Because There’s No Quittin’ for Strong Women and the Men Who Really Love Us

February 03, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

CNN is reporting that the Susan G. Komen Foundation is reversing its decision on Planned Parenthood.

Well done, my friends, well done.

And a special thank you to Cecile Richards for being a class act throughout this entire ordeal.  She made Texas women Texas proud.

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59 Comments to “Because There’s No Quittin’ for Strong Women and the Men Who Really Love Us”

  1. gidget commando says:

    Exactly, JJ. DO NOT cheese off the wimminz, mkay? Seriously. We got long memories.

    A big round of “atta girl”!

  2. TexasEllen says:

    Having gotten a look at exactly how much Komen was giving to research and how much to overhead, they have still lost me. That horse is out of the barn and loping down the road.

  3. Cheryl Ann says:

    This does even more damage to Komen. The people who gave to Planned Parenthood in the last few days will not go back to Komen, and now the right wing (as generous as they are) will be mad and not give either. Komen’s days are numbered.

  4. Komen did not say they would ever give another grant to PP however. They can find lots of excuses not too, and have already made lots of excuses in the last two days. But at least some wingnuts have gotten a lot of egg all over their faces and learned it ain’t the world they think it is.

  5. Komen just backed off their attack on Planned Parenthood, and restored the grant. I frankly don’t care! I have decided to skip funding the almost $500,000 salary of Komen’s CEO and just donate directly to Planned Parenthood. SGK will be defunct in 5 years!!

  6. Up until last year I considered myself a catholic.
    For the first time I openly gave to Planned Parenthood.
    And am proud of it!!

  7. SomedayGirl says:

    They are only saying they will fund the current grants. They are making no promises about future grants and we now know who is steering the ship over there – the coathanger brigade and not the folks who want to save women’s lives thru cancer screenings.

    Sent my $25 to PP today in honor of Karen Handel and Komen.

  8. Yeah, according to HuffPo, Komen agreed to continue existing promised funding – they never said they would terminate this. They are very carefully not saying whether they will renew funding the next time renewal comes up.

    I have a sneaking hunch that they hope a non-renewal will get less press. What they will get is none of my money until they renew. Heartless bastards.

    Save the ta-tas!

  9. daChipster says:

    They’ve claimed to reverse their “non-politically-motivated” decision to disqualify PP from applying. But it sounds like one of those non-apology apologies.

    “…preserve [PP] eligibility to apply for future grants, while maintaining the ability of our affiliates to make funding decisions that meet the needs of their communities.”

    In other words “you can ask, but our affiliates will prolly decide all on their lonesomes that, surprise! PP does NOT meet the needs of their communities. Too bad. So sad. Feel free to re-apply next year.”

    And are they going to reverse their “non-politi­cally-motivated” decision to withhold future funding from stem-cell research? Don’t ask, unless you hanker for the lovely sound of crickets in February.

    I’m telling you, SGK, in the words of that famous Texan-Amurrican, “Fool me twice, we won’t get fooled again.”

  10. I’m with TexasEllen. That horse done left the barn. Ain’t no gittin’ it back.

    Welcome to the real world of the proletariat Nancy Brinker and Karen Handel.

  11. SomedayGirl says:

    I suspect Komen is a dead org walking at this point – they pissed off everyone who is prochoice with the original decision, THEN pissed off all the antichoice peeps by reversing it. In the process they inadvertently caused their bugetary skeletons to tumble out of the closet (half mil salaries, only 30% used for the mission, etc.) which will piss off fair number of the no-dog-in-the-fight donors.

    Nice going, Komen. You hit the bad PR trifecta.

  12. RockheadedMama says:

    Okay, any organization that cow-tows to David Vitter isn’t exactly trust worthy in my book. I agree with those that have said the cow has already escaped the barn, the curtain has been pulled on the wizard – it’s just too late. Their administrative costs (ah,hmm, salaries and lobbying!) are just way too high. The amount they gave PP was a pittance compared to the amounts they spend lobbying against women’s health. Buh-bye Komen and don’t let the doorknob hit you in the butt on your way out.

  13. Take notice of this – Komen and guns is okay, but Komen and Planned Parenthood, no way.

  14. The full press release sounds more like an attempt to staunch the outflow of dollars from SGK to other, more deserving charities. They had already stated earlier this week that they would honor PP grants in progress, but no new grants would be forthcoming. With today’s statement, they said that they would honor those grants (again) and only that they will “preserve PP’s eligibility to apply for future grants”. Doesn’t mean they’ll actually grant them any.

