Big Misunderstanding Over a Small Thing

April 02, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Gawker, where political gossip meets Paris Hilton, has a story this morning about a incident with Rick Perry in a bathroom right before the New Hampshire debate.

It seems that the manager of a rival candidate was in the bathroom.  In comes Texas Governor Rick Perry and he “came down the row of about twenty urinals and stood companionably close by,” all the while singing – apparently quite loudly – I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.

The rival campaign manager says he “made a hasty exit; as the bathroom door closed, he could hear Perry still merrily singing away: “I-I-I’ve been working on the ra-a-i-i-l-road, all-l-l the live-long day . . .”

Gawker thought this was a strange and embarrassing activity, and was probably due to all the pain drugs Rick Perry has to take for “his back.”  (Little do they know that he takes them  to remain just stupid instead of painfully stupid.)

As people from foreign states shamefully rarely know, The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You is sung to the same tune as I’ve Been Working on the Railroad. This explains the behavior.  The rival campaign manager just mistook I’ve Been Working on the Railroad for The Eyes of Texas.

And why was Rick Perry singing it loudly while at the urinal?

Well, of course he was.  Every decent Texas man always sings The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You while holding his twittle.

Thanks to Steve for the heads up.

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29 Comments to “Big Misunderstanding Over a Small Thing”

  1. Thank Goodness …. it wasn’t the Aggie War Hymn.

  2. So are you implying Perry sang “I’ve been working on the railroad,” expecting the other man to understand that he meant “the eyes of Texas are upon you,” i.e., “I’m looking at your thing”? And if so, was this supposed to be an intimidation tactic, or a gay pickup line? (A connection with “Dinah won’t you blow your horn” in “I’ve been working on the railroad”?) If so, how would he expect a non-Texan to get it? I’m not sure that the “eyes of Texas” connection makes this bizarre behavior even slightly more intelligible.

  3. Sandy Havens says:

    Either tune would work if what you are holding is the governor’s twittle. There are some other fun tunes as well.

  4. I googled “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You”. The lyrics sound like the sort of thing that would appeal to a Dominionist who thinks “freedom” means “My religion says I can control you.”

  5. Juanita Jean says:

    Uh, Freethought. Uh, look up the story behind the origin of it.

  6. Juanita Jean says:

    Kevin, I was trying to make a funny but I guess I missed the target. Yes, I thought it was kinda nuts.

  7. ks sunflower says:

    Came back after reading the story and saw the headline a second time. Have to say, I love the double entendre, whether intended or not. Am still laughing. Poor little Rickie.

  8. He is an Aggie. They would never sing the “Eyes of Texas” as that is the UT song. The Aggies always sing” I’ve been working on the railroad “just to tick off the UT folks.

  9. Juanita Jean says:

    Okay, that’s it. That’s the last Rick Perry holding his winkie joke I will ever make.

    Apparently, it was an inside joke – inside me. I just thought it was funny to imagine Rick Perry standing at the urinal holding his stuff and singing The Eyes of Texas as loud as he could.

    I don’t think he was singing the Eyes of Texas, but the funny visual of him doing that would not work if he was singing I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.

    (Y’all, I’m making fun of myself here. You don’t need to apologize.)
    I’m sorry I upset the Secular Humor Time-Space Continuum this morning.

    And yes, I meant the funny headline. What? You think the dog quit and the pony is drunk?

    I cannot tell you the joy it takes out of my life not to be able to tell Rick Perry winkie jokes. I mean, up until today it’s what I lived for.

    (Y’all, I’m making fun of myself here. You don’t need to apologize.)

  10. It’s okay, Juanita Jean. I had the same double entendre moment that ks sunflower did, and I thought it was hilarious. Keep living for today…and RP winkie jokes. Never let it be said that we would take the joy out of your life. You certainly bring joy to ours.

    (The song meanings didn’t quite have the same connections for us non-Texans though, so you were right about that.)

  11. ks sunflower says:

    As I said before, I loved the headline. Seems we were on a similar wavelength (or in Rick’s case, shortlength – sorry, but why else would Texas eyes be watching him – everyone just wants confirmation of what they believe. His penchant for waving big guns and wearing big hair is just shouting he is compensating for smallness elsewhere.) So glad my daughter is out of the country and cannot read what I am writing, hehe.

  12. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    All this time I’ve been singing it using the lyrics of the RAF airman who was dropping leaflets over Germany while singing “I’ve been laboring on the railway, all the bloody afternoon”
    (A Yank in the RAF – Tyrone Power)

  13. Regardless, whether Working on the Railroad or The Eyes of Texas, it’s infantile that a full growed up man has to sing to his winkie to make it work. Singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star would have been even more embarrassing, I think.

  14. daChipster says:

    Are we supposed to have a winkie song?

    Then I choose “John Henry’s Hammer:”

    “Well John Henry hammered in the mountain.
    He’d give a grunt and he’d give a groan with every swing.
    The women folks for miles around heard him and come down,
    To watch him make the cold steel ring. Lord what a swinger!”

  15. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I thought the singin’ was a signal like a wide stance or something.

  16. hahahaha . . . . .

  17. BarbinDC says:

    OK, now I’m confused. Not the part about Lil’ Ricky singing in the loo, but about “The Eyes of Texas.” I was brought up in El Paso to think that it was state anthem. UTEP always had a different fight song and we never sang “Eyes” when I went there. Believe it or not, Wiki is wrong!

  18. Gramiam says:

    “Every decent Texas man always sings The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You while holding his twittle.”

    Now, THERE’S an image!

  19. I watched the HBO movie Game Change with glee, and now I’m reading the book. Oh, please please let there be a film based on this campaign.

    That one scene with Perry swinging and singing, well, that would be worth the admission charge or the satellite teevee expense many times over.

    You just have to love the train imagery.

  20. Lyntilla says:

    The state song is “Texas, my Texas”, NOT the “eyes of texas”. Shudder. Yes, I’m an Aggie. I also have degrees from Texas Tech and UT and I don’t want ANY of their fight songs to be the state song. And Perry should have been shouting “Squeeze, AGS!” if he were flashing back to his Aggie Yell Leader days.

  21. Twiddle?

    Anybody who sings anything while holding a “Twiddle” must be given more space than Governor Perry seems to have wanted.

    Twiddle? Wide Stance?



  22. Maybe in his reptilian brain he was trying to drive that guy out of the bathroom with his singing so no eyes would be on that wee willy winkie.

  23. Liddle Twittle? Poor Rick, he’s the little train that couldn’t.

  24. BarbinDC says:

    It’s been a very long time since I’ve lived in Texas; but, I have never, ever heard of “Texas, my Texas.” Unless it is sung to the tune of “Oh, Tannebaum,” like “Maryland my Maryland,” I couldn’t recognize it if my life depended on it.

  25. fenway fran says:

    I have to say, this is one of the most hysterically funny threads EVER!

  26. Juanita Jean says:

    It’s Texas, Our Texas.

    And, in case you were wondering and I’m sure you were, I am old enough to remember when the lyrics had to be changed from “Boldest and Biggest” to “Boldest and Grandest” when Alaska joined the union.

    Sing along, Texans in foreign states.

  27. “Every decent Texas man always sings The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You while holding his twittle”

    Not me! I usually sing “Surrey With The Fringe On Top” from “Oklahoma” when I’m doing Number One. Number Two? Don’t ask…

  28. daChipster says:

    kellybee – is it OOOOOoooooklahoma?

  29. Chipster, only when I eat in the cafeteria at work…


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