You Tube: Just Like God

February 28, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

I think y’all know just about everything there is to know about Texas Republican State Representative Leo Berman.

He’s so far to then right that he’ll drive around the block rather than take a left turn. He’s older than dirt. He is really, really creepy about undocumented workers, up to and including a bill that “restricts illegal aliens to certain geographic regions.” You know, like to build fences around cattle to keep them from straying. Or maybe we’ll just brand them.

Leo has a new cause. He’s a birther and darn proud of it.

But, it goes beyond that edge of sanity. Leo says that

Though the Obama campaign produced a certificate of live birth from Hawaii and the director of Hawaii’s Department of Health confirmed Obama was born there, Berman, in all his searching, says he’s found little information to reassure him about the president. “The latest rumor I hear, and I don’t know if this is true or not,” Berman said, “is that he’s used about 25 different Social Security numbers.” Asked where he gets his information, Berman cites e-mails and online video clips. “YouTubes are infallible,” he said.

Infallible. Like God.

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7 Comments to “You Tube: Just Like God”

  1. Leo is not my state representative and shouldn’t be the representative of the district he does represent after the next election. There is another election next year. Are you listening Smith County and Tyler? You can do better. I am represented by Louie Gohmert in Congress. I’m not sure exactly how that happened. Wayne Christian is the state representative although I have run against him. Wayne wants Texans to be able to hunt hogs from helicopters. I think he must be enamored with Sarah and her Alaska.

  2. Kenneth, thank you for alerting me to the danger I face as a South Texan if Christian succeeds in filling the skies with helicopters full of cowboys trying to shoot feral hogs. At night. In the dark. And I thought guns on campus were the worst thing I had to worry about!

  3. EClaire McLean says:

    What proof does Berman have that his mother was not a chupacabra? Maybe he’s one of those terror babies? Why should we believe whatever he presents?

  4. DonA in Pennsyltucky says:

    YouTubes are infallible.
    The Pope is infallible.
    Therefore YouTubes is the Pope and the Pope is YouTubes.
    (My name is Sherlock Holmes.)

  5. My theory is that the combination of red dirt dust and pine tree fumes has addled his brain. Worse than huffing glue.

  6. Rattail Comb says:

    The Texas Tribune quotes Berman thusly: “The only thing a person has that can’t be taken away is integrity.” By all indications, Berman’s integrity is like that hairy, gray-green thing in the back corner of the hydrator that he’s ignored for so long it’s polluted the entire appliance.

  7. Great…now I can tell my granddaughter, “pay attention and do your best in school, or you’ll grow to be just like Leo Berman!”