around the middle you’ll need to pack a lunch.

He accidentally got elected out of the South Texas area but won’t be serving another term because the Jerk Crown doesn’t match his jammies.  He’s going to get creamed and he knows it.

So now starts the whining.

There’s a book coming out about how the new Republican freshmen in  the House are Tea Party monsters created by the GOP.  For the most part, they are dumber than dog dump and filled to the brim with self-importance.

During the debt-ceiling fight, some freshmen were ready to push the government into default. Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Tex.), a first-time politician who was a surprise winner of a South Texas district, wrote Boehner to express his fear that the debt ceiling was “very possibly a hostage that we’re unwilling to shoot.”

If that’s an America First attitude, then I’m the Princess of Omaha, Nebraska.

And the whining?

When he [pajama boy] agreed to support the plan, he screamed at McCarthy’s whip team and at Cantor, telling them: “You guys are killing me. You guys have got to give us some bones to throw to the tea party.”

Bones?  You mean like you’d throw to rabid dogs?

Nice goin’, Farenthold.

Thanks to Eve for the heads-up.

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12 Comments to “Ducky Pajamas and Whining”

  1. Uncle Dave says:

    He is the step-grandson of Sissy Farenthold, den mother of the “dirty thirty” and progessive candidate for governor of Texas back in the early 70s? You had to know this doofus could not be Sissy’s blood relative.

  2. MCPO RET says:

    I’ve watched Blake on c-span. Looks like a pile of wrinkled laundry dropped in a congressional chair.
    What a waste to replace a productive Democrat.
    Makes me want to puke.

  3. Marge Wood says:

    We all do stoopid things but you’d think a Congresscritter would stop and think about stuff like this before getting hisself photographed. I’d better stop before I say something REALLy stoopid.

  4. He should grin, this is about as close to a good looking young woman as he is likely to get without paying large sums of money. Oh bother, he probably paid to have them pose for this picture. Being from Nebraska but not Omaha you can have my vote as the queen of the small town where I reside. We have a post office and a feed store, no bar or restaurant. Well we have a post office for now it is likely to be closed soon.

  5. The tea party get what they paid for.
    And they didn’t get much.

  6. I’d love to hear what the girls had to say after the party about those revolting fat pigs. Yuck! Besides yuck, I mean, but that was probably a good opening remark.

  7. Cindy D. says:

    I’m so relieved to hear this asshat is not blood related to Sissy. I do think he might have traded on the Farenthold name to help get himself elected. It’s hard enough to live with the shenanigans of our closest kin.

  8. What is more, this guy looks like he’s a few chromosomes short of a genome…

  9. cairocat says:

    Judging from the Santa hat this picture has been around a little while but if I had not seen with my own eyes at Miss Juanita’s I would have had a hard time believing it was real.
    At least the congressrats who posted their chests and groins were motivated by their sex drives, which almost seems normal compared to this lunacy. Does anyone have any information about how this is playing in his district or with higher-ups on the Hill?

  10. TexasEllen says:

    It might be fun to take out a bill board or two in Blake’s district and title it, “Bedtime for Bonzo.”

  11. Robert Pierce says:

    The cynic in me keeps saying “we get the government we deserve”.

  12. Uncle Dave says:

    The expression on the face of the young lady standing next to the congressman suggests she is concerned about catching something.


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