    Mother Jones has an article on SGK and Penn State, who also appears to violate this new policy regarding investigations, yet no word from SGK on defunding them…

    This is a blatant attempt by SGK to limit the damage. I’ve never been a supporter of SGK; I always thought they were more about marketing a brand than doing actual research (only 25% of their money goes to actual research, the rest goes to marketing and education, not to mention $450,000 dollar salary for their CEO.

    And with all the money SGK has made in the past 30 years, why is the incidence of breast cancer INCREASING (in the 1970’s the rate was 1 in 10, now it’s 1 in 8)???

    SGK states that this was not a political decision, yet anti-choice groups were broadcasting on the Internet 2 WEEKS before SGK notified PP of their decision that they had won the fight against PP and their supporters could now donate to SGK in good faith knowing that SGK would no longer be awarding grants to PP.

  15. I’m with TexasEllen. I have to admit that I had never looked at SGK’s fianances before but I don’t raise money for breast cancer research to have it pay those astronomical salaries.
    I stand with and donate to Planned Parenthood from yesterday forward.

  16. Well….not so fast….they didn’t REALLY back down. (Surprise!) And they managed to push the blame onto someone else. These RWs never change.

  17. Dave Whitefield says:

    Komen is toast. I’ll never give them another damned dime. Also not supporting businesses who sponsor them, including Ford, and B of A. Sad too, because I love my Ford truck!

  18. daChipster says:

    TexasEllen: That horse has now stopped at a tattoo parlor a couple miles down the road and is getting “SGK Handel” tattooed on his patoot!

    “Right” cheek, of course.

  19. Ellen Childress says:

    My cynicism slips out at times like these. I don’t believe we will have a “cure” for cancer simply because the “race for the cure” brings in too much money for a lot of people, not just Komen foundation.Cancer is Big Bizness! Remember how Salk was vilified when he found a vaccination for polio? That cost an entire industry its jobs and high ( for back then ) salaries.

  20. SGK has had about 27 years, and billions….. not millions… but billions…… to find a cure….

    Way too little….. way too late….

    Bullsh** talks…… and money walks….. and the money has already walked.

    (sorry Momma.).

  21. Sandy Havens says:

    Re Ellen Childress: Playwright G.B. Shaw wrote, “We did a terrible thing when we made it in the surgeon’s financial interest to cut off our leg.”

    Money makes the world go ’round.

  22. Basically, they SGK foundation are just “sorry” they offended anybody.

  23. daChipster says:

    And another thing! (Sorry to keep posting, but this whole hot mess has gotten me riled.)

    If you want to see, live and in color, how the Republican model works, look no further than how they run this business of “charity.”

    Their argument of why social programs should not be run by the government­, but instead left up to private largesse (“noblesse oblige?”) hinges on organizati­ons just like this. This is what “privatiza­tion” looks like.

    We’ll never find a cure as long as there’s big bucks to be made “looking” for one.

  24. Komen has now shown their heinies for all to see and it’s not a pretty picture. Did you notice that Nancy Brinker looks as if she has spent a lot of her big salary on botched cosmetic surgery. Like her blessed mama, Cecile Richards is a natural Texas beauty in looks and mind.

  25. I’ve said before that I was conflicted, because the Komen Foundation had basically saved a friend’s life. Went to the movies with that friend this morning, and figured while we were out, I’d ask what her take on it was. Get a “real” answer, sorta.

    Guess what? She’s conflicted, too. As she put it, “I’d be dead if it wasn’t for the Komen Foundation. But…” I think she plans on donating to both Komen and Planned Parenthood.

    Maybe they put it in those words just to deflect the heat… guess we’ll just have to keep tabs on it and we’ll see. Meanwhile, I’m donating to PP.


  26. Anthony Lopez says:

    Billions of dollars have been raised through the tireless efforts of women and men devoted to putting an end to breast cancer. Yet, breast cancer rates in North America have risen to 1 in 8. “What’s going on?” asks Barbara Brenner in Pink Ribbons, Inc. a new film coming in 2012.

    This feature documentary visits some of the massive fundraising runs and questions where the money goes and asks ‘who really profits from pink ribbon campaigns?’. We meet women with metastatic breast cancer from the IV League support group of Austen, Texas who openly tell us their stories.

  27. (@daChipster says:) A perfect summary. Exactly what has been in my mind for the past 30 years of “privatization” nonsense. Wish I had always been able to sum up the situation so succinctly and powerfully!

