Scott Walker Can Kiss My Big Blue Butt

April 10, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Can somebody please explain to me what special kind of crazzzy person doubles down when facing a tough recall election?  Scott Walker is giving the keys to Wisconsin to the steeple people.

You know, I kinda feel bad for the Super DeLux Brand Christians.  I mean, none of their core beliefs are in the Bible.  That’s gotta hurt, not to mention making Sunday Sermons mighty short.

But what they lack in Biblical foundation, they make up for in buying politicians.

Not only did Scott Walker repeal the state’s enforcement mechanism for pay discrimination lawsuits, making paying women less not only easier, but highly encouraged, he also went after women’s health and sex education.

What is it he doesn’t like about women?  Have we hurt his feelings or something?  Has he watched too many Father Knows Best reruns?

And here’s the clincher.

Scott Walker’s campaign, asked for comment, replied, “Governor Walker is solely focused on sharing his pro-jobs, pro-growth message and his plans for using the foundation that has been laid to move Wisconsin forward.”

What is pro-jobs about paying women less for doing the same job as a man? That seems pro-Neanderthal employer, but hardly helpful to single moms.

No matter how much they want to go back to the 1950’s with no birth control, women mopping the kitchen in high heels, and …. whoa, that’s it.  It’s that whole mopping the floor in high heels, ain’t it?  That’s what he wants to see.

Oh yeah, by the way, the war on caterpillars just launched a Walker missal.

Thanks to Ralph for the heads-up.

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14 Comments to “Scott Walker Can Kiss My Big Blue Butt”

  1. Marge Wood says:

    The “foundation that has been laid” in Wisconsin and in a bunch of other places was laid by the Koch brothers. These days, any time I get (bad word) about something I google “Koch brothers and….” and you’d be amazed how often they show up. They are like bermuda grass. Draw your own conclusions.

  2. It is pro-jobs if…the goal is to lower the unemployment rate without actually creating more jobs. If you drive women out of the workforce because they are pregnant and having to stay home and raise kids, they are no longer in the job pool and unemployment rate improves.

  3. daChipster says:

    First we need to remember that little Scottie is the son of a Baptist preacher, who in fact was preaching in Delavan when young daChipster was having one of his first legal beers at the Duck Inn, there, a classic Wisconsin supper club.

    Our paths did not cross.

    So the fathers and sons thing, which I theorize is VERY important in the lives of a LOT of today’s extremist pols, is once again in play here, I think.

    Of course, wearing the color of morality without actually having the essence is where we are at with the GOTP in general and WiGOP in particular, which seems to be entirely full of cheese…

    …and crackers.

  4. It takes a mean man to kick a dog, but I sure would like to put a boot to that Koch Poodle’s butt.

  5. He obviously knows he’s toast in Wisconsin, so he’s getting his revenge in advance.

    Also too, he’s probably got some high paying Koch job lined up (undercover) and wants to be sure he gets kicked out of the governor’s office so he can make some REAL money.

    That election can’t happen soon enough. I hope all the damage can be undone before he destroys the state.

  6. So now it’s ok to pay women and minorities less for the same jobs.

    Why hasn’t one thing occurred to the low-paid men who are rooting for this? – Now you can hire minorities and women for the same jobs and pay much, much less than a Tea Party man would currently get. And it’s back to sweatshops and an even higher unemployment rate for men.

    Yeah, this’ll be good for them. Right.

  7. On Wisconsin!

    Recall Scott Walker!

    (Sooner…. rather than later), before he does any more damage to the state.

  8. Remember, the Kochistani (nee Wisconsin) legislature already determined that single mothers are sluts and child abusers. When Mullahs (nee legislators) Glenn Grothman and Donald Pridemore introduced a bill to halt single parentage dead in its tracks, they had hard facts to back them up. Grothman said children in single slut households are “20 times more likely to be sexually abused” than children of married non-slut parents. How can you argue with those facts? Giving these single, abusive sluts equal pay would only encourage them to heap more slutty abuse on their children. Hooray for Kochistan!

  9. I wrote: “Grothman said children in single slut households are “20 times more likely to be sexually abused” than children of married non-slut parents.”

    My apologies. I stand corrected. I meant than children of married heterosexual non-slut parents. Huge difference!

  10. I believe Star’s point is crucial. Reminds me of a guy I knew who complained that he couldn’t get a good job with his business degree (and C grades) because “all the girls in his classes got A’s and ruined the curve and then took all the jobs.”

  11. Moving Wisconsin forward… into the 19th century. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is bliss. Sometimes I wish I were more blissful.

  12. I suspect Walker would really like to see teenage boys mopping the kitchen floor in high heels.

  13. Was the caterpillar missal (Catholic prayer book) missile pun intended or a typo? Very clever and very funny either way

  14. montag –
    I cannot agree with your depiction of Gov Walker as “that Koch Poodle.” Poodles are ranked as the second most intelligent dog breed based on their ability to understand new commands in less than 5 repetitions, & obey first command 95% of the time or better. A “Koch Bulldog” might be more appropriate, as it takes bulldogs 80-100 repititions to learn a new command. Gov Walker only seems to know a few, limited tricks.