Sneeze, Hon, Because You Brain is Dusty

September 30, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized


We pointed out to Juanita this morning that there’s a doofus out there she hasn’t picked on yet – Joe Miller.

“He’s a real special kind of stupid,” Juanita replied.

“I don’t Twitter,” Juanita says.  “I cannot possibly imagine that anyone in the world would want to hear from me 15 times a day.  Plus, I can’t talk in 140 characters, or whatever limit they put on you.”

“However, Joe Miller does Twitter.  Apparently, drunk.”

“He’s getting his name put on the office door before anybody gives him a key.”

So confident is Miller that he’ll win Lisa Murkowski’s Alaska Senate seat in November, he boasted last night to his over 4,000 Twitter followers that, on his trip to DC this week, he might do some house hunting. And perhaps buy some furniture. And also commission a name plaque for the door of his future Senate office.

“There’s ego, there’s cocky, there’s hubris, and Joe Miller is whatever comes after that.”

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6 Comments to “Sneeze, Hon, Because You Brain is Dusty”

  1. The more things change the more things stay the same. This blast from the past:,14176/

  2. I’ll tell you what comes after that…the edge of a very steep precipice at the bottom of which is a depression deeper and darker than oil in the Gulf. Have you seen pictures of the lady senator he defeated in the Elephant primary? She’s one mean lady and he’s not heard heard the last of her. Look for his (political) obituary in mid November.

  3. Miller’s vote. LM write in vote. The Democratic vote. Is there enough of a split to squeeze the Democrat in a winner?

  4. Latest news on the “tweets” is that an aide to Joe Miller actually did them and has been severely chastised for doing so. This is Lesson One from the Sarah “Swag Hag” playbook!

  5. He was talking about buying new furniture for the office. Doesn’t the office already have furniture? Some way to cut spending….

  6. Gramiam, was it the same “aide” that practically called Lisa a prostitute in a tweet right after the primary? Joe said that tweet, which was quickly removed, was sent by an aide too. If Joe can’t even control his own “twitterer,” how is he going cope with Dee Cee?

    Joe Miller is a grifter just like his mentor. The rules don’t apply to him.