  28. That woman pi$$ed me off when she said Blair House was booked, so the Obamas had to stay at a hotel to get their kids in school just before the inauguration. She could have put the ambassador from nowhere up in Lincoln’s bedroom.

    If she were still married to Brinker I’d boycott his restaurants, too.

  29. Who knew that cancer could be so profitable? Wow!


    Hala Moddelmog, Chief Executive Officer & President—$456,437
    Annetta Hewko, VP, Global Strategies & Programs—$343,013
    Kimberly Earle, Chief Operations Officer & Secretary—$327,754
    Marianne Alciati, VP, Research & Scientific Affairs—$240,248
    Justin Ricketts, Chief Information Officer—$219,711
    Mark Nadolney, Chief Financial Officer—$205,174
    Susan Carter-Johns, VP, Strategic Relations—$202,273
    Jonathan Blum, General Counsel & Secretary—$200,797
    Eric Winer, Chief Scientific Advisor—$190,548
    Wendeline Jongenburger, VP, Affiliate Relations—$182,734
    Diana Rowden, VP, Survivorship & Outcomes—$179,951
    Katrina McGheeGlobal Business Division—$178,507
    Pamela Stevens, Director, DC Communications—$178,106
    Elizabeth Thompson, Medical & Scientific Affairs—$169,706
    Emily Callahan, Global Marketing & Network—$167,814
    David Dawson, Director, Solution Delivery—$154,972
    Nancy MacGregor, VP, Global Networks—$138,750

    Total Salary/Benefits Paid by Organization- $50,730,864

  30. Too many wingnuts sitting around the Komen Foundation.
    And I don’t believe a word about them getting past the political. I shall give directly to Planned Parenthood from now on.

    Of course I’m stuck with my crappy pink ribboned checks for a while.

  31. @Nan At one time the Komen Foundation may have done some good, but organizations & people change; some for the better and some for the worse. Komen obviously is one of those that have devolved and is now all about enriching themselves and politicizing women’s health. This organization doesn’t sound like the same one that saved your friend’s life.

  32. Considering how many times their story has changed, it’s time to remember the old axiom.
    “If the alibi keeps changing, somebody’s lying”

  33. Sam Davis says:

    Note that Mr. Hypocrite, Dan Patrick, has been running his mouth about how much good he and his fellow idiots did when they defunded PP during the last session.

    When Patrick passes this earth, there’ll only be room for two pall bearers cause there’s only two handles on a garbage can.

  34. As a breast cancer survivor, who lost her mother to breast cancer, I’m with glf. I think originally it was a good organization because they did bring the notion of breast cancer out of the closet and into the light. But . . . when all that money gets flowing there is always someone who knows how to direct a lot of it to themselves.

    I knew something had gone wrong when I was given a “present” of Campbell’s tomato soup with pink ribbons on the label. Lost my faith in SKG then, just another snake oil salesman at that point.

  35. OldMayfly says:

    Damn, JuanitaJean! Next time I want to step into the beauty shop I’d better come in real early and take a number.

    Everything I wanted to say (and more) already has been said better and in greater detail.

    TexasEllen and Jimbo already said what I wanted to say about SGK’s report that Planned Parenthood would be “eligible” for grants. Shoot, I’m eligible to win the Home & Gardens TV “Dream House” sweepstakes, but I can’t get a real estate agent to list the property.

    And every other comment was just what I wanted to say. Especially thank you Lynne. I’m going to be passing on those SGK salary figures.

    What a site this is–and what a sight this SGK shipwreck is.

  36. OldMayfly says:

    Forgot to especially mention SomedayGirl–who was all over that may-get-grant-in-the-future business.

  37. OldMayfly says:

    Angela, if you are with a bank “too big to fail” consider moving some or all of your accounts to a credit union or local bank.

    New checks! Community assets! Penalty for bad banking practices! Political statement!

  38. I have been skeptical of SGKF for some time due to available information regarding overhead and other non-research expenses, but I continued to give $10 or $20 here and there because I know survivors and non-survivors (everybody my age does) and knew people who were walking or otherwise raising funds.

    I read something this morning recounting how SGKF has quietly cut off funding to a bunch of foundations and universities who are doing cancer research using stem cells. I have not had a chance to check this out further, but I bet there are several folks here who would be willing to help me in that effort. If true, it’s a pattern of conduct that can not be misinterpreted.

  39. You know, as grotesque as this whole thing is(was? Let’s give it a year and see how many grants they grant next year), the total idiocy wingnut response is worse. We are all big bad bullies, you know! I’d give you some links, but it would make my fingers stink (National Review has one of the most egregious; not a surprise. I once respected Will F. (didn’t like, but respected), and I still do conservatives and, somewhat, his son, but not at all his heirs.).

