The Good, The Bad, and The Just Damn Lazy

February 20, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Front page in Sunday’s Dallas Morning News:  Click the little one to get the big one.  —

The Dallas Morning News is so self-important that they make you pay to see their entire stories, but I can help you with the jest of it.

After almost six months away from the state to campaign for president, Rick Perry has barely returned to his Capitol office since arriving back in Austin, state records show.

In the first 16 days since he dropped from the race, covering Jan. 19 through Feb. 3, Perry went to his office only three times and stayed no more than three hours each time, according to his state calendar obtained by The Dallas Morning News under the state’s public information law.

The bad news:  Rick Perry is not showing up for work.

The good news:  Rick Perry is not showing up for work.

And when he does show up, it ain’t for, you know, actual work.

The schedules may also indicate that Perry remains vulnerable to criticism that has dogged both his gubernatorial tenure and his presidential campaign: that he doesn’t dive deeply into policy and is more focused on politics. Perry’s political schedules are kept separately, but interviews show that he spent time upon his return to Texas calling financial and political backers to thank them for their support.

Honey, if the devil is ever dieing, we’re gonna use Rick Perry to go fetch the doctor.  We have to lay out markers to see if he’s moving at all.

If you do decide to purchase this article, I do need to warn you that they quote Harold Cook.

“It doesn’t matter what time period you look at, this governor always has something better to do than run the state,” said Harold Cook, a consultant who works closely with Democratic state senators.

And he says that like it’s a bad thing.

Thanks to David for the heads up.

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12 Comments to “The Good, The Bad, and The Just Damn Lazy”

  1. Great closing snark – along with the good-bad news!

  2. Well, he is, after all, collecting retirement money.

  3. More important things to do than running Texas:

    1) Just run
    2) …and shoot varmints
    3) Uhh, uhhh, help me out here…
    4) Work out at gyms
    5) Cruise same
    6) Plan elaborate prayer rallies
    7) Hug more syrup in Verhampshire, or New Mont, I forget where all
    8) Visit Iowa and see if I’ve won yet
    9) Lay back in the goobernatorial hammock, close my eyes and think about stuff
    10) Write another book
    11) Read my last one
    12) Stand in front of the mirror and repeat “Vice President Perry” about a million times
    13) Check again to make sure Tyler Perry is no relation
    14) Check again to see if maybe Steve Perry is, I hope I hope.
    15) See if anyone still running will take my calls.
    16) See if anyone else will
    17) Challenge Stephen Hawking to a contest see who’s smarter – maybe tennis?
    18) Check on the azaleas
    19) I’m an old cowhand from the Rio Grande, but my legs ain’t…huh?
    20) Ritalin. Lots and lots of Ritalin.

  4. A few more for your list, Chip…

    21) Leave more voice mails to Mitt, Newt, and Other Rick reminding them how much he’d LOVE to be Veep.
    22) Talk to Discovery Channel about that great idea for a television series – “An Aggie’s History of America”.
    23) Order a copy of “TelePrompters For Dummies” from Amazon.
    24) Call Herman Cain to talk about starting up a new fast-food chain – “Corndog Hut”.
    25) Call Bill White and tell him he’s ready to debate him now.
    26) Find out where “The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon” is…and make note to NEVER set foot in it.

  5. Robin Frazier says:

    This is normal for Tx. Govs. They are not required to be there nor is there any Constitutional function for them to do. Now if they give a hoot they could be managing the Bureaucracy but it’s on autopilot just like the rest of the State Government. I am not defending Perry but we have a broken system. There have been Governors that got things started and left town a month after the regular session started. They don’t even have to come back to sign stuff. Bills can become law by them doing nothing. They have to veto but if they are in agreement they can leave town. There are a few procedural items that can be done or emergencies but the Tx. Gov is not a hands on position. It was made that way on purpose. We need a 21st century Constitution bad.

  6. I want to know who showed him where the office was when he got back to Texas?

  7. HA! montag- that’s it!!
    Nobody did- and the sparrows ate the breadcrumbs!!

  8. I read
    that Perry is leaving on Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) to campaign for Gingrich in Arizona. I hope “Jose” is safe, now that I think of it, but I digress.
    Perry’s travel:
    Trooper entourage? Travel expenses? His own dime? I doubt it, but how will we know?

  9. And he’s getting paid twice! When he talks about another term he needs to be reminded that he’s already retired.

  10. “This is normal for Tx. Govs. They are not required to be there nor is there any Constitutional function for them to do.”

    And they said GWB was qualified to be president because he’d been Governor of Texas…..

  11. We in Illinois had a Guv like that. His name is Blagojevich. If he hadn’t played hooky so much, the federal judge might have given him 40 years instead of 14. So maybe your Gov. Perry is doing hisself a favor by staying away.

  12. haha, we got both kinds, Southern Baptist and Evangelical. Totally non-denominational. What a piece of work this guy is. My favorite was when he called for Texas to secede and then only a couple months later was crying for federal assistance after flooding or wildfires or whatever natural disasters they got down there. God must really hate Texas (and rightfully so). I agree with you, Austin could very well be the number one coolest place in the history of anything, but it doesn’t nearly begin to outweigh the sheer volume of crap generated by the rest of Texas. Crap, what about school textbooks in Texas, how they are changing history and science, and how the rest of the country suffers because textbook companies cater to Texas, as it buys such a large amount of texts? I don’t know if this is directly Robust Leathery Ass’s doing, but yeah, let’s blame him for it We need some sort of name, a shorthand, for this clown. Oh, please run for President, Robust Leathery Ass!


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