I Feel Sure That She Can Call Out The Flying Monkeys

February 20, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Texas Republican State Legislator Debbie Riddle needs to do a “I am not a witch” commercial because you couldn’t prove she’s not by her behavior.

She now wants children to starve because their parents need punishing.

She calls it “preaching” but it’s nothing that sweet Jesus would have said.

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18 Comments to “I Feel Sure That She Can Call Out The Flying Monkeys”

  1. Dear God. Has this woman never read the Sermon on the Mount? Has she not read the multitude of reports that prompted the feeding of children in school and the resultant rise in test scores? Does she really want children to STARVE in the US of A?

    Jesus wept.

  2. As someone who has benefitted from the Federal free and reduced lunch program, I can say first hand – she’s full of it. She’s clearly never had to chose between paying the mortgage/rent and feeding her family. This program was a wonderful asset to help my family when we needed it. How dare she call it dependency and imply that the parents are somehow taking advantage of the government. Does she even know what it takes to qualify for the program?

  3. What an IDIOT….. She is stunningly dumb. Let’s starve the children because their parents are too poor or irresponsible.

  4. How short sided and narrow minded can one person be? Now the party of ‘NO’ is thinking about cutting back on school lunch programs for kids that are in need of it. She needs to go out see how these people who need these programs live, it’s not as black and white as she makes it out to be, seems to be a common trait among the republican and Tea Party Representatives.

  5. Of course she does! It goes against her peculiar brand of religion for anybody to help anyone else, regardless of circumstances. Boy would she have a field day if the Lege called Sweet Jesus before her committee!

  6. Here’s a handed down “my mother/daddy grew up during the depression” story. This one happens to be from my Dad relating that you could tell the families that had nothing but sweet potatoes to eat because their skin had an orange tint to it. At least they had sweet potatoes, but sadly no Cheerios.

  7. DonA in Pennsyltucky says:

    The school lunch and breakfast programs are interesting.
    A woman I worked with, who HATED President Clinton, was absolutely thrilled that she didn’t have to make either breakfast or lunch for her children.

  8. shortstuff says:

    She doesn’t have a clue about WWJD.

    The meals that are provided for children under the Free and Reduced Lunch program might be the ONLY meal some kids get that day. Obviously Riddle is one of the “let them eat cake” mindset.

    And these morons are probably sitting on their butts in a pew every Sunday morning and patting themselves on their backs about how holy they are.

    They’re nothing but a bunch of heartless Pharisees.

    Riddle needs to walk in someone’s shoes…..assuming that person has shoes….before passing such judgements.

  9. These food programs were put in place by people who lived through the Depression and who knew first hand the indignity, insecurity and depravation of hunger. They did not want the future generations to suffer the same fate that they did. It’s shameful for Little Debbie to use Grandma’s Depression experience to cut funding for food for the children.

  10. short people says:

    When you have a decision to make about the mortgage/rent, utilities, medicine, gasoline to get to work, and food, it isn’t quite so simple. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say this woman doesn’t want to subsidize contraception so that poor women can have some effective means to control the size of their families short of saying “No” to their husbands (and maybe risking domestic violence.) But they’re poor for a reason: God hates them.

  11. Kerry in SATX says:

    Let me paraphrase what I heard her say: “….I’m confused [yes, yes you are–deeply]…when did poverty begin?…bread and soup lines were not part of the Depression.”

    She a member of the Texas Board of Education? Or is Stupid really and truly infinite?

  12. Kerry in SATX says:

    Gotta say–just watched it again because I just could not believe it. Unbelievable. Stunningly stupid.

  13. Gary Halter says:

    Explain the school lunch program using the same logic that is used to justify agricultural programs that give large sums to corporate argicultrual interests.

  14. Psst, let me share a dirty little secret with you.

    This school lunch program is more evil than even Lil’ Debbie realizes.

    Can’t you see that good, patriotic, red-blooded, God-fearing Americans are being forced to subsidize the development of the terror & anchor babies that are taking “our’ country away from us.

    Talk about making you pay for the rope with which you’ll be hung.


    Louis Gohmert / Debbie Riddle for Prez and Veep in 2012!

    Shorter Debbie Riddle: If your family is experiencing poverty, malnutrition and suffering, it’s your own dang fault. Besides, it’s good for you.

  15. What rock has Little Brain Debbie been under if she didn’t know about the school breakfast and lunch programs? The lunch program was started many years ago; information was sent home early each school year to every child.

    It’s a proven fact that hungry children do not learn well in school. Yeah, she’s a Repugnant, wants to keep them hungry and uneducated. I guess she never learned that a well-educated workforce is a benefit to the country and every person who lives here.

  16. After hearing that voice I’m pretty sure she’s the one who staggered up to me in a bar some years ago and said, HEY, wanna buy a lady a drink”?

  17. Gabberflasted says:

    Somebody better check this woman’s DNA and compare it with her claimed grandchildren. I believe she has been replaced by some sort of alien. Surely Jesus wouldn’t allow voters to give someone this reprehensible any sort of public forum, leave alone a vote on matters of import.

  18. Corinne Sabo says:

    Somebody needs to remind her of Jesus’ words: What you do unto the least of us, you do unto me.

    Of course, today Jesus would be a union carpenter.