    It seems we should not make waves. This is a private org doing what they will with their own money, and peeps like me should STFU (sorry mama).

    Hell, (oops again, turning into a perry maybe) I’ve given these people money and time and effort, more than I should have, in the belief that an early mammogram might have change my early life, but I’m not supposed to react when this group changes into a political operative??! One that only cares about certain types of human life. We’re only allowed to react if we react right, only allowed freedom if we make the decisions they would. Only allowed to march if we goosestep to their rhythm (is that overboard? Only they are allowed those kinds of illusions, right?).

    The half mil CEO pay check wouldn’t have ended my donations to Komen; nor would the twenty percent spent on research; nor the one third on administration cost. It wouldn’t have because I thought the publicizing of the need for early tests was all worth it. But if they will let women die because they’re from the wrong neighborhood, or go into the wrong clinic, then….

    Sorry for the long rant, this p…… me off and I had a drink at lunch, and you’re paying the price.

  40. Dave Whitefield says:

    Here’s some good news, that I’m sure all of us who donated to PP got in our email today from Cecile… just quoting the really good part:

    “…Over the last three days, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Breast Health Fund has received more than $3 million from thousands of people across the country. Every dollar we received for this fund will go directly to breast exams and diagnostic services, as well as breast health outreach and education so that more women can receive this critical care….”

    Take that, Komen, and put it where the sun don’t shine!

    Sorry, but even though Komen helped my wife and me, I’m not conflicted at all… they also defunded stem cell research last year, a lot more money than PP every got from them, and that money really affects the search for a cure. Hypocrites!

  41. Another link if you want to read more Komen political shenanigans:

  42. It looks like Dave has heard the same thing regarding stem cell research. If that becomes widely known, SGKF is dead. The “right to lifers” have no problem opening their mouths, but it’s a different story with their wallets.

  43. On a really personal level, what is Nancy Brinker thinking? I love my sister more than my life, and dead or alive, I would protect her dear name. Nancy has let the organization she named after her sister get fat and off track and political, giving good people every reason to badmouth it. Why drag the name of someone you love through the mud by association with your own bad choices? That is really sad.

  44. OldMayfly says:

    Everybody–go to link glf just posted two comments above! It has the whole background on S G Kormen by a woman who has been researching them for years.

    Anne S, makes you wonder, doesn’t it? There are similar comments on the Kos diary linked by glf.

  45. Mizcreant says:

    This is one we should neither forget nor forgive. It is about time and it is good to see women at last sticking together. We shall not be moved. Get used to it.

  46. Well, good for SGK. I might have to send another $50 to Planned Parenthood but this time I’ll send a nice note to the Komen people to thank them for reconsidering.

    JadeMorey, AKA TheGreenEel, cry your own freaking river.

  47. @Crone: I don’t know who you are referring to, but I can assure you that they are wrong, wrong, wrong. The Blair House doesn’t operate that way and neither does Sidwell Friends. Any private school in the area would have opened their doors to the Obama girls under ANY circumstances and at ANY time. The Blair House staff has a schedule, which includes in the incoming POTUS and his/her family–the Constitution establishing the date and all. They were prepared months in advance and there is no way in HELL that is was “booked” for anybody else. The only “unknown” for the Blair House is the death of a former President. When Jimmy Carter was hospitalized a while back, that put the staff on notice. I get this from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

  48. Kath the Scrappy says:

    @ Mr. B., here’s the link you are looking for:

    Susan G. Komen Foundation Also Stops Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research

  49. Kath the Scrappy says:

    Another thing about the stem cell stuff, as I posted on another blog lastnight:

    I was happy to see on Ed Schultz tonight that he brought back Terry O’Neill, spokeswoman for Natl Organization for Women. A night or two ago on ES she felt, her own personal belief, that SKG may no longer be in business in 5 years. That women who had worked tirelessly and also donated to SKG felt “betrayed”. (Personally, I thought “betrayed” was the best term which describes the outrage being expressed all around!)

    Anyway, tonight Ms. O’Neill brought up the 12million that SKG deleted in stem cell research. First time I’ve seen anyone on TV bring that stem cell research issue up to the discussion. Great interview IMO.

    A reversal for Komen?

  50. With the revelation that Komen is a republican organization, and that Ari Fleischer of all people was advising them, I am glad all the democratic donors are seeing the light, we all have to support pp from